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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you today? Hope everything is good at your end. Today i would like to share a review of skincare range all the way from the beautiful Jeju Island Korea. Received the products around mid April and I try it out for two weeks before sharing my personal opinion over it. Those who have been reading my blog for awhile might know that I have a soft spot for natural products. This whole range by Innerface Skincare is insipired by nature and used botanical active ingridients. Will share about it shortly. Before that, let’s check out the range.


These are the products that i tried. Notice how cute and pretty the packaging are? They also come in triangle shape box you can see it from my instagram here. All products from Innerface use Korea Jeju Sansosoo Water. It is mineral water that delivers wonderful mineral rich with nutrition for your skin. All natural gift from mother earth. You can see below for the ingridients used in the range.


Among all the ingridients used, i am glad that Innerface decided to use Willow Bark Extract mainly because it contain natural salicylic acid. It is a BHA that also work as natual exfoliant and very effective in removing dead cells and to clean your pores. This will reduce the possibility of clogged pores which are the main reason for skin breakout. Willow Bark Extract also be able to stimulate new cells formation and to ensure you have a good healthy skin.

I also noticed the used of Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract and it is actually very good to sooth your skin on top of to improve imunity fuction. Instead of using chemicals to preserved the products, Innerface used natural antimicrobial using lactobacillus ferment from soybean. Other that its antimicrobial it is also great to condition and moisturizing the skin.

You can read about the benefit of the rest of the ingridients from the internet but I also think it is worth to mention about  scutellaria baicalensis root extract. This wonderful extract is a  strong natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and it also include skin-brightening properties.


The first step is always the cleanser. This Jeju Sansosoo Cleansing Foam does its job to clean my face. My face does not feel tight after using it. The smells  is very natural and soothing.


I just need to use small amount and it lather to foam very quickly too. I find it not very hard to wash off. I just splash my face twice and it done.


Next step is this Jeju Sansosoo Essence Toner. It come in this clear bottle so you can easily see how much you still have. This toner is very versatile, you can use it like any other toner using cotton pad. I also like to put it on my dry mask sheet, soak it in and put it as face mask when I feel like pampering my face with more hydration.


The texture is more jelly like compare to many other other that i tried that are more watery based texture.This toner absorb very fast into my skin and my skin felt bouncy after application.  


The next step is this Jeju Sansosoo Essence. This one come with a pump diffuser makes it easier for application.


The essence is in white lotion texture and it is non sticky. The texture is quite thick, almost like serum. I personally like to dap my face while using it instead of rubbing to avoid wrinkle formation.


Next is this Jeju Sansosoo lotion. This product works like a moisturizer for your skin. I used it on my face up to my collar bone to also give love to the whole area.The smells of all products are natural and not very strong which makes it okay for me to layer it all together. i cannot handle scents that are too strong as it tend to give me headache. I think innerface found the right balance.


As you can see they do not use unnecessary artificial colours to all their products. I try my best not to skip any step even when i am lazy or sleepy. i also been using this lotion to clear off my make up before cleansing my face and happy to share with you that it work wonders! I do not used it for my eye make up. Only to remove foundation and it work.


Final step is this Jeju Sansosoo Water cream. it comes in a jar like so.


This product work as water back to supply great amount of hydration and also make your skin turn very supple. I realised that my make up application is so much smoother after using innerface range. Also the price are very reasonable. You can buy them from lazada at very affordable cost. They will ship it allthe way from Korea since all innerface product are manufactured in Jeju Island.

You can check out the products on lazadaby clicking this link. I would recommend to try out the Toner, it cost RM106.70 for 200ml. Very worth it for the cost and since it is multipurpose you can use it for masking as well. 


Thank you so much for spending your time to read this. I hope you find it helpful somehow. Don’t forget to eat healthy food, drink enough water and try to manage your stress level. All this also contribute to your skin condition and overall health. i hope you find lots of happiness coming your way. Till next blogpost, don’t forget to take it easy and smile!

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