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Dec 22, 2016



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you today? Hope you are feeling awesome. Well, today I would like to share with you about #IWillBeOkay Bag and what derived the the existance of the beauty bag. #IWillBeOkay is an ongoing campaign that is initiated by by my blogger friend Fiona Loh. The main purpose of creating the bag is to fund a cause to 'Fight Against Depression' Awareness Campaign.

Fiona is very passionate about the cause as she herself have been trough the phase. Why do I say phase? Because I truly believe that nothing is permenant. That you have the power within you to change how you feel. It could be from happy to sad or it could also be the other way around. Yes, life itself is a roller-coaster right. We cant be 100% happy all the time and they same way we cant be sad and depress all the time. It could come in waves and by having this awareness campaign it could encourage those who are in the phase of battling depression to seek for help when ever needed.

The main thing is you have to decide and fight for your happiness. To be completely honest, just because I smile all the time and tried my best to look at the positive side, it does not mean that I do not have down moment. It is life,sometime it will make you felt so down and so defeated but you need to know that only you can change how you feel about what’s happening in your life. One tips that I could share with all of you today is that when you are feeling low, do talk to someone you trust and genuinely care for you. Those who truly love you want the best for you and they will try their very best to give you advices. Be around people who bring out the best in you as much you will bring out the best in them.  Will talk more aout this next time, there are plenty of ways to seek for info and help nowadays. I am not the best person to advice on depression as I am not a professional. However if you need someone to talk, I want each one of you to know you can always reach out to me.



Talking about the beauty bag, these are all the products that you can find in the bag. The bag valued RM611 and it can be yours at the cost of RM99. I have to also mention that 100% of the money will go into the fund. Meaning you will be part of the change. I always believe that it is not what you have that make you happy but it is more of what you give. The more you give out to the world the more of it will come back to you. Like a boomerang affect. I am not just talking about monetary, I am also talking about love, kindness and also the act of care. Not just to people you know but also strangers as everyone you currently know was once a stranger.



Since I have the bag with me, let’s just walk into the product that you will be getting, one by one shall we? It is nice to know that there are brands out there who are supportive of the movement. First we have Murad products worth RM215. Product that you will be getting include :

Murad Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum (5ml)

Essential-C Day Moisture (21ml)

50% OFF facial treatment voucher




The next brand is Clivinta Marine Placenta Concentrate. It is in full size worth RM158. I read the phamplet and it looks very promising. Cant wait to try it on my daughter’s little hand. She have a small scar that she got after being poke many time when she was admitted in ICU last year. Looking forward to a good result. Yeay!




Next product also come in full size, it is the Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Body Oil 60ml, that worth RM94.35. Aromatherapy have many wonderful benefit and one of it is to calm you. When you are calm, your mind operate better and you might be able to see things clearly. Not just that this formulation also contained rosehip oils, avocado oils, apricot kernel oils, vitamin E that are very nourishing for your skin.



The next brand you can find the bag is Breena Beauty. The brainchild behind the brand is my blogger friend Sabrina Tajuddin and I am very proud of her. She put lots of effort into all her brushes and you will surely love them. I have been using one of her brushes and happy to declare that it is one of my favourite go to brush. If you purchase this bag, you will entitled to get Breena Beauty Eye Makeup Brush that worth RM25. There are two types of brushes and the one I am having is the B216 Brow Definer. The other one is the B212 Basic eyeshadow that will be given out randomly. If you want to get the full set of affordable and great brushes do check out here.


Moving on, we have Physicians Formula Happy Booster in Translucent, worth RM59.25 also come in full size. I think that this product really suits the #IWillBeOkay concept, I mean look at its name.. Happy booster! How can you not be happy looking at that? Come in a pink packaging with embossed love design. It also contained natural plant extract which have been shown to promote happiness by mimicking the effect of endorphins.



Last but not least you will also get Mini Mini Cafe RM50 worth of Cash Voucher (with No min purchase). Happy tummy happy mind right? haha It works for me that way. You can treat yourself or your friend to enjoy a nice session at the Mini Mini Cafe that is located at Mid Valley. Looking forward to visit them soon!




The bag is running very low according to Fiona so if you might want to book your bag as soon. There will also be goodies for Super Early Bird Special (full size fragrance either Scent Maker or Max Gordon from Parkson Malaysia worth more than RM200 a bottle. Perfume will be given randomly. Each bottle is worth more than RM200. Limited to one per person only), Early Birds (Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo worth RM31.70 a bottle) and 20 lucky subsribers (Pure Beauty CC Cream worth RM49.90) If you are interested to support the campaign and at the same time get your own #IWillBeOkay bag, do fill up this form here

Thats’s it for today, thank you for reading my humble post. Appreciate your time spent reading this up. Thank you for being supportive all these while and I wish that each one of you will lead a life filled with happiness and love. Remember, it is a phase and we will be okay!

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