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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you today? Hope you are feeling great. Thank you for dropping by at my humble blog. Today, I would like to share with you my family experience at Good Coffee Day 2.0 that was hosted on 4 Dec recently at Ice Gallery – Pantai Sentral Park. My family and I had a great fun learning more about Coffee, we also get to check out around 10 booth and also get to tour the sales gallery of the beautiful new condo Secoya Residences.  Let’s start shall we?



The first thing we did was enjoying the nasi lemak provided for guest. I like the sambal so pedas so sedap! haha and ofcoz we had coffee. My husband and I had freshly brewed latte by Coffex Coffe and it is soooooo good.




The highlight of the day is when we get to learn from Daniel Liew. He is the founder of Barista Guild of Asia and not just that he is internationally certified trainer and certifier with Authorized Speciality Coffee Association of Europe. It is an honour to be able to learn from him on that day. Do you know that coffee is best consumed 2 weeks after the brew date? Yes, I never knew this.  Do check out the brew date when ever you buy your coffee next time.



After learning about the coffee, we walked around we do check out the rest of the booth. There are 10 booth to be exact. The first booth is where we get to have Freshly Brewed Coffee by Coffex Coffee, then the Mug Pottery Demonstration Wheel Throwing by Kaleidoes Art Tune, also a booth by Fawn Beauty Co where they showcased Handcrafted Cacao and Coffee Organic Body Scrub, apart from that there is Cold Brewed Coffee by cofee2GO, homemade Nougat by Eva’s Homemade Nougat, Japanese Recipe Waffle by Grid&Go, my daughter favourite would be the Fruit Ice Cream booth by Sketcher Fruit Ice-Cream, then also there is a Pastry Corner by Harold’s Academy and the last but not least is the Creative Coffee Caricature booth by the talented Vivian Lees.


If you are looking to buy a home, do put into consideration to visit Ice Gallery Pantai Sentral Park. You get to check out more about Secoya Residences. What makes Secoya Residence interesting because it offer an urban lifestyle near to the city yet have nature infused since it is live next to a 200 acre forest park. I mean no harm checking out more option before making an important decision right?



Woi… apa ni? Dont touch… hahaha My daughter was interested with the mini cars.



There are few types of layout that you can pick, TYPE A, TYPE B, TYPE B1 and TYPE C. The smallest would be TYPE A with 1,050 sqft and the largest would be TYPE C with 1,670 sqft.



Taaaaa daaaaa! So nice right? This is the living hall plus the open kitchen area for type C layout of Secoya Residences



The shoe cabinet area and that is my daughter sofea modelling the area haha


The entertainment room.


We even got ourself a lil bit tooo comfy over here! haha..



This is the kitchen area of TYPE A house. Lovethe interior so much. Sleek beyond words.


We had a good chat with  the sales person. We found out that there is 13% discount for bumi buyers. On top of that, there this scheme by called Double Plus by IJM where you get to enjoy low downpayment of RM5k, also easy payment at 0% via credit card, and if you change your mind or if your loan were not approved, they will refund all of your deposit money with no deductions. I was also shocked when I found out that IJM will subsidized up to RM2k per month for house installment for the first 2 years. That is like RM48k of saving just by itself.

If you purchase a unit by IJM you are also entitled for Triple Insurance Protection Scheme called HomeTIPS. The insurance cover unemployment benefit when you are involuntarily terminated (how thoughtful is that?) Where they will pay up to RM3k for the first 3 years if are are terminated from your work. On top of that, it also personal accident and term life due to natural causes. If you want to learn more aboutthe policy, do check visit Ice Gallery – Pantai Sentral Park and talk to their inhouse consultant.



Here is a picture with my blogger peers. I always love bumping into them at event. From the left we have Xavier (thank you for extending the invite to my lil family), Kelly, Shivani, Rane Chin, Isaac Tan, Fish, truly yours, and the cute lady in front there with my daughter is Claudine. Dont forget to also check out their sites as they are all wonderful writers.



We also had a great fun playing pee-ka-boo with lil Marrissa the cute daughter of Sabby Prue. Overall, my family had a good time at the event. It is an evening well spent. There you go, we are the end of this post. I hope you find this blogpost somehow informative. As usual, I will try my very best to share our lil family adventure. I am currently 9 months pregnant and about to give birth anytime soon. Please pray that everything will go smoothly and I cant thank everyone enough for the love and support that have been showered to us. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead!


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