Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Today I would like feast your eyes with the beautiful Rome inspired collection named Neo Gladiator by Bianco Mimosa. The classy and unique brand is founded by Dato Ida Suraya Mustapha. The brand was established on 26 April 2013 with the vision to become the most prestiged fashion butique in Malaysia. By looking at their latest design, it seems that they are going to the right direction!

Do you know that it takes up to 3000 hours and 20 production team to work with their heart and soul in order to materialize Biance Mimosa collection? Each piece are made with great attention to detail so each one is perfet before it goes out. Quality is the most crucial factor for this brand.

As mentioned earlier Neo Gladiator collector are inspried by the Rome empire with relate deeply with the warrior character. As you can see from the colour, design and the detailing that it is one of a kind design. As mention by Dato Ida Suraya Mustapha, with thestrong character of the rome warror, the female on the other hand have an elegant taste of an ancient princess. Date Ida Suraya Mustapha enhance the design by adding an innovation to make it adaptable according to the current time.  With this in mind, each piece incorperated with a touch of Bianco Mimosa.
All of the fabric are imported from europe while the technique and the design are all the result of brain juice of Date herself. Most of the fabric are made out of silk of the most excellent fabric derived  from the selected and the prime cocoon. On top of using an exclusive fabric, Swarovski cyctal were also carefully selected to give a final classy touch to the collection.

With all these in mind, no wonder the result is simply stunning and have a class of its own. I would like to congrats Dato and her whole team for launching Neo Gladiator Collection and hopefully there will be more milestone in the future for Bianco Mimosa.

Before I end this post, thank you to everyone who read this up. Hope you like the eye candies. Till next time, dont forget to take it easy and smile!


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