Awesome workmate n dear friends :)

No words can decribe my feeling.. I am sooo grateful to be gifted with an opportunity to be part of FedEx family..

Thank you for being super nice to me during my tenure.. Katherine n Coco ( I prefer to call her Coconut, hich I believe sounds cute!) have been the greatest friends I could ever asked for... we laugh alot, argue alot, n best of all we always give sincere feedback n we support to each other :) I really hope the next lady who is gonna take my place would be a better friends to them than me :)

Poi Yee is my mentor :) She is the iron lady at my previous work place :) I really admire her determination in handling any task assigned to her :)

Jimmy,King wang,Kh n TL is the four guys that is very sporting... they end up 'layanzzz' all of our girly topic :p We drag them to ladies shor shop, n take about make up during lunch... but they always very sabar with us :)

Nava is the nicest guy I have ever nice n super friendly :) ( he is single...peewit! girls still got chance)

Yk & Wei Hong :) Two awesome ladies.. I am grateful that I managed to get to know them before I left.. Yk is a very cool lady who is into photography n trust me this petite lady got skills yaw! Wei Hoong the sweetest lady ever! she can be quite if you r not so close to her.. But once you get to know her.. she is very cool!

Praba & Elle, just like twins.. gigling around n very cheerful :) I just love their vibes :)

i meet lots of awesome people in FedEx :) I am very grateful! To many to be listed over here...l

I really hope that our frienship will continue and we wont become strangers in the future :)

To all of you awesome people :

Thank you for all of the support given..

Thank you for the friendship :) More than I could ever wish for.

All of you are sooooo nice to me.. Thank you for taking your time in writing those sweet farewell messages :)

Thank you for the one after another SUPRISES!!! I dont know how many times I have said this.. But I honestly gonna miss all of you dearly...

All of you have special place in my heart... Stay Cheerful!! Stay Fun!! Stay Fabulous!!


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