Where to Eat in Lahad Datu, Tawau and Sandakan, Sabah

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

FOOD POST, I LOVE FOOD POST LOL..... Continue to read if you like are planning a trip soon and want to have some ideas on where to enjoy good food in Sabah. We are here at Part 3 of this Sabah Adventure Series, check out Part 1 - Tabin Wildlife Resort, and Part 2 Myne Resort Kinabatangan if you are looking at where to stay. 

Restaurant Dovist - Lahad Datu 

 This restaurant is located in Lahad Datu town, you may one to consider them if you are on your way to Tabin Wildlife Resort. 

Full address :  Lot 11, Bandar Lahad Datu, 91100 Lahad Datu, Sabah 

Contact Number : 0089 889 033

This is one of the most famous restaurant in Lahad Datu serving Chinese food that is muslim friendly. Saw from instagram that many couples decide to host their wedding lunches and dinner at this place. I would suggest for you to try out their lemon chicken dish. 

It is my first time trying out this dish called 7 beans. Staying true to its name. It served seven types of beans that is battered and then drizzle with soy sauce and you may also find dried squid in it. I find the combination quite interesting. 

Pusat Makanan Laut Pasir Putih Baru - Sandakan

This Pusat Makanan Laut Pasir Putih Baru is what I called "DIE DIE MUST TRY". Located just beside the sea, they serve the freshest seafood. Most of their seafood is displayed in aquarium at the shop, to maintain its freshness before it goes into the serving plate. This place has a high rating on food advisor and also local's favorite place to go for a seafood fix. 

Full address : Mile 1/2, Jalan Batu Sapi, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah
Contact Number : 089-612 863

If you go in a group, I would highly recommend you to order this Lobster Noodle. SO DELISH! Most probably be one of the biggest reasons that will make me come back to Sandakan. 

I can still remember how juicy and sweet this steam fish.  

 For those who want to have poultry, then do opt for steam chicken. Skillfully done and the meat is tender. 

Steam deep-sea prawn.. ARGH... Such a torture to write about food post! hahaha.. It is paired with a sweet and sour dipping perfect!  

It is safe to say, none of the food disappoints. All meal is soo good. This mud crab is also perfectly cooked. I bet having the best ingredients and being close to the sea does contribute to the great taste. 

For those who want to enjoy squid, do try out this soy sauce squid. They service is also good, the waiter are well trained to ensure you get to enjoy the best dining experience. To be fair, the ambiance is no-frills style but the service and the food quality deserve a big compliment.  


One of the main reasons, all of us media flew all the way to Sabah is to attend this Makan Sandakan Festival that is hosted by Tourism Sabah and also Tourism Malaysia. Thank you so much for having us! 

The event is graced and launched by Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board Director Puan Jamilah Abdul Halim. It is a fun filled event hosted from 13th to 15th Sep 2019. Do check out my Tawau + Sandakan Highlight on my instagram to see the performance and the fun that happened. 

I took the chance to bring back some of the locally produced snacks for my mum and brother. This anchovies snack is yummy and creatively done. 

At the food festival, I also get to try out this cheesy stuffed crab and many other interesting dishes, like durian ice cream and also sweet roti jala sold by participating vendors.   

It was a good night, had a good laughing and makan moment with my media friend and my husband also joined the food eating competition hahaha.. He actually attempted to eat 10 UFO tarts and those who are the fastest won. Thought he had a good chance knowing his eating capabilities LOL.. He didn't win but we had such a good laugh about it afterward. N yes, you may also see the hilarious video in the same insta highlight. 

Sepilok Nature Resort 

If you like something slightly lavish, maybe for honeymoon visit or you are the type who prefer finer things in life, then do check out Sepilok Nature Resort for mealtime. We had a good fancy lunch here. I ordered Assam Prawn served in a steel wok, come with an appetizer and fresh-cut fruits. 

Sepilok Nature Resort also has a sisters resort located at Sipadan called the Sipadan-Kapalai Dive Resort. You can search upon them. I WOULD LOVE TO GO THERE! Maybe for my 10 years wedding anniversary next month... Been pestering my husband ever since I saw the pamphlet LOL n yup, he has been ignoring ever since. But I won't give up hahaha... 

I know this is out of topic, but hellooooo... how instagramable is that setup? If you come to Sepilok Nature Resort be prepared to be amazed by their decor. Here my friend, is the picture of their toilet. I kid you not. With the outdoor-indoor feel and hanging plants and what not.. Instagram heaven!

Full Address : Sepilok, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah
Phone Number : 089-673 999

Pasar Malam Kim Fung, Sandakan  

For my husband and me, no trip is ever completed without a visit to the local night market. If you are coming on Saturday, then do put in your priority to visit Kim Fung Night Market. We realized visiting the local night market is a good way to learn about the local way of living and also contribute to the local's economy. 

Taaaa daa... Tarap! You may only find them in Borneo. Despite coming to Sabah for the second time and been to Sarawak before, it is my first time enjoying this fruit. Thank you to Sis Lin for buying it for us. It looks like chempedak from the outside and has those white meat inside. It tastes like buah Nyonya, sweet with a hint of sour and it is also milky. Have you tried them before? 

Rest assured, you will be spoiled with choices when it comes to food at night market. From freshly grilled fish, to meat balls, to dim sum and so much more! 

Sandokan Seafood Restaurant  

On our final night, we were brought to this Restaurant called Sandokan Seafood. We had sweet-sour fish, crab meat and corn soup, roasted chicken, mix vegetables and also stuffed taufu. I can't say it is the best place I ever tried but also not the worse. Maybe I was already full from the night market visit. I should come back and try out more dishes to be able to give a fair review.
Full Address : No. 197, Lot 3, Taman Pak Tak, Jalan Airport, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah
Phone Number : 0089 667 177 

Don't just take my word for it, visit them feel free to prove me wrong. As we all have different taste buds and may not like the same thing.  

Sandakan Central Market 

Here not only you get to check out food vendors, but you may also get some souvenirs for loved ones at home. It is a big market with 3 floors in total. On the first floor you will get to see many rows of dried seafood, with snacks and some fresh produced.  

If you go to the upper deck on third floor, where the food court is located you get to see this view! How fresher can it be? People living in Sandakan is so fortunate to be able to enjoy the freshest seafood ever! Look at those deep sea boats, parking at the loading bay of the market.

Next round I may want to stay longer, just like many of our other trips. My husband loves to go to local market look for ingredients and then cook them! 
I'm so glad I married someone who loves to cook LOL.. 

I mean eating out at restaurants is good for the first few nights, but if you stayed more than 5 nights your hand may have start itching to cook your own dish. At least for us, that is the case hahaha.. 

Back to topic hahaha.. sorry I tend to sway when im excited. Anyway, here at Sandakan Central Market you can also try out home-style dishes. Yummy!  

Please try out the fresh algae, gosh so much collagen! Great for your skin and nails. They put some mangoes to give it a sour twist and then fresh chilis for tingling sensation. I love it, can really taste the ocean. 

San Da Gen Kopitiam 

Looking for dessert at a hipster cafe? Worry not, San Da Gen Kopitiam serves exactly that. They offered many mouth-watering desserts and also savory options like a lava salted egg toast. 

Most recommended is this famous UFO tart that you can only find in Sabah. Gosh, I miss this UFO Tart. If you are planning a trip soon, please check out this place. You won't regret it.

Full Address : Lebuh Dua, Pusat Bandar Sandakan, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah 
Phone Number : 0089 238 988

Alright, all done. There you go all the places that you can eat and some meal recommendations in Lahad Datu, Tawau and Sandakan, Sabah. I hope it helps. Cant wait to start writing about the day when I dressed like a banana to meet orang utan LOL 

Talk about that soon, till then don't forget to take it easy and smile! 

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