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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you? Hope you are feeling great. Today I would like to share with you about my kid’s meal time essential. I was recently introduced to Nuby and my kids having been using them for more than a week. My husband and I enjoy cooking that we actually take turn to prepare a meal.

Both of my kids are pretty much foodie, they love new taste new texture and totally not afraid of trying out. Got to blame my husband influnce on that, he also converted me into a foodie!  It is not a news that meal time can be messy when it involve kids haha.. My husband and I lost count on how frequent we have to wipe the floor and clean the baby chair. Beingat young age, they are still developing their hand and eye coordination so spilling food. Excitement over experiencing new food does not help much either.


Having this well thought meal time essential by Nuby make the experience slightly manageble. I noticed lesser spillage thanks to the design of the prodcuts. As you can see, the blue colour bottle with the yellow cap that is actually the Nuby Click-It Flip-It Cup. Such a cute name huh? What I like about it, is that it  have a silicone with a safe lock with a click. Been bringing this water bottle to the park for my daughter and she enjoy using it very much. 

If you noticed the green plate and bowl that is Nuby Suregrip Mat with Section Plate  and Nuby Suregrip Bowl. The material is very soft and love that it is also comes with a mat feature beneath the bowl and the plate that keeps it in place to prevent spills.

I just wish they came up with more design on top of Tiger for Nuby Silicone Baby Bibs. Very usefull. The material makes it very easy to clean and compare to the traditional cloth bib. The bib come with a compartment so the crumps will get accumulated instead of falling on my baby’s dress. The Nuby Pinpoint Snack Keeper  is also very cute and my daugther seems to eat more healthy snacks when ever I put in in the container. haha yes, need to use phycology feeding kids!

All the items are very reasonably priced. I have a feeling that it is durable too! If you are wondering, here is the price list of items :-

  • Nuby Pinpoint Snack Keeper (Retail Price: RM19.90)
  • Nuby Silicone Baby Bibs - Tiger (Retail Price: RM31.90)
  • Nuby Click-It Flip-It Cup 360 ml (Retail Price: RM32.90)
  • Nuby Suregrip Mat with Section Plate (Retail Price: RM29.90)
  • Nuby Suregrip Bowl (Retail Price: RM29.90)


Product can be easily purchased at kids store near you all around Malaysia. for more info you can check out their facebook or website. We are at the end of this blogpost. I hope you find it helpful if you are considering to get meal time essential for your kids. Till next time, dont forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. Zandria & Sofea seems to enjoy their meals together, cuteness overload <3 <3 <3


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