Journey to the Eastern Coast Malaysia Pahang, Terenganu, Kelantan + Southern Thai

I love this picture soo much!! I taken it bare without no photoshop what so ever.. while I was in the car.. Not while driving ofcoz.. While I was at the passenger seat :) 

Today ily nak update pasal my east coast trip to Pahang Terengganu Kelantan and Thailand from KL. Ily pergi bulan 12 haritu  J Ily go road trip with my hubby.. Our main agenda is to enjoy east coast food sambil sight-seeing.. Da lama ily tak pergi Kelantan.. Last sekali ily rase masa kecik2 dulu ayah bawak.. now da grow up da kahwin, hubby pulak bawak J

Before ily pergi tu dalam 3 months before the actual trip, I saw a promotion by Tune Hotels group.. Then I quickly grab 2 night stay at Tune Hotel Kota Bharu for only RM 60++ Can you believe that?  Woooow weee! I am such a sucker for discount haha :P

So basically I took whole week leave and I just booked 2 days on hotel in Kota Bharu.. Other that than.. I just hope on here n there.. My first stop me n my hubby went to Termeloh in Pahang to meet my granma J

The next morning we have a road trip all the way futher up in Pahang. Along the way we stop at the famous Tasik Chini J Nothing much here.. it just famous because of the Naga (Dragon) Tale.. When I was a little girl, my granma used to tell me the tale.. So I decided to visit the Lake J

Then we shoot all the way up again driving around 200km up north. Then my hubby stop at a gas station near Gambang.. Guess what?? A green spooky coloured liquid leaking out from our car… OH MY Oh MY!!!! Luckily it was nothing.. It turn out that out water coolent overflow and nothing major. I don’t really know much about car.. N I was panicking since this is our first time going for a loooong road trip and we haven’t event reach n the car is giving me heart attack.. Nasib baik takde ape tau :P

The thing that I observed, when I was at Gambang Shell Station and few people come nearby and genuinely ask what is wrong.. being so concern and you can sense that they have no intention of selling products or cheating you.. Things that I hardly come across in KL. I was touched J

Ok enough of lovey dovey drama,, We shoot again… This time around we reach Kuantan. We tought tough of having lunch n dinner there… But when we went to Satay Zul (very famous in Kuantan for drive trough satay) it wasn’t open yet… OMG! Another heart ache L  Then we went to Teluk Chempedak and then hang out at Taman Gelora..

We continue our journey, and decided to stay one night in Cherating Beach. We stayed at Mermaid Inn. It cost us only RM60 per night for a decent chalet. We are so happy since we have such a good deal.. Imagine sea view chalet at only RM60 per night? OMG!! But there is a catch.. muahahahaha  at night ( bare in mind Tuesday night) around 8pm there is a LOUD music coming from a seafood restaurant super near to our chalet.. it was sooooo LOUD.. and we tought well it is okay.. they will stop soon maybe around 10 or something.. but we are soo wrong hahahahaha.. The music lasted up till 5am…………………… OMG!! We cant sleep and end up waking up every now n then.. because of the music is on pumping hahahahahha.. we cant complain much since it is only RM60 per night right hahaha? My hubby told me.. wow.. Cherating people really love partying hahaha.. I was so excited.. I think most of the pictures have my hubby in it.. So this blogpost will have my hubby as the model haha :P 

 This lil guys is everywhere during afternoon time in Cherating Beach.. sedap nyer buat masak lemak :P

Then at 7am we continue our journey up straight to Kelantan.. We just stop in Terengganu nearby the Gebeng and Kerteh area ti full up our tank with the FRESH fuel.. Literally fresh :P Because this is the side where they filter the petroleum . and along the way you can see big gigantic machine and building which I believe are used to store and filter petroleum.. we are so excited :) 

Arrived in Kota Bharu.. we check in at Tune Hotels.. There is a lady who que infront of me during the check in.. I cant help but to hear than the receptionist told her that it will cost around RM120 per night for her.. I felt so fortunate since I book so mcuh earlier and got awesome deal of RM 60++ for two nights.. good deal right?

Quite Awesome dear right? Then we decided to have a walk to Pasar Siti Khadijah.. The famous market which most seller is a woman :) Then when I went there there is a food court.. but we didnt really eat there because we are quite full still.. so we end up sight seeing instead.. Then.. I saw most of the stall there.. ther have bar like place for customers to eat.. Almost every small stall have their own bar.. and I found it unique :) 

 These.. is not really favourable for me.. These are turtle egg :( Poor thing.. I hope they will stop selling this.. 
 Nice batik that I bring back home with me :) 

 Kelantan Town View from Tune Hotels :) 

There next day, we woke up early and went to Rantai Panjang baby :P Yeay.. Free Trade Zone.. Shopping time!!!  We stop at food restaurant on the way for breakfast n we had the yummies Nasi Dagang Ever with percik grilled Chicken.. n yup for beakfast :P

 We took a ride on a sampan across Sungai Golok.. and go to Thailand :) 

 The land of Smile :) 
 Cutest Nutella :P 
Overloaded sir... 


During night time we went to Pantai Cahaya Bulan also know as Pantai Cinta Berahi.. They changed the name.. maybe becau it it too sensual and sexy huhuhu :P
Here.. most of the shop sell deep fried seafood and we love it!!

Well that is about it.. I hope you like my super long post with lots of picture this time around :) So many nice and unique thing.. I just want to share it :) Come and visit east coast side to see it with your on eyes.. Try their wonderful yummy food :) 

Below are more pictures of the food they have there!! Actually I also stop at the Satay Zul on the way back and had the yummy Satay.. I hope you like it as much as I do.. and thank you so much for reading my blogpost :) 

 Super big bag for only RM10.. so worth it right?

 Yummy akok.. A definitely must try :) 

 Yummy sotong sumbat :) 


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