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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you? Hope you are feeling great as we are about to enter 2017. Yeehaaa! Alhamdulilah we are given a chance to make the most out of another year. As new page is about to unveiled, I decided to do a recap post of what have been happening for the past one year. Life is so unpredictable, many things can happen.. sometime we win and sometime we learned lesson. 2016 have been an impactful year for me and my little family. This is going to be a bit of lenghty post (gosh many things happened in a year) but I will try to keep it as brief as possible. Let’s start shall we?

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I kicked off 2016 with a broken ankle haha.. I was trying to paint my bathroom wall and it is not a secret that I could be clumsy at times. End up doing gymnastic move in the toilet and fall hard end up with a broken ankle. What a way to start a new year huh? hahaha You see, When you have a positive mind, you’re always in a state of being happy with reality no matter what shows up. This gives you a wonderful sense of inner calm and peace

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The first media trip of the year 2016, is when I get to be invited to go to Jen Hotel at Puteri Harbour Johor. It was indeed a memorable trip. Also it is the time when I get to cross off one of my bucket list to hold the handle of a boat! Always wanted to that and it nice enough for the captain to let me pose there haha. Being a blogger allow me to experience a lot of things and I am grateful for that.



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It is also the year where my husband and I get to travel thousand kilomaters from home to the beautiful island in Maldives. It was a really sweet memories expecially when my husband book a private dinner for us on a boat. Thanks love! He is my best friend who have been wiping my tears and make me feel like a princess every single day in this world and hopefully in the akhirat too. Amin Thank you for loving me and for being there by my side during my best n worse moments. I could never thank you enough.

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Also very grateful to go trough 2016 with an amazing support system. All three ladies are familiar faces in my humble blog and also my life. They have been a very good friend to me and I am not very sure if I will be able to repay all their kindness. Will try my best anyhow! Wishing Ayna, Yuki and Caro a wonderful year ahead in 2017 and wishing you girls nothing but love and happiness.


In 2016, I decided to have a series of ootd with my daughter and we had so much fun playing dress up while capturing the outcome. In 2017, will definately continue this fun activities. It is such a fun way to capture Sofea’s growth and I bet it will be fun as in 2017, Sofea’s little sister will joining as well.


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I am very grateful that I am given a chance to raise a child. A child is a gift from God which I spent many years praying for right after I get married. Spent 3 years to have our own child and very grateful that our prayers were answered. In 2016, is the year where she bloom from baby stage into a child stage. It is so quick!! I wish I could just pause the time.

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Raising a child teached me that it is not always rainbow. Sometime it could drain you emotionally and physically but the reward that came after each struggles are just beyond words. My husband and I wish that we could spend every minute with Sofea but that just not possible at this current moment. We had to work. The amount of guilt I felt everytime I have to leave my kid just so I could earn, can be hurtful at times. Well, looking at the bright side, I hope one day she grew up and undertand that we have tried our very best in the best of our capabilities to spend as much quality time with her.

One of the scariest moment that happen during our parenthood journey in 2016 was when my daughter had an accident at home. My heart stop beating the moment her stroller fall on her resulting one of her nail completely came off! Super horrifying. Glad she is all better now.

Thank you Sofea for being such a lovely daughter. Mummy and daddy love you more than you can imagine. In 2017, is the year where you will a big sister and we both know that you will be a loving one.


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Work wise have been great too! Add up another year of working with the current company and it have been a wonderful 4 years journey so far. We also went for an off site meeting at Club Med Cherating this year and I am pretty sure that it will e one of the memories that I wont forget. Looking forward an even productive year in 2017!

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Also in 2016 my dear friend Ashleigh move to a far away land. Been missing her  company so much. I will always cherish the day I get to come to work and spend time with her. She is such a lovely soul. We shared the same wavelenght when it come many things! Talking to her is like talking to my therapist without the consultation fees hahaha..  Even after moving far away, we still keep contact and hope it stays that way. Always love her advices and encouragement. That is a picture of her when sofea was a tiny lil baby. We have been more than coworker and I am grateful that our life path crossed. We went for couple of spa session together and once she is back next year,I am surely going to arrange one hahaha..Hugs!


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In this year, I also did something I never did before. Sending a flower and cake for a guy haha.. Not a secret who that lucky guy is. Happy to be able to make my husband blush on our anniversary day.

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I was also suprised by husband, out of sudden to receive a flowers. Like for no reason hahaha I was at work and suddenly received this bouquet. Thankful yet suprised. I was actually worried if he did anything that might made me upset hahahaha.. Turn out he was just being nice. Thanks love!  


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As for my blogging world, so thankful that I was given chance to join plenty of campaign this year. Many.. yet not as much as others but I am still super grateful for the opportunity and trust given. I was even flown to Singapore this year to be at a beauty brand launch. Even got my house curtain sponsored. Had many new brand decided to collaborate and also previous collaborated brand that giving me the chance to share my two cents worth of opinion over their products and services. Made many friends during blogging and it have been wonderful. I get to go for quite a few sponsored trip, my family been given access to many great experiences and to top it off I am able to gain some income to support my family. Thank you to all of you, who have been nothing but supportive towards my humble blog. I am nothing with out your support and I dont even know how to repay each of your kindness. I am planning to host as much giveaway in 2017 in order to show my gratitude for all of you! Stay tune for that k?

As for blogging, not every opportunities that came I get to explore. At one point, I was given a chance to be a host for TV show but had to not proceed the adventure as I was pregnant at that time. There are many others campaign including few sponsored trip that I had to decline with a heavy heart because the safety of the child I am carrying is more crucial to me. Sometime in life we had to make sacrifices but its okay. As it teached me to let go and embrace the concept of “redha”.


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Also the year my husband bring me for an impromto trip to Pangkor Island right after I had a miscarriage. Yes, I had a miscariage this year. Didnt really share about it to public even some of my family members didnt know about it. As it is not an easy phase for us. Thank you to my husband who have tried his best to cheer me up. With every lost there is always a rainbow. Didnt get to blog about my Pangkor trip becasue my husband accidently deleted all the photos we took  hahahaha.. 

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After my miscarriage, we had a wonderful suprise from Almighty. We are pregnant once again!! Beyond happy at that time. As I am typing this, I am currently 9 months and 19days and looking forward to welcome our second bundle of joy into our family. You see, that is how the universe work. With every despair comes a good news. That is why I tried my very best to endured what ever storm that came. Hang in there, keep your head high, have faith and everything will be alright.

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Always believed that travelling and trying out new experience is one of the way to create beautiful memories. I am gratified to be given a chance by Allah to experience it. This year, I get to enjoy numerous staycation and gateway. Get to go bring my lil sofea to bukit tinggi to meet rabbit and deer, we get to enjoy Sunway Lagoon, park. My husband also brought me for a special staycation at Majestic Hotel since it was my birthday weekend. We get to experience staying in Junior Suite in JW Marriot and my daughter even get to try out cendol at hawkers stall in Melaka for the first time. Also we get to spend a week at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang. Actually there are plenty more staycation we had this year. I cant recall all of it to list it here you can always check out my travel section if you want to know more. I have been trying my best to capture all the wonderful memories incase if could help you in planning your own holiday with family.

Dont get me wrong, we are not lavish or super rich. Like many others we worked hard for every penny we earned. My husband and I make it a priority to set aside certain amount of money and save to be able for us to spend as much quality time together. After all life is not all about working and working. You see, everyone are given 24 hours a day it is up to you on how you spend it. Almost the same thing about income. If you earned certain amount of money, not eveyone have the same priority. Some like to spend on food, clothes or gadget or anything. For us, we like to save for holiday and to see the world. If you want some tips on how you can also save money to travel. Do check out the video I did sometime ago. Hopefully it helps.

Okay we are at the end of this Recap 2016 post. I hope you find it interesting somehow. I just like to share some of my up and down in 2016.


Sebaik mana pun diri kita, sebanyak mana pun amalan kita, setinggi mana pun kedudukan kita, jangan sampai kita mempunyai walau sebesar zarah pun perasaan bahawa kita lebih baik daripada orang lain.Jika kita mempunyai perasaan seperti ini, berwaspadalah.. Sesungguhnya perkataan ANA KHAIRUN MINHU (aku lebih baik daripadanya) merupakan perkataan yang telah menukarkan iblis laknatullah daripada seorang hamba Allah yang paling MULIA di sisi-Nya kepada makhluk yang paling HINA sehinggalah ke hari kiamat.Iblis yang dahulunya lebih tinggi darjatnya daripada para malaikat, setelah melafazkan perkataan ANA KHAIRUN MINHU, kini menjadi makhluk paling dilaknati Allah.. Hanya kerana merasakan dirinya lebih baik dan lebih suci daripada Adam a.s. dan enggan tunduk hormat kepadanya.Maka, fikirkanlah sehina mana martabat kita di sisi Allah yang sudah sedia kala hina lagi apabila kita merasakan diri kita lebih baik daripada sahabat-sahabat kita, walaupun ilmu dan amalan kita lebih banyak daripada mereka.

This is what I like to remind myself everytime. Not to look down on anyone. I have no intention to brag what so ever. Bear in mind what you see or read here are just 20% of what really happening in my life. My life is not perfect. For all the laughter it was paid with lots of tears behind closed door. I just like to share only bits of my life hoping that it will encourage you.


Just like to share this video as I am ending this post. We have few more days before stepping into 2017. I hope the new year will bring you lots of happiness, love and for all the hardship that may come, just buckle up your seat belt and do your best. I have no idea what God have planned for me and my family in 2017, but what I do know it is the best for us.

Lots of love till next blogpost!


  1. To more beautiful memories in 2017 <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you for being a really good friend ayna! to more beutiful memories indeed <3

  2. Sekarang tunggu masa untuk baby keluar je kan. Baby new year maybe?

    1. a ah sheAyang, tengah menunggu baby keluar :) what will be will be hehehe.. who knows kan? <3

  3. Have been reading your blog for many years and baru this year I start commenting. Love the positivism vibe that you spread. hope to get to meet you in person one day. Happy new year!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind support Intan 😍 appreciate it very much. Intan duk mana? Nanti lah mana tau ada rezeki kan boleh meet up 😊


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