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Olla everyone!

How are you? What if I tell you that just buy showering you can get a new car? hahaha.. yes I’m serious. Recently, I attended a session with Lux and our lovely Malaysian sweet heart Fazura. At the event,we were informed about this new ongoing contest name Lux Fabulous Contest. I will be shairng a little bit more info about the contest soon. Before I get to that, do you still remember my post last year about my Lux trip to Melaka? It was super awesome that the memories were still fresh in my mind. I still remember how pretty everyone’s dress during the dinner. Owh ya, and Caro won the best dress!!

Picture 13

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Well, talking about dress. This contest is all about dresses worn by Fazura. Check out those amazing 5 dresses worn by her below. Absolutely pretty and very elegant huh?  Which one is your favourite? My most favourite would be the one in purple. I found it very “princessy” cute, fun, yet very brave at the same time. To join this contest all you need to do is go to their Lux fb then base on your preference, start ranking the dresses. The gather all your creative juice and came out with the most creative answer and share your most precious scent-sational moments with LUX in less than 20 words. Easy peasy, I must say. So why does, I mention earlier that just by showering you can get a new car? hahaha.. To ensure as many people able to enjoy the luxurious shower experience, you need to purchase Lux products worth around RM20 in order for you to participate in this contest. With your RM20 investment, you will be in the running to win prizes worth up to RM100,000




Just look the the prizes above. A pinky Myvi and those cute pastel pink Vespa imagine cruising around with cute matching pinky helmet. Oh my oh my! Smile Not just that, 20 lucky people will also get the chance to join the “Manisnya Cinta” Movie Screening with our lovely Fazura. It does not stop there, another 50 individuals will get 1 YEAR supply of Lux amazing products. Take part while there are still chances, this awesome contest will be running from 1 October until 30 November 2014. I wonder who will win the Myvi?


Anyway did you noticed anything different wit hthe picture above? Yes, they came out with a new packaging. Very nice and sleek I must say Smile  Just incase you are wondering the new Lux Classic Collection with Fine Fragrances was launched in early this year and is now available at all major retail outlets. The Lux 950ml is priced at RM17.90 and the 220ml is priced at RM6.00 while the 600ml refill pack at RM8.90. I just love it when quality products were sold at affordable price, so everyone could be able to experience a nice shower experience.

Before I end this post, allow me to share some of the picture during the event recently. It was held at Bora Asmara in Petaling Jaya. P/s: One of the fun part of going to an event is that you get to meet up with your fellow blogger friends and have a good time. I have known some of the people in the pictures below, for yearssss during the time I just started to get in touch with blogging world. Never knew that from being peers our friendship grew beautifully up to this point Smile hugs!! Nonetheless, I also love to make new friends.

Enjoy the picture below.




Thank you once again for reading my post, and dont forget to join the contest ya? I hope one of you will will the Grand prize. All the best and I wish each one of you enjoy all the happiness in the world.


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  2. I used Lux for the longest of time before switching to Dettol ^-^


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