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Olla everyone!

This sounds like our forever adorable and cheerful Illy right? First of all, I gotta thanks Illy for allowing to write a guest post at her awesome space here.

I remember when Illy got pregnant, she starts doing research about being a mommy. You have no idea with the amount of websites and articles that she has read about pregnant stage, having a baby, being a mommy, etc. Till today, she still is constantly reading and learning about parenting and being a mommy. I thought it must be awesome if I can put everything in ONE place and she can read everything without the need of reading it from different sites. Do you think it is possible?

It is possible with SPOT Malaysia News app.

SPOT Malaysia News is like Flipboard for Malaysia. SPOT Malaysia News helps you to discover local and international content by putting 250 Malaysian newspapers and magazines in your pocket, making you smart and in-the-know. It has 36 unique categories in 3 different languages - Malay, Chinese and English! *This amazing app is FREE too!

We also know Illy is a makeup junkie! With the new SPOT Malaysia News app on her smartphone, she can enjoy the best of both worlds with both Woman and Parenting sections! If you ask me? I enjoy Funny section the most! Check it out and let me know if you can flip it through without the temptation of clicking on that share button!

Android users, you're in luck. You can already download it here and get all these content for FREE -

iOS users, you've got to wait a little more. They are expecting to launch the iOS version sometime in November 2014. But you can be first in line if you sign up here:


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