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Would it be great if you can have all in one product that  can be used from head  to toe? Wont it be greater if it does not contain alcohol,animal ingridients, paraben,benzophenone and does not have any animal derived ingridients?  What if I told you it is your lucky day as I am going to introduce to you this latest product that I am currently love with. There are many reasons why I think this product is great, apart from all the criteria’s I have listed it is also such a versatile hydration product.


I took a picture of its back packaging so you can check out on details of the ingredients. The main active ingridient for this is Green Grape extract. Green grape  seed is one of those amazing natural ingredients that are not talked about enough. One of the thing I love about grape seed is because It's non-comedogenic which is just a fancy word for "it doesn't clog pores". Furthermore grape seed  have antioxidants. Studies shown that green grape seed contain proanthocyanidins and catechins (which is type of antioxidants).  These are the powerful antioxidants in grape seeds that studies shown to be 20 times greater than vitamin E and 50 times greater than vitamin C.

Moreover, Grape Seed extract contain polyphenols. This  polyphenol  are also known for its function to be excellent binders of collagen fibers, improving the condition of connective tissues, and overall maintaining the elasticity of your skin. This will result in a healthy younger looking skin.

I can talk all  day about the benefit of grape seeds, which is why I think it is awesome to try out this Grape Seed Nutritious Gel by Neula since they make it easier for anyone to reap the nature wonder benefits of green grape seed.


As you open the container it looks like so. I can see myself packing it in smaller container to bring during travel hahaha. I mean what is not to love? This product is super versatile.

If you have dry skin, try putting the gel onto the skin for approximately 20 mins and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Use it like a mask for up to 3 times a week and you will see the impactful result.

If you go out to the beach and get sunburn then you can also use as mask because grape seed also rich in flavonoids that work to protect your skin against the harmful uv. On top of that it also contain resveratrol that can minimize the chance of you getting sunburn. I would suggest to enjoy a nice mask a night before going out for beach activities. Of course you need to wear sunblock. But having your skin pre-ready is a double protection plus you are on a vacation, you dont need any other reason to enjoy a mask and pamper yourself right? It is so versatile you may also use it to hydrate your hair or use it just like how you would use a leave on conditioner.


The formulation is very light, the crystal clear gel absorb almost instantly on my skin. It does not leave any sticky feeling and it makes my skin smelling as fresh a green grape seed haha.. I personally like to use it to moist my elbow and my knee as it is my most concerned area that need hydration. Do you know that you can also use it to treat crack heel? Yes, because of its super hydrating properties you may also use it for that purpose.

MY FAV RECIPE BY NEULA GREEN GRAPE NUTRICIOUS GEL also super affordable. It is retailing at RM 31.90. You can get them from 250 Guardian outlets Malaysia. In the whole month of Aug 2017, there is a promo with any purchase of RM 20 or more in a single receipt, you will be able to buy it at very special price at RM 22.33

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All the best!


  1. Woahhh.. this gel seems interesting!!!

    Dah join giveaway~

    1. thank you for joining Pika :) all the best!!! <3

  2. I love green grapes too, wonder how it smells, must be yummeh!

    1. smell exactly like green grapes!! <3 you will like the smell

  3. do we need to wash it after 20 mins? or we can just apply it bfore we go to bed and rinse it on next morning?

  4. its very nice and satisfying to use


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