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Pigeon Malaysia Baby Product Event Mummy Blogger

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Recent weekend, I went to Be Urban Wellness at Damansara Height to join Pigeon Mother’s Day out. It have been awhile since I attend any event. The last one was before my house incident. Life do get a little bit overwhelming from the stages to accepting what happended, moving, settling down, and also taking care of my two kids, among all the other paperworks. Life got really hectic. Hence, chillaxing falls at the bottom of my priority list. I even hesitate when Chris invited me to the event as I really have tons of things to do and I keep feeling like I should have accomplished more. Felt like there is not enough time in a day.

However, I also know that reset is very important. That my well being is crucial factor in making sure all other things that i am working on falls in line. I said yes. I think I make a good decision. Thank you to my husband to allow me to go while he sat a home for 2 hours handling our kids while it should have been my duty. Love you!

Pigeon Malaysia Baby Product Event Mummy Blogger

Event was kick start Masaki Tago the Managing Director of Pigeon Malaysia. Pigeon is a common brand in my household.  I personally used Pigeon breastpump since 4 years ago. From wet wipes, to bottles, to skincare and my personal favourite would be the 100% Food Grade ingredients Foaming Cleanser for vegetables and dish washing. As a user myself, the main reason that I have been trusting Pigeon is because I know they are very commited in supplying the best baby range that are safe and also practical.

At the event, we are pampered with Mind Detox and Soundbath therapy. i been doing meditation for the past 2 years but this is my first time joining a group session. Thanks to that, I discovered a new breathing technique that was shared by our intructor of the day. It is a nice session. Exactly, what I needed. A mind detox. So, I could chill and be more focus. After all, with all the rushing it feels good to take time and really enjoy the present moment.

Pigeon Malaysia Baby Product Event Mummy Blogger

At the event, i also meet familar faces of mummy blogger and also make new friends. From the left, Kathy, Mira, Yaya, Ayu Rafikah and me. 

Pigeon Malaysia Baby Product Event Mummy Blogger

After our session, we were lead to main area where Vanessa (our mc) shared about her experience using Pigeon’s product together with Jed Chow who is the Marketing Manager of Pigeon Malaysia. Very happy to saw Jed the other day as the last time I meet her was before I had my second child.

Do you know that Pigeon have hosted many breastfeeding workshop before and they are very supportive over breastfeeding? I been to their head office before and quite impressed with the facilities provided for their staff. Well-equipped breast feeding room with fridge and all the things you may ever need. 

Pigeon Malaysia Baby Product Event Mummy Blogger

This is the product that i was talking about earlier. I am sure you might have seen or used it before. It is sold all over the nation. You can find it almost anywhere. For germ-phobic mum this can be your best friend hahaha.. I was shocked when Jed diffused the cleaning liquid on her hand and lick it in front of us. I do know it is food grade, but hey…… it cannot be more assuring than that!

Pigeon Malaysia Baby Product Event Mummy Blogger

Few other products by Pigeon were also showcased on that day. For us to have close encounter with. This Disney Collection Mag mag Training Cup is my second daugther favourite. The design is ergonomic, very easy to clean and most important it is spillproof. Also share on that day at the Newborn Pura range. I have done a review on it before you can read it here if you are interested.

Pigeon Malaysia Baby Product Event Mummy Blogger

Overall, I had a great time. Thanks to Chris from Ceria Communication for making sure everything went smooth. Also to Pigeon Malaysia for hosting all of us. Thank you for reminding us that it is okay to enjoy the moment and for your commitment in providing the best baby product that are safe, accessible and also affordable.

Would like to end this blogpost with a picture my blogging peers from the left Ayue Rafikah, Sabby Prue, me and also Mira. It is good to catch up with all of you. Thank you for being a good company. Looking forward to meet each one of you again at future events!

Until next blogpost, don’t forget to take it easy and smile!


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