Comfort Foot Centre - Review

I went to this cetnre and enjoy the services with my own hard earn money. This is a non sponsored review :)

I have been having neck and back pain for few days.. I was strongly suggested to go for a massage :)Since this shop is just in front of my office building I decided to try the service :)

They have alot of promotion if you there during non peak hours like from 10am till 2pm.. but I went there after work around 6pm..Cant really enjoy the discount :( bit my neck is killing I just give it a shot..:)

The provide foot and body therapy at an affordable price. For 1 hour of full body massage they charge Rm85 (non member) & Rm 75 (member). you will also get to pick 1 service of 15 minutes for free..They have cupping, ear candling..but I decided to opt for a free head message :)

You have to pay Rm20 to become their lifetime member. Points will be given for you to redeem gift from the shop.I would be more happy If the point could be redeemed for services :p

The latest promotion is up till 2012.. i dont really know what is the current 2013 promotions...

To me.. I like it because it is my first time trying a chinese traditional massage which is actually quite nice and intense :) The massager are profesional :) and they are friendly too..

It is just that I have some communication barriers since most of them are not Malaysian and cant really communicate in English.. but its ok we manage to use hand gengsture and lil bit of sign language anyway :p

So I also bought the Ginger oil for the massage session which cost me another Rm18. I have like half a bottle more and the lady pass it to me to bring home..

If you stay nearby Damansara or your office is near can try this too!

but just bare in mind, not essy to find parking there okay.. so might need to walk abit...


  1. I wish I have time to go for massage and these theraphy!~

  2. Replies
    1. its ok, next time can go :) I only went because my neck hurt.

  3. I also did some gentile toe and calf stretches and continued the cherry juice and it got better in a few months. I told a guy at work and it seems it helped him too, he used the tart cherry pills.

  4. I think that some physical therapy would help stretch out and loosen up those ligaments. I think that your doctor would be able to prescribe PT for you and insurance would cover it.


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