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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Being a parent, it is important for us to instill as much good habit to our child since early age. There are many things I personally wish I could share with my child. My husband and I both think that it is important to enjoy every moment in life, smile alot, laugh alot and also enjoy food. Haha.. yes we have a soft spot for food. We are not food critics but more like people who appreciate good company while enjoying a meal.

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Talking about that, it seems like our daughter seems to follow the trait. The first bite of ice cream. She is taking time to digest the taste LOL

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Yaaaaa… it is good. honey! so yummy that you have to enjoy it with eyes closed LOL


My husband and I have been quite strict with our daughter food intake when she was born up till she reach the 2 years old milestones. The reason behind is because her digestive system is still “virgin” ( we didn’t even let salt or sugar intake let alone msg, atitificial colouring or flavours) and like every other parents we wanted the best for our child. However, once she reached the 2 years old milestone we have been slightly open to let her enjoy more variety of food.  We also know that with the intake of more food options, it is important to take care of her oral health. This is to avoid issue like plaque, caries (decay) and other teeth issues. I mean a beautiful smile does start with a healthy gum and teeth right?

It is not easy to find the oral care products that is safe for a child. Which is why I decided to share with  you about SensiTeeth. SensiTeeh is the brand I trust for my child because it does not contain gluten, parabens, aromatic allergens, SLES, Soap or even colouring. With this in mind, it means that SensiTeeh will be able to minimize allergic reactions. It is also competible for homeopathic treatment and suitable for kids with celiac disease since it is gluten free.

Good oral hygiene is best to be introduced as early as 6 months years old. This is to ensure that your baby maintain a healthy oral condition on top of making sure that she/he get used to the habit.  A simple session as brushing teeth with your kids can be a nice bonding moment. You can make funny sound while teaching your child how to brush their teeth haha





Allow me to introduce SensiTeeth First. This is the tooth paste that you can use once your child reach 6 months age. For this formulation it does not contain flouride and also calcium free. It comes with Xylitol 8%. Xylitol is mainly aimed to protect your child teeth and it is also a natural action to fight against caries. SensiTeeth First Tooth Paste comes in blueberry flavour and it smell so yummy!!





Once your child reached the 3 years old milestone, you may start introducing SensiTeeth Kids Tooth  Paste which comes with 500ppm and also calcium. Like the one in the picture above. Calcium and flouride will help to protect your child’s teeth from caries and also aiding in strengthening of their teeth.








If you have children at home aged 6 years and above then you have two options under SensiTeeth Kids Tooth Paste Range. The first one comes with Flouride 1,000 ppm and calcium while the other with more flouride compostion of 1,450ppm and calcium.  Both varieties come in strawberry flavor.



SensiTeeth also have a mouthwash range for kids above 3 years old. I never had a mouth wash when I was 3 years old haha but I am more than happy to introduce it to my daughter so that the good habit stay with her up till she groo up. This kid friendly mouth wash came with Flouride 100 ppm and also calcium with no alcohol, no sugar or cassharin. This clear solution comes with blueberry flavour and smell soooo yummy! It is advisable to give half cap to child above 3 years oldand full cup to child above 6 years old for rinsing purposed. Please advised your child not to digest the mouth wash.


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I think is is very important to help your child to have access to good oral product so their could take care of their teeth. Having a good teeth will boost their confidance and make them smile even more!



Would you like to win  SensiTeeh products?? All you need to do go to this link : and the lucky 200 participants will get a toothpaste or a mouthwash by Sensiteeth!! Yeay!


Well, I hope you enjoy this post and find it informative in the event that you are looking for a oral care solutions for your little one.  You may grab them from the nearest Guardian Pharmacy!! For more info about SensiTeeth you may check out their FB page here : Thank you reading this up. Till next time, take it easy and smile!



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