Turn your home Raya Ready with Nippon Paint Momento


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

What are the fastest and easiest way to spice up your home for raya? Paint, what else! Recently, I was invited to join Nippon Paint Momento Workshop that was hosted at Nippon Paint HQ in Shah Alam. It was an interesting event. Tell you more about it shortly.

Do I really need to introduce Nippon? I mean it is already a renowned and trusted brand when it comes to good quality and durable paint. Do you know that the company was founded in 1881? That is like 137 years of experience producing paint. If a company last more than a century it says a lot about it’s quality and the products. As a user myself, since I am currently in the mist of settling down at my new home after the fire incident, the one and only brand I trust is Nippon.


Taaa daaa.. the Nippon paint my husband got to paint the tiles at our new home. Still in the mist of getting it all done. Maybe I write another post of how we change the colours of our tiles DIY. For now, let’s go back to the event I attended.


One of the best thing about attending event is because I get to meet my blogger peers. Meet Diya! A very good friend of mine. Despite our hectic schedule, I truly cherished our mini reunion at events. Behind her wearing green hijap is Ayue Idris! Another good friend of mine too!!


Eh kejap, nak kena baiki tudung hehehe


Let’s take a selfie to remember this moment. From the left Innanie (also a blogger friend), Ayue Idris, Diya and me. Each of us a given a station for the workshop. Two person will be sharing a table and I get to seat beside Diya!


Our sifu of the day is Ben Firdaus Azraai. He is well known creative soul when it comes to Interior Design. If I only I could afford his consultation for my home haha.. Well, Ben Firdaus have been working with Nippon for over than 100 projects and he is well associated with the brand. It is an honour to be able to learn from him on that day. He is fun and friendly in person, hope he remember me if we ever bump into each other at bazaar ramadhan haha..


The star of the day, Nippon Momento Special Effect Paint. The one we have here is in colour Sparkle Gold. There actually many more colours and collection under Nippon Paint Momento. There are textured series, enhancer series, designer series, metallic series, stone art and also clear coat. You can check out Nippon website for the full range of selections. If I am not mistaken a bottle of this Sparkle Gold cost around RM112. You can always check them out at the nearest authorised hardware shop for better deals. Imagine by spending RM112 you get to revamp your space and accesories for raya instead of buying it new.


Tools needed.


Each of us are given a wooden box, some nippon brushes (never knew Nippon have their own brushes).


Ben Firdaus taught us that we can use tape to design. All you need is a tape and a creativity. You may also search on the net for some inspiration.


This is the design I came up with. You should see what my friends came up with, far better than mine hahaha


The fun part begin. Just dip your brush into the primer and then start having fun. Best to allow the primer to really dry out before start painting it with Nippon Paint Momento.


Another selfie in between. HAHAHAHA sorry lah need to live up to the “blogger title” perasaan and selfie are part of the job task. HAHAHAHA


Media friends.


Innanie can still strike a smile while Ayue soo into her artwork haha


While waiting for our paint to dry, we got to see few clips. Thanks for giving me soo many ideas! I’ll share it all on my second blogpost soon. Where I will share how I spice up my home using Nippon Paint Momento and how you can do so too.

NP Inspi-Raya_Photo 17

Group picture time. Thank you so much Charmaine and also Kimberly for working hard behind the scene to ensure everything goes smoothly during the workshop. Also thank you Ben Firdaus for such an enjoyable class. Not forgetting Nippon for hosting and for welcoming us into your HQ in Shah Alam.

We are at the end of this post. I hope you find it beneficial somehow and Selamat Berpuasa!


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