Empro Brown & Black Mascara - Review *wink* wink*

I received this mascara from my WonderBox Christmas edition :)  they I am very happy since they gave out the full size products :)  This mascara is retailing at RM 58.80 This is why you should grab you own box this month!  Super worth it with just RM 39.90 you got to experience few different products and this time around I got a full size mascara!!!

I personally prefer if they could gave out more make up products in the next box *wink* wink* Because as for skin care line.. it takes some time before you can see the difference and determine wether the products really work.. As for skin care some of us like me have already a my own skincare routine.. and I would like to stick with it for a while to see wether it really works before I try out new products :)

But as for make up products.. We can never get enough of it.. You can see the difference instantly.. and you can switch your make up products any time and by having variety it is really fun to mix and match :)

Mascara is a definitely a MUST have for every girl.. it instantly help making your eyes look fresh and awake :) As for me I will never ever go out of my house without a mascara.. and as we know mascara dries up quite fast.. so it it always handy to received a new mascara :) *wink* wink*
Which one do you prefer? Brown or Black? 

What I like about this mascara is that it come in in two colour in the same stick.. brown and black so you can simply wear any colour based on your mood desire :) I personally always opt for a black mascara when I am doing my purchase.. To be honest this is my first time putting on a brown mascara :)  

This product is long lasting since I have done some sort of an experiment and it actually lasted more than 6 hours on me :)   Most of the mascara in the markets are quite thick in term of the compositions since the purpose of it to make it look longer and more volume and it tend to clump a lot because of its compositions and thickness.. but to my suprise I don't face this situation with Empro Mascara.. Maybe because of it anti clumping properties :) Kudos to Empro for fulling its promise of anti clumping :)

I have no complain of this products.. I really like it and would totally consider to purchase it.. 

Just in case you want to know more, please check out their 
facebook page here 
visit their website here  

You can subscribe to WonderBox service.. With only RM 39.90 per month... I have subscribed and so far I am happy with their products since it is worth it :) Cant wait for my next box :) 

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p/s : Have you tried this mascara before? Do you have your own favourite mascara brand? Tell me more.. I would love to know too :) 


  1. Wah! Mascara, my favourite makeup product.
    black mascara is the best for lashes to look visible & dramatic but brown color more into natural side. <3 <3

  2. I didn't get this :(
    But everyone have been complimenting it. Makes me want to buy one and try myself.

    1. hi Jerine,

      Owh you get the soap instead right? I saw many people complementing on the soap as well :P Keep our finger cross, who know they might be include some into the next beauty box :)


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