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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Selamat Berpuasa everyone. Okay, before I start let me make it clear that the pic was taken before ramadhan. I puasa k? Talking about puasa, being a mum who breastfeed my child I actually worried that my milk supply would drop. Interestingly enough, fasting is not affecting it.

To be honest, I do feel thirsty but then again it is not that bad. I learn to drink a good amount of water during sahur to keep my body hydrated and also took dates so far it have been good. What also help me and that I believe to be my milk booster is this Plant Protein by Kay Kay. I have been taking it for more than a month. I actually have it on top of my table in office since I don’t want to forget to drink it. Been taking it for breakfast every morning. Now that fasting month came, I bring it back home with me and take it for sahur instead. The point is I took it as the first nutrient before I start my day.




What actually great about it is that, it contain protein from plants. 100% plant based that actually from Soy + Kale + Pea. One serving provides 7gram complete protein and amino acids that is needed in a day. It gave me the assurance of supplying my body with the essentials I need before I kick start my day. So, regardless of me having to fast a whole day or in a non-puasa month where I tend to skip meal, at least my body already have the fuel it needs.

This plant protein also do not contain any sugar just the way I like it. I want my supplement food to be as natural as it can be. I am glad that it do not have a strong distinguish flavour. I like to mix it with 200ml cold water, but you can also mix it with juice or sprinkle some on top of your breakfast such a smoothie bowl.


I still remember when I was at confinement centre, on daily basis I was served with milk booster drink that contain lots of malt, I didn’t really know what is inside the drink but I remember how concentrated it is. The first time I tried this plant protein by Kay Kay it actually reminds me a lot about the early milk booster drink i had. The consistency and how effective it is in aiding me for a better milk production. The goal here is not to have as much milk. As we all know that over supply may lead to many undesirable situations. My goal is to have enough milk for my baby so she can grow to her best potential.

Okay then, we are now at the end of this post. I hope you find it beneficial somehow. In case you are wondering one container cost RM79.90 I think very reasonable prize as it is for minimum 40 servings. If you took it once daily it can last more than a month. For more info Website: or FB page: KAY KAY @drinkKayKay

Till next blogpost, dont forget to take it easy and smile!

*Write up were done during fasting month.




  1. Interesting, will it helps weight lose as well?

    1. i have no idea boleh lose weight ke tak haha but kalau boleh terbaik gak tu


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