Myne Resort, Kinabatangan River - We saw a CROCODILE beside our boat! hahaha

Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone! 

This round I am going to share my experience at Myne Resort located at Kinabatangan River in Sabah. This is actually part 2 of my Sabah Trip post do check out this link to read part 1. 

In the earlier post, you will read that I head on to Sandakan from Lahad Datu Airport right after checking out from Tabin Wildlife Resort. Again, I would like to thank Tourism Malaysia, Tourism Sabah, and also MasWings for ensuring our trip were smooth. 

A quick picture session before boarding. I am always happy to see people smiling while doing their job. Forgot to ask this guy for his name. But if you are reading this, feel free to let me know and I will edit this post. 

From Lahad Datu Airport it only takes up 35mins flight to arrive in Sandakan via MasWings. We departed at 1:30pm and arrived at 2:05pm. What I like about MAS hospitality is that, you feel very welcome and no extra charges for snacks and drinks even when it is a short flight. Thank you for going the extra mile to ensure passenger's comfort taken care off. 

As we arrived, we head straight to the tour bus and met Abang Gary our guide and also the owner of Myne Resort for an introduction. Myne Resort is located at Bilit in Kinabatangan and it took around 2 hours ride to get there from the airport. I decided to utilize the time by editing igtv of our trip. You can check them out by visiting my instagram here

Yeay! Arrived. The guy who is fixing his shoes behind me is our guide here in Myne Resort. The tagline for Myne Resort is " A Gateway to Nature ". It really does live up to its tagline hahaha... I've you read my blog before, you know I've always prefer beach, spa kind of trip or exploring museum and night market. But this time it is about enjoying nature in the jungle. I mean I tried sleeping near a waterfall or river in Semenanjung before, but if you want something even closer to nature, then do this place a try! It is a totally new experience for me.

Look at that view! The hood there is actually the boat area. It turns out that the river cruise is by default included in the package if you stay here. Talking about perks haha! That's the unique thing about staying in Myne Resort, you will get to be on a river cruise to see animals that live by the river. You may occasionally bump into crocodiles too.. LOL not even kidding. I talk about it shortly k?

Here we go, off to see what's in store for us. I cant imagine the excitement on my kid's face if I bring them to enjoy this in the future! 

As we cruise around, we get to see the proboscis monkey that you can only found in Sabah! Yes, this species is uniquely available here. To be able to see them with my own eyes, actually, trigger my interest to see even more animals in this world. Can you spot them there? 

We also meet with many long-tailed macaque, pig tail macaque, birds also known as burung layang-layang that famously known for their birdnest produced, along the way. It is memorable and great to watch these animals living in their own habitat instead of being in the zoo. 

I wonder if they ever host a boat race on this river hahaha.. That would be fun huh? 

We also get to see one of the most beautiful sunset on this Kinabatangan River. I should have come and visited this place sooner. I tell you, the picture does not do justice to the actual view at all. It is mesmerizing in real life. It reminded me of how small all my problems were and how much I have to be grateful for all the blessings that God gave to all of us in this world. 

After around 1 hour of the evening cruise, we went back to Myne Resort. If you are lucky, you may also bump into Orang Utan, Borneo Gibbon, and even Borneo Pygymy Elephant too! 

After a good dinner, (which is also inclusive if you stayed here) we went for a night walk. Tips, do bring comfortable shoes and long pants if you want to join the night walk. 

I kinda felt scared at first. I mean.. why on earth do we need to walk at night in the jungle, what if there's are a ghost ( no thanks!!) or scary spooky animals?? My plan, if I saw an animal, will try negotiating and say.. please don't eat me I am not so tasty, eat my husband instead he has more meat LOL... To be honest, I am not a night walk kind of person, not like you cant tell LOL but ya, I am glad that I decided to go beyond my comfort zone and join the fun. 

The people I went with are the ones that make the walk even more fun, actually. Will always cherish the memories we had together walking under the moonlight. 

Along the way, we also get to experience going into this Merbau Tree. I found out that this Merbau tree has been around for more than 100 years. That is a long while! Were were also informed that the villagers used to hide the ladies inside the tree during Japanese occupation of malaya. It is such a privilege to be able to go inside the tree and experience it ourselves. The tree is actually hallowed inside that you fit up to 20 adult standing. You can see the video footage of what it is like inside the tree in my vlog towards end of this post. 

We also get to meet with a sleeping sunburn bird. haha so cute the name of the bird is sunburn.. bet they did use much sunblock hahaha.. 

We are so lucky that we also get to see baby hornbills! Omg so cute, I never knew that Hornbills have their nest inside a tree, like so. Did you saw the peak peeking trough? When back to the room feeling in awe over the wonder of nature.

Took this picture from Myne Resort's website. You can check out here. There have many types of rooms here.

I love the wooden interior, the room is spacious, perfect for a group outing and don't worry about necessities and service. They have tv in the room, hot shower and also help to carry your luggage into the room. 

I would recommend staying around three nights to really enjoy the facilities and have a good natural detox. I mean, staying in the city hustling and whatnot, it is great to balance it by emerging in nature once awhile. Imagine, chillaxing here by the corridor with a good book. How wonderful! 

This is the main area, where you will get to enjoy your meal and mingle with other guests. 

I would also like to thank my husband aka my instagram husband for sparing his time, despite his tight schedule, to join me on this trip. Without him, I won't be able to capture as many pictures and shoot the vlog. Thanks love!

The next morning, we had a good breakfast and then head back to the river for a morning cruise. Guess what greeted us? Can you spot a crocodile there? hahaha... Yes, CROCODILE. I was told that crocodiles here are vegetarian, hurm.. thanks for the assurance LOL. 

We saw even more animals in the morning, we get to see them looking for breakfast and stuff. I have no idea the name of the plant there, but it seems like the long-tailed macaque likes them so much. 

How serene is that? 

and.... we saw more crocodiles hahaha.. It is my first ever experience being so close to a crocodile outside of a zoo. I felt secure because I know that we are accompanied by a highly experienced guide.  

If you like to have a memorable nature gateway, do book a visit to Myne Resort soon. I mean it is not that far away, and it is very reasonably priced too! From only RM256 one night for 2 people with meal inclusive (breakfast + lunch + dinner) and river cruise experience, it is almost a steal. Do visit their website to book it right away! 

Taaa daaa........... Lobster Noodle! hahaha.. Actually we are the end of this post, teasing you with what's to come in my next post. Stay tune as I shared about this yummy lobster noodle, and soo many delicious food that you can enjoy in Sandakan! 

Thank you so much for spending your time to read this up. I appreciate it a lot. Hopefully, you find them informative and may it give you some inspiration on where to go for your next trip. 

As promised, here are my vlog over if you like to see more of what Myne Resort can offer. Please like and subscribe k? Till next post, dont forget to take it easy and smile! 

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