Mederma PM Overnight Cream |Review|


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Want your skin to be smoother and your scar less visible without going to expensive laser treatment? I have lost count the number of time I go for laser. Yes, it is fast result but it is also super expensive to be completely honest. Plus there is no guarentee that new scar would disappear hence it lead to never ending trip to aesthetic clinic.

I have gone for more laser treatment that I could count. It does helps but whenever I have a new pimple my skin will have scar again and again. It can be covered using a good foundation but I really wish that I dont have to always rely on pounding foundation all the time.

I recently found out about Mederma. Which is the *US no 1 pharmacist recommended scars brand. *Survey 2015 done by U.S News & World Report and Pharmacy Times. I got curious and why not give it a try. It claims to be effective and it is clinically proven to treat old and new scars. What I like about them, they do not promise you moon and sun. They do not promise 100% scar free but they do promise that it will help to reduce the colour of the scar as in appearance plus making your skin softer and smoother.


This is how the box looks like. As you can see it is an overnight cream.


As you can see at the direction section, it is advisable to use it for 8 weeks on new scar and also everynight for 3-6 months for old scar. I always know that patience is the key when it come to skincare. Faster result yes you can do laser but then again it is costly and painful and let’s not talk about the down time and the cost.


You can click the picture if you want to read the list of ingridients better. Also this cream is made in Germany under a strict enviromental control which give me assurance of the hygienic level and also quality of the ingridients.


Since I took the picture of the box, include the bottom section as well. Don’t forget to always check the expiring date before purchasing any skincare.


This is how it looks like. It come in a tube and you can just squeeze the cream out. The product texture is lotion like. It is thicker that any other cream I used when it comes to consistency. However, it is greaseless and non sticky. It absorb very fast into my skin. Once applied I dont feel greasy.


I also found out that the cream is formulated with botanical and natural extract such as Cepalin and Tripeptol. If you are wondering, Tripeptol is a combination fo collagen, peptides and also anti-oxidant. This active ingridient will help to repair your skin while you sleep and because of its high anti-oxidant feature it will nourish your skin and work on your scars like magic. All you need to do is to put it on and enjoy a good sleep.


The final verdict. I am using it for 7 days maybe should change it to 7 nights hahaha since I applied it at night. Skin regenerates faster at night. While you sleep your skin is doing its repair job hence aiding them with a nourishing cream like Mederma Overnight cream will faster up the recovery. I was supposed to wait atleast 14 nights to see a better result. However, even after 7 nights of applying I have seen promising result.

If you see on the left, and compare it with pictures on the right they do deliver as promised. My scars are less noticeable. The dark spots from my acne reduce and become less noticeable. I also noticed that my skin texture becmoe smoother.  I cant wait for even better result. Other than topical solution as in applying cream, it is also important to watch your diet, be active, to drink enough water and to sleep well. Even myself is struggling to keep the balance expecially the sleeping part. It’s okay we are all trying our very best.

The cost for each tube is lesser than RM75 and you can easily get them on discount over the internet or you may also drop by at the nearest pharmacies. Alright, we are at the end of this post. I hope you find it beneficial somehow and if you want to know more you can check out the link below :-

Mederma PM Overnight Cream – FB Page

Till next time. Don’t forget to take it easy and smile!


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