MUST HAVE ( MOST USED ) as Parents + Shop More Win More Contest + Caring Pharmacy!

Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone! 

Straight to the point, I used to think there are gazillions must-have item as parents. I used to bring almost everything I think my kids need with me all the time LOL. After having two kids, actually, I realized the most must use items by my kids are only wet tissue and head to toe body wash LOL. 

Especially when my family travel quite frequent. As long as our kids are vaccinated on time, their insurance is valid then all good. HAHAHA.. I tend to be a chill parent nowadays. For my husband and I, the most important thing is that our kids are emotionally supported, they have a roof to stay, they received enough affection ( we prefer not to let screen babysit out kids, they can only have screen time 1 hour a week during weekend), they have had food to eat then all good. We like put our focus in having as many good memories with them during their childhood, instill positive character because at the end of the day those are the most important thing that they will carry in the future even when we are not around.  Don't think they even remember that we used to carry ointment oil all the time just in case they need it LOL. 

Just caused I'm chill about must-have does not mean I am chill about content and product quality haha.. I make sure products used for my kids are the best that I could afford. I try to ensure there are no paraben, no alcohol and with as much added good extract like both of these Caring Gentle Baby Wipes 80pcX2 - RM 10.20 and PUREEN Baby Yogurt Head to Toe Wash -750ml - RM 15.40. One of the key factors before purchasing, items need to be value for money, let's be honest. Raising kids can cost a lot, we rather spend money on things like their education plan, so whatever money saved can be used for things that truly matter. 

You wont believe if I tell you all the items I bought in the first picture are actually within RM50.. Yes you see can get two units of 750ml head and toe body wash and so many wet wipes. Enough stock for quite a while. 

No need go warehouse sale that is jam packed with people, we actually just went to Caring Pharmacy. You see, no need to que so long just to pay.. hahaha smart or not? If you want to save even more, then I have even better news for you.. Woot woot! Actually, Caring Pharmacy is having Shop More Win More Contest where you can with up to RM250k worth of cash voucher! 

I mean since you already want to spend and buy stuff for your kids, might as well try your luck and join this contest. After all, it is super easy to win. If you dont try then how to win? That's why need to try hahaha.. 

 Alright, we at the end of this post. I hope you find them informative somehow. I wish you all the best in your parenting journey. No need to stress so much, chill... take it easy and smile! 

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