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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Today, I would like to share with about my family staycation experience at Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur. Do stay tune till the end of the post as two winners will get a chance to win 2D1N of 1 bedroom deluxe apartment valued at RM 480++ per night. So, you will get to enjoy it with your family too!! Before we jump into that, let’s get to know more about the hotel shall we?

Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur is located at Jalan Ampang, if you know the famous Hock Choon sueprmarket, it is right in front of it. Also, a another landmark would be AmpWalk Mall. It is right beside AmpWalk Mall. Basically, it is located at such strategiclocation. If you travel with family and run out of diapers and things like that, just walk down the hotel and taaa daaaaaa.. solved! haha

For those who stay outside of Kuala Lumpur, this hotel is a great option becasue it is also a stone away from KLCC. If you are the the fit type, it is walkable distance. However, if you are not very fit (like me) you can always get a cab. Here is the full address of also the map to Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur

Address: 222, Jalan Ampang, Kampung Datuk Keramat,

50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-2720 3888


The check in process was a breeze it takes less than 10 mins before we get our room keys. Once I open the room, I am welcome with a fruits and also cant help but to notice that room smell so nice!! 


There is kitchen area, this is just so helpful expecially if you are travelling with family. Plus, if you have a todler it is so easy to reheat their food as well. Not many places that I have been to provide a microwave. How thoughful is that? Also the kitchen space is so huge!


They also provide toaster and rice cooker. OMG! First time I came across hotel that provide rice cooker. This is sooo helpful expecially if you are planning to have a long stay in KL.


There is a mini fridge too, of course.



Look at the spacious living hall. Gosh!! to be honest, the space is bigger than many premium hotel suite that we have been to before.  For the rate that they are charging per night it is actually very worth it. The living room comes with sofa and also a dining area. My daughter can run around as she wish haha!



The sleeping room is also huge! It came with another flat TV and plus you may request for a baby cot. The mattress and pillow is super comfy, we had really good sleep for both night that we stayed at the hotel.


For those who have bottomless work task like me and my husband, it is actually very convinient to have a working space in the room. I liketo do my blogging write up in the middle of the night while my daughter enjoying her sleep and my husband also get to use the area to settle his work. The seat is ergonomic so you get to maintain good posture while doing your work. There is a plug point nearby, meaning you dont have to drag your charger across the room and also a desk lamp so that you get sufficient light if you decided to work till late at night.







The shower room is also very convinient. It comes with basic amenities, a dryer, few plug points and a rain shower.




In the closet you will find 2 bathrobe, with in room slippers and a safety deposit. Also provided are some plastic bag incase you need to put your dirty laundry aside. I like the fact that they provide a steam iron together with the ironing board. Not many hotel provide this. It is sooo useful for hijab wearing guest, why? We need to iron our hijab!! haha Yes, to be honest, most of the time before I travel.. I will check out the room amenities from the internet to make sure if they provide iron or not. If they dont, I will end up bringing my own because I jsut cant be walking around with un-ironed hijab. At Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur, that would be the least to worry about. Yeay!!



The hotel also have big smilling pool and kids pool. You will get to enjoy a chillax moment with your family there.




That’s the breakfast arrangement at Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur. The selection is fair enough. They have fruits, bread (try their croissant so good!), nasi lemak, rendang, porridge, waffle, egg station, yoghurt, fruit juice and of cause coffee and tea! Since we stayed for 2 nights, we get to enjoy the breakfast twice and they do change some of  the menu so you wont get bored even if you stay for longer period.




Our daughter sofea only joined us on the second day as she went balik kampung with my in laws. Since that is the case, my husband and I decided to have a dinner date at Treat Restaurant located at 1st Floor or Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur. It is the same restaurant that serve breakfast in the morning.

We are pleased with the menu, the price and the taste of our meal. What we like the most is the hospitality from all their staff. They are very professional at their job and friendly as well.





You may also come down to Treat Restaurant for lunch and I recommend for you to try their chicken wings. The wings are juicy and the gravy is mouth-watering. My husband ordered black pepper beef with rice and I ordered char kuey teow. For dessert we ordered waffle with ice cream for sharing and all the food is good. Worth the try.




Overall, we had a really good stay at Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur. Looking forward to come back. It is a very family friendly hotel, location is great, food is good, service is tip top, and most important of all it is affordable and worthy. So, if you plan to have a staycation near KLCC or bring family members from out of KL for jalan- jalan, I would fully recommend Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur. It is nice place to enjoy during school holiday too! Incase you want to check out more, I also did a mini vlog, so you can have a better idea of the room and our experience. Please subscribe to my humble channel as I will bring you to more fun places!

Thank you so much for dropping by at my humble blog and for reading this up. As promised, I will be giving away 2D1N of 1 bedroom deluxe apartment valued at RM 480++ per night for two winners. How to join?


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Alll the best!


  1. Bestnya illy, sekarang ni tak perlu jauh jauh nak pergi rehatkan badan kan. Untuk budak budak janji ada swimming pool tu dah cukup happy dah..Anak diya klu dpt mandi, tak de perasaan penat. Tak tau dr mana diaorang dpt tenaga tu huhu..

    1. thank you diya sudi singgah blog illy :) betul tu budak ni kalau jumpa swimming pool dia punya happy n semangat lain macam hahaha

  2. Illy nampak macam dah nak due anytime soon tu 😊 enjoy your your babymoon! Berapa kali i tengok you pergi jalan and family, thank you showing an example of how much we have to appreciate family time

    1. masin betul mulut intan ni hahaha.. illy memang dah nak dekat sangat menunggu hari ni... doakan yang terbaik please and terima kasih selalu support my humble blog. can never repay your kindness <3

  3. Never heard of this hotel before must be super new. Will check it out if im going to kl next time. Thanks for suggesting illy

    1. it is very new indeed! best part about new hotel is that all the items are new!! i am more than happy to suggest interesting product, services and even hotel that I have personally experience :) hope you will have an enjoyable stay :)

  4. Joined your contest. Looks like a fine place to relax.

    1. Thank you for joining Linda :) it is a nice place indeed. All the best!

  5. All the food photos are making me hungry now, hahaha =D


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