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Does your man love to change his hair style more often than you do? If yes, then welcome to my club! Hahaha… I love playing with my hair.. like seriously, I remembered those day when I had funky highlight, and experiment with hair curlers and all the hair devices whenever I got the change to do so.

Even now that I am wearing my hijab and a married women.. I still take care of my hair. To be blunt, I blow dry my hair every now n then to make sure that my hair is completely dry before I put on my hijab. I still wear hair accessories at home. After all, marriage and relationship need that. We cant be too comfortable and take our love one for granted.

After all one of “tanggung jawab” as a wife is to “bercantik” for husband. What would you feel if your partner is super “nice + gentleman” to you when they just met you but end up ignoring you after years of relationship? Not fair huh? Same like appearance.

PLOT TWIST Remember those time during the early stages of dating, the amount of effort you put just to look pretty for you date? Would it be fair that, after getting to know him for so long you decided to just wear sloopy clothes 24 hours infront of him? that sometime deep in his heart, he wonder if you even showered?? That is not fair for him also right? Yes.. my point here is.. relationship take hard work and continuous effort.

Check out some of the funky hair style that my husband have, from the time we were still dating up till now. Ada botak style, got Mohawk style, got dangdut singer style ( he is so going to kill me if he read this.. haha just kidding.. bear in mind I love you regardless) , he also have long rocker hair style and few more…

Ribbet collage 1

Ribbet collage 2


Okay, so now back to my main point. Since both of us love to cherish and play with our hair. Truth to be told, sometime we do worry if it might end up damaging our hair. Which is why I am so happy the moment I received this invite from Dove (one of my favourite brand). I was invited to get to know more about Dove Hair Therapy range. This range were developed so that we all can play with our hair and have as much fun as we want to.. without the worry about hair damage.



“Hair damage is something most women worry about. It impacts their confidence and makes them feel less beautiful. Dove believes women should feel free to go play with their hair without fear of damage, and so on behalf of the billions of women experiencing hair damage, Dove wants them to know that they are not alone, that ‘damaged hair’ is the new normal, and that there is in fact a solution to the problem. Dove is committed to helping women feel good about their hair, and does so by developing products that really work,”said by Heng Hui Ling, Brand Manager for Dove Hair, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn. Bhd.




At the event, we learn quite a number of informative hair style tips and trick. We also were pampered with a hair wash session so we get to try out the difference after using the Dove Hair Therapy Range. P/s: Do you know that you can feel the different after the first wash? Amazing huh? We also get to be in touched with our creative side as we play along and create our own personalise hair accessories. Thank you for the kind invite Dove. It was such a fun session.


Good news!! In conjunction with the launch, Malaysian women can participate in the “Go Play with your Hair”campaign by logging on to www.dovehair.com.my. Steps include: -

• Consists of five (5) Challenges as follows (names of Challenges and their respective hashtags):

o Play With Sunshine (#DoveChallenge1)

o Play With Colours (#DoveChallenge2)

o Play With Curls (#DoveChallenge3)

o Play With Straight Strands (#DoveChallenge4)

o Play With Styles (#DoveChallenge5)

• Upload a photo based on the challenge according to their choice and participant may submit multiple entries (Shall I ask my husband to participate? Hahaha)

• Contest period: 17 October 2014 – 28 November 2014

The grand prize winner will stand a chance to win a trip to Boracay, Philippines‎ worth RM4, 500 for 4 days and 3 nights based on the most creative hairstyle and the number of challenges joined. There will also be 10 weekly winners who will be bringing back 6 in 1 Hair Styling Kit and Dove Intense Repair range worth RM100 each.



I think we all know the answer to that Smile with tongue out My husband and I can now go all out and play with our hair – Dove will take care of the damage! Do check out Dove Malaysia social sharing site for more info.



  1. i think botak hair suite your husband the best

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  3. is good, he let u feel fresh for frequent changing of his hair.

  4. Dove's a great shampoo and it is so affordable :)


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