So much fun at Yogood Junior Munch 'n' Run


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Recently our family joined our first ever family run. It is a really fun and new experience for us. We get to enjoy time with our kids and the run is also in a safe enviroment as it was hosted at the golf course at The Club Bukit Utama. We do bring our kids to the park as much as we could but joining an event like this makes it even more fun. I hope it will somehow encourage my kids to relate exercising as a fun acitivites.

The event started at 730am on Sunday morning, what a great way to kick start a day huh? Since our house is less than 5km from the location, it is not a hassle to get to the location at all. As we arrived, wesaw many other families wearing the same shirt as ours. It gave us some sense of being a part of a community. 

They have  theme for the day which is Pirate. Male participants get round collar shirt with non-other than pirate printed at front. While the ladies shirt printed with mermaid. Found both designs to be very cute. Anyway, the race kit collection was done a week earlier where we got our shirts, and some goodies by sponsors. Talk about the sponsor later on.




No idea where she learn to use the a stick like that. She just pick them up on the side of the road and start walking with those. Looks like she went for hiking haha..


Decided to to bring stroller and carry my 6 months old baby Zandria on baby carrier. Sofea enjoyed running very much. If I bring the stroller she might want to get in.. by not bringing it she have no choice but to use her feet LOL

Even Zandria have her own baby sports shoe hahaha.. thanks to my dad for getting her that. Finally we be able to utilise it for outdoor activities like this. Proud of my two daughters for behaving great on that day. Zandria did not cry one bit.

There were no bib for this run because we categorised it as a fun run. So long you reach the finishing line, you'll be getting a medal! This is to encourage children not to give up and soldiering on.


Family wefie time towards the end of the walk.




At the finish line, we got our medals and somany goodies from the sponsors. We received couple of super yummy ready to eat cheese plus merchandize fork and spoon by Bega Cheese, yoghurt with fruit extract by Petit Miam, Ribena drinks, couple of UCC Coffee sachet and sample of Australian Chia Seed by The Chia Co. Not forgeting some munchies by Yogood Junior as the mainsponsor for this Munch 'n' Run event.

I think it is not a secret that our family are of of those passionate consumer of Yogood Junior. This is because we felt safe to let our kids to consume their product because they are artificial colouring and flavouring free.

There are couple of booth by the sponsors as you can see in the picture, participants get to sample and also purchase products at at promo price. On top of that there are couple of activity booth such as snack eating competition by Bega, Biscuit Sorting Game, Bottle Ring Toss Game, Giant Inflatables (rock climbing & giant castle), futsal game, giant snake and ladder, photobooth backdrop. Also a free flow of popcorns. Yeay!



One of the activities is this soccer game. Sooooo “bergaya” my husband trying to score a goal. But tak dapat LOL Good try anyway haha If you can see at the back the bouncy castle prodived for kids to enjoy.


Before I end this post, here is a picture of us with Junita. She is the brand manager of Yogood Junior. We have been communicating and working together for many years but this is the first time I get to meet her personally. Very happy to see her and her family on that day. Thanks for all the hard work organising such a fruitful event.

Most of all, I also like to thank you for spending your time to read up our humble experience at Yogood Junior Munch 'n' Run. I hope it will encourage you to spend quality time with your family too. Till next blogpost, don’t forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. Next time baby Zandria can join the run with Kakak Sofea too <3 <3 <3

    1. yup once dah pandai jalan, looking forward to more activities like this in the future <3 <3 <3


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