SHILLS Bag de Fortune - CNY Promotion 2013

No plan yet for this coming weekend? I got a great suggestion :)
Come and drop by SHILL Concept store at 12pm!!

Inspired by the concept of Fukubukuro  from Japan (just like the suprise beauty box) with only RM 88 you could grab a bag filled with unknown random contents and sell to you for a substantial discount for at least 50% discount off the price list. Sound fun right? 

Not only that, everyone stand a chance to get more as we prepared
surprising prizes worth up to RM180000! Wooow Weee!!

Here are the terms and conditions :
1. SHILLS Bag de Fortune worth RM88 will be sold on first come first serve
basis, while stock lasts.
2. To obtain SHILLS Bag de Fortune, each individual will be issued queue 2
tickets: Ticket A & Ticket B
3. Ticket B will be issue in sequence followed by the Ticket A's number.
4. If any qualified individual has leave or absent during issuing Ticket B,
the individual is not entitle for purchase of SHILLS Bag de Fortune anymore
while the number will be reserved by the management.
5. Every individual is entitled to purchase ONE Shills Bag de Fortune only.
6. Only eligible for individual aged more than 12 years old.
7. SHILLS Bag de Fortune is not exchangeable or refundable into cash value
after purchase.
8. SHILLS reserves right the right to change the terms and conditions
without prior price.

For more details, you can check out their facebook page here 

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!! 


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