TV Bench Make Over DIY using Nippon Paint Momento


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

As promised in my previous blogpost, I will share on ways how you can spice up your home using Nippon Paint Momento. Today, I would like to share with you how I turn my boring TV bench into a funky and artistic TV Bench with personalised touch and how you can do so too. You can always search on the internet for more inspirations. Since I am in the mist of rebuilding my home, why not I share it with you. Maybe it could also give you some ideas.

My living hall at ground floor is 90% completed. Now I am moving to my second living hall at upper floor. This is where my husband and I plan to put our TV or maybe a projector, a big carpet and some cozy beanbags. The idea is to have a comfy space that can be enjoyed by our family. Maybe to watch some movie together on weekend night.

Since my first living hall is all white with dash of pink and green, I decided to have totally opposite concept for this second living hall. The look that I am aiming is a cozy space with brown as the main colour with a dash of green.


This my boring TV bench. Ignore the stains please. That’s what you get when you have kids around the house. All you need is any furniture that you want to give a new life. Just clean it up properly before starting your project.


This is the Enhancer Series. The one I got is in Orange Burst under cloud pearl range.


The next colour is this Jade Escape. Both paint have some sparkle in them which give more affect once applied.


You can use a trial sheet to try out and to prastice before going straight to your furniture. The consistency is just nice you dont have to mis with water. Just dip your brush and it is ready to go.


Seriously, I did not even sweat while doing this. It is effortless. All I did was painting it in few different direction to get the result I wanted. You may re-apply if you want it to be even more thick. I like it this way. Make sure the paint is fully dried before you re-apply or apply a new colour. You may get some assistance from fan or hair dryer if you want it to be faster hahaha Try to test with your fingers to make sure it fully dried up before adding up the next layer.


Taaaa daaaa….. Done! I am veyr happy with the result. It is like getting a new bench. With fraction of the cost and most important it is DIY with love. All I need now a rug that completement the colour, some vase and a matching pillow case. I cant wait to reveal my living area once it is completed. Guess, you might want to come back and check out my blog if you want to see the full result hahaha..

Since I have extra paint, I decided to use it to colour my vase so it match with my TV bench. Just to make sure everything looks put together. I am not a professional interior designer but one thing that I can share is that try to stick to maximum 4 colours for any area of your home. I find it more co-relate that way. Then keep in mind of your colour scheme while deciding what to buy or what to paint. Then again, it is your home. No one should tell you what you should and should not do. As long as you are happy, if having lots of colours are the look that you want then by all means, go crazy with burst of colours!

Alright, we are the end of this post. I hope you find it useful somehow. Till, next blogpost. Don’t forget to take it easy and smile.


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