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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Recently, I just came back from Club Med Cherating. I was there for a work trip and then I was thinking maybe it is a good time capture a mokeover look using the new products I got in hand by Palladio. Since it is a beach location, I decided to go for a simple and fresh look. So, today I would like to share with you my personal experience and opinion trying out Palladio products.

For the base, I used MAC concealer and then put on mac pro-long wear foundation powder. I skip all the rest of the step as I am going for a very simple wearable look. I should have brought over the Rice Paper oil absorbing blotting tissues by Palladio with me but totally miss it out. Its okay I’ll try to write another review on it next time. Actualy, I would say it would be smart to bring the blotting tissue along since face tend to be sweaty and oily during a hot day.. Anyway, let’s start shall we?

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This is Silk FX Eyeshadow Palettes. the cost is USD 12 per palette. I think it is perfect for vacation or for on the go occasion. First off because of the sleek packaging. You get all the neautral colour and also a highlighter included in a pack. Can easily put it in your purse and it wont take up much space. I like the colour pay off. To be honest the highlighter was not as fine as I hope it to be but it does the job anyway. I am happy with the colour pay off for the liner. Didnt expect it to be pigmented and it does exceed my expectation. Yeay!


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Here comes the blusher! Okay, I love this blusher. The colour suit really well with my skin the fact that most cosmetic by Palladio were infused with Botanical and vitamin makes it great. I like that the blusher just like the eye shadow were packaged in a compact container so it makes it easier to bring around. Also since it is made out of plastic it is also not heavy. They have 9 colour selection you can pick from and mine is BayBerry. This matter blush currently retailing at usd 7 per unit if you are interested.


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Out of the all, my top favourite would be this Velvet Matte Lip Colour. They have around 12 beautiful colours to be pick and I am happy with the finishing. It is actually at par with high end matte liquid lipstick that I have tried. For the cost of usd 7 per unit it is such a steal. Many matte lip colour that I have tried before end up making my lips dry and cracked lip is totally not hot haha.. I like this velvet matte lip colour by Palladio because it does not dry out my lips and it gave such a beautiful result. The staying power is also very impressive. Seriously, I am going to buy more shade because it is really good. For the cost it is such a worthy product to have.


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Next we have this  LASH OBSESSED Mascara,  I like it since it does what it claimed. It does amplify the length and the volume of my lashes and just with two coat, I am happy with the result. It does not clump however taking it off need a little effort. I find it to be good since it does not leave a black stain under my eyes even after a long duration of wearing. This Lash Obsessed is retailing at USD 10.


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The last product that I tried is this PALLADIO Brow Pencil in Toupe. They are actually available in 5 other colour black, dark brown, auburn, and blonde. To be honest, it have been awhile since I used brow pencil as nowdays.. I end up using the brow pallete and apply it on my eyebrow with a brush. This is because I dont really fancy sharping my pencil. However, I end up liking this Brow Pencil because I find it easy to handle, the application was also smooth and the formulation does contain some wax so it helps to hold the shape of my brow and make it look manageble. So, for this I will put an effort to sharp and maintain my brow pencil. After all it comes with the brush on the other end it makes the strokes looks more natural. This brow pencil is retailing at USD 6.


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Big different right? Notice how I look very dull without make up. It takes up less than 10 mins to achieve this look with the help of PALLADIO products. Overall, I must say it is totally worth the try. Expecially the velvet matte lipstick. Anyway, hope you like this post. Thank you for reading it up and as usual I ‘ll be back with more product review and services in the future! Till then, don’t forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. The velvet matte lipstick look so cantik..rasa nak jugak satu...hehe

  2. Heard lots of people raves about the rice paper, looking forward for your review on that =)


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