Clarins Christmas Advent Calender - Prize Redemption is very Disappointing :(

Jan 1, 2013

I entered the contest few weeks before Christmas via facebook apps, I was very happy since I won the gift of the day on the 15th December 2012: Bright Eyes kit worth RM142. 

So once I received the email from Clarins PR, I am very excited to try this products since I never tried it before and would really love to try it out if it good.. then I could  purchase it and do a review for all the other ladies out there to try it to...

So for a high range products, I honestly didnt expect a lousy and rude service by the beauty advisor at the counter :(  I went to redeemed the prize on Jan 1,2012 at Isetan, One Utama outlet. I went around 3pm.. What makes the experience soooo disappointing is.. When I reach there.. I nicely ask the lady on how do I redeemed the prize.. and which a sarcastic tone she said.." Owh, you won a contest? " and she was looking up and down.. like I cant afford to buy the products and just wasting her time.. Honestly.. I felt insulted.. Why people have to go and buy expensive high range products and got an unfriendly & bias service? I would rather go and buy medium range products and get a sincere and welcoming service..  I am being ridiculous here?? 

Well most of the the other beauty consultant that I went too including the other competitor in the markets.. they are friendly.. serve you with smile.. and you felt welcome and keen to purchase their products... but with my first experience in Clarins counter, hurm.... I will hesitate to even visit the that outlet again... 

I still contain my composure since I think, she might be tired working on a public holiday.. which might affected her mood. Then she gave me a form to fill up.. but I was not ask for any verification.. like she dont even check my I/C, my phone number or anything..Does this mean anyone could just come and claimed they won a contest and got the prize? In the email I received I was told qouted " Kindly send us your full name, IC number and mobile number for verification purpose upon prize collection." Well this is kinda contradicting... 

Then she pass me the gift.. and continue sulking away.. Well, this is very disappointing since for a international brand.. it is not demanding for me to expect at least a sincere smile and welcoming customer service.. For a new  potential customer, I would say point of view of the Clarins overall image is torn out just because of the front liner/spoke person lack of communication and soft skill.

 I am filling up the form... she didnt even check any verification???
 Me with my gift and my fake smile... not happy with the service 
This is my prize... Bright Eyes kit worth RM142
I put the ketchup as a size comparisons 

p/s: What do you think?? Am I being ridiculous? Have you ever encounter a rude customer service before? 


  1. I won a gift from KOSE but their service is really very good. When I arrived at the counter the staff was away. I leave my contact, she called me back to collect the prize from her. She pass me the prize and explain to me how to apply the product!! In conclusion, I think we deserve a smiling face with friendly service for any brand doesn't matter medium or high end!

    1. Well said Cindy.. Ya.. it is disappointing to received an unfriendly service..

      Kudos to Kose for being able to train their staff :)

  2. I have a lot of bad experience with sales assistant like that. They often intimidate me like I can't afford the product.

    1. can be heart breaking right? hurm.. I really hope that could improved in terms of giving a good customer experirence

  3. Mind sharing with us the name of the rude promoter? so that i could avoid her to serve me cuz my collection counter is also isetan 1 u...too bad..:(

    1. I didnt get her name since she is not wearing any name tag.. and I was too in suprise that I received this kind of service I totally forgotten to take down her name..she is wearing the red coat jacket and her hair is in bun and she coloured her hair brown.. age late 30 from her look..


      I hope you will get other consultant to serve you :) Or hopefully she wont repeat the same mistake :) All the best!

  4. I experience these kind of problems too,i just hate it,it's just very rude that they look down on what we wear and look (it happens to me before) :(

    1. Dear Yumiko,

      Yes.. felt not fair right? Everyone have a buying power n not necessarily those who didn't wear fancy didn't have money right? Maybe that day we are not in the mood to go all out make up and decide to just wear something comfy.. that doesnt mean we do not have purchasing power..

      Very unhappy with the level of service given by Clarins counter at Isetan..

      They should take hotel industry as example.. no matter what you wear, the hotel will greet you nicely, open the door for you and treat you so welcoming and friendly..

  5. I'm a Clarins user, been to some of the counters (including Isetan that time to redeem a sample of their new product)...I think should be the same was during my lunch time, she was serving a customer and the customer is almost done but she just say 'wait and that she is very busy' not so polite...I waited and waited and she was chatting away with the customers, before me there is another women I think that has waited quite long, she just gave her a paper and ask her to write some info and walked away, quite some time only she passed her the sample and doesnt even teach how to use the product and I'm still waiting till I got feed up and leave the place and dont feel like going back there again. Even I'm clarins user but I really think some counter promoter service is really bad.

  6. hurm.. I hope Clarins will try their best to coach the specific consultant to improved her service level.

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