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Olla everyone!

I would like to share with my pleasant experience using my first electric breast pump. Ever since I am a mother, I do more research than I ever done before. hahaha Yes, like every other mothers I know, we all wanted the best for our lil angel. Since the day I found out that I am pregnant, I am very determined to supply as much breast milk as I could for my baby. We all knows all the benefit that breastmilk could provide for a baby and I took the challenge. That does not mean, I look down on mummies who opt for formula milk. Some have medical condition that do not allow them to do so, no matter how much they wanted. I personally do supply my baby with formula milk to top up as my current yield is not sufficient enough for my baby.

Breast feeding is a HARDWORK. You need to keep track of the time, like you have another schedule to keep up with. On average, you need to spend 20- 30 minutes each session of pumping and have a session every 2-3 hours. Yes, that is pumping all the way around the clock. Being a working mum, chasing dateline now and then plus I am also a part time blogger.. I get overwhelmed sometime T.T   All these while, I have been using the manual breast pump (tried few brands) and to be honest… I get tired T.T Since sayang my baby so much, I keep on fighting!

Which is why I am very grateful when I was approached by Pigeon (The no.1 baby care brand in Japan) and they are kind enough to provide me one! Personally, me and my hubby have been trying to save money to buy an electric breast pump. I am over the moon when I received the email.

Great thanks to Christine Ong, who kind enough to drop by at my humble blog. She read one of my baby/pregnancy post and found out that I am actually looking for one. Thanks for her arrangement, Pigeon decided to sponsor Electric Breast Pump Pro worth RM 790.



Like i said earlier, I did lots of research and there are so many brands out there and electric breast pump is not cheap (there are some in the market cost thousands) . Which is why I decided to share a little bit of insight for this Electric Breast Pump Pro and hope that it could help during your decisions making, if you are in the market to grab one.

In the box, you will get, 2 size of comfort fit flange (medium and large) then you will get sealing disk, Peristatis plus nipple + cap (the “puting”) and of cause the electric motor pump.


What I personally love about Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro is that, other than providing the AC adapter it also come with battery option. Yeeeehaaaaa!! This make my “breast pumping life” so much convenient. Let me give you a situation. since I have to pump every now and then I cant expect to have power socket every where. Not every place I go have a breast feeding friendly room or spot, sometime I have to pump inside the ladies room (Sad but true). With this battery option, power is now least of my concern. Ya be da bedu!!! I can happily bring my breast pump machine almost anywhere.



Because of my past experience of using manual breast pump, I am very happy when Jed (the marketing person in charge for Pigeon) explain to me that Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro comes with 2 type of stimulation mode. Just incase you are wondering, there are 2 phase during breast pumping. The stimulation phase and the expressing phase. Stimulation is when a fast pumping rhythm to stimulate the milk ejection reflex and to start the milk flowing. While a slower pumping rhythm to express milk gently and efficiently. This phase is named expression.

For Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro, when you on the machine it will automatically goes into the stimulation mode where you could control if you want to go for mode 1 or mode 2. the differences is the the suction speed. After the first 2 minutes ( just the right amount of stimulation timing) it will go into the expressing mode. Best part about Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro it have 7 suction power option to go for and you could also control the speed of pumping. It is so easy and all you need to do is just push the adjustment button to suit your liking.

I must also mention that at first I am worried that the motor sound would be noisy and very relieved when it is almost unnoticeable. The sound of the the motor is super duper light and I could continue pumping with less worry Smile 



Thank you so much once again to Pigeon for giving me the opportunity to try out Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro and help me feed my baby with the best nutrition. I am very please with the pump and happy to share that it helps me to gain more milk compared to using the manual pump. So ya… thanks for spending your time to read my humble post. I have to go..  pump pump pump it up! Just incase it might help, please check out all rest of the breast pump sisters Smile








To help make more workplaces breastfeeding-friendly, Pigeon is giving away 150 of its new breast pumps to SMEs so that employees who are new mothers and returning to work but may not have the resources to buy a breast pump have the opportunity to breastfeed for longer by using the pump provided at the workplace.



*Products courtesy by Pigoen. I am not paid to write this review, I spent personal time and put in personal effort on this blogpost. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me/paid for me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.


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    1. I haven't tried medela before, way above my budget T.T

  2. oooo this sounds better than my philips avent wei....and pricing also about the same. i should consider this next round....!

    1. ya :) can consider for next time :) i like the sound very minimum and super cute not bulky the motor can bring along any where :)

  3. Still too pricey (T____T) nampaknya kena guna my manual unimom lagi.

    1. ada yang without battery punya rm350 :) takpe slowly.. yang penitng da niat nak bagi beeast milk.. insya Allah di permudahkan :)

  4. Assalamualaikum illy, wahhh bestnya dapat guna pigeon. sheila use single electric breast pump - Snow Bear. hehhee so far guna tu ok. suction tak sakit dan senang nak bawa ke mana saja. hihiiii semoga dimurahkan rezeki susu badan untuk your lil angel ~~~

    1. walaikumusalam Shiela, itula alhamdulilah.. rezeki anak :) besar the the snow bear punya pump? pakai battery ke charge ke camner? insya Allah.. thanks tau doakan.. illy pun berusaha nak bagi as much susu badan as I could.. Take care n hope your baby sihat n happy selalu cam mama dia :)

  5. Wahhhhh nak beli lah pam ni


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