Squishy Cute keychains - Sooo Kawaiii I want to eat them <3

Anyone have any idea where to get this squishy cute keychains? I found them by randomly checking out the internet :)

I would really love to have one!

P/s: Pics credit to google :)


  1. Oh my! I love these kinda stuff! its one of my hobby! im into it right now. but the materials seems pretty expensive, but its really fun making them! the hello kitty ice cream cones are made out of polymer clays. they are like play doh and they are baked to harden. try youtube toni ellison, its so fun watching her doing it! i bet you wanna make some too! hehe....

    1. best nyer? I nak belajar buat juga.. susah tak babe?

    2. i am so excited... checking it out straight!

  2. thanks for your lovely sharing


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