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sushi mentai

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If you love sushi as much as I love them, then this post is a must read for you. I have actually lost count on how many times my family went to Sushi Mentai. Even for non-sushi lover like my husband, his face  light up whenever I asked him to go for a sushi galore at Sushi Mentai. Mine you this is not a sponsored post. However, we totally welcome if they want to do so LOL (so tak tahu malu hahahaha).

I am not sure if they have any other outlet, i think they do but I am just too used to go to their outlet at Kota Damansara. Since it is located at a shoplot. The parking can be challenging. Plan your visit, I would recommend to go non peak hours to secure the parking.

What I love about this place is is because they serve a good sushi, generous portion (you will see it later in the picture haha) and also the price is very affordable. If you dont like sushi, chances are because you have tried from the wrong shop hahaha.. my husband dislike sushi because of his first encounter with them (at the wrong shop).

They only have 2 typesof plate. I like simple and non complicated. The orange plate  and the red plate. The orange plate cost RM1.80 and the red plate RM2.80 (OMG right). Even if you eat 10 plates of the red ones it will cost only RM28. The selection is just a lot. Compared to many other places we have been to like Sushi King, Sushi Zanmai , Hokaiddo, Sakae Sushi. this place have more on plate selections in my opinion.



Thick sliced of unagi (with teriyaki sauce) on top of a sushi cost RM2.80 How can we not be happy? The portion is so not kedekut type of portion. You see lah even the tobiko were served over flowing. Wait ahh… I show you even more haha




Do you get what I mean now?


This grill prawn cost RM9.80 per plate and this is made to order. You can check out the menu for other made to order dish. This grill prawn is a must order for us whenever we come here. The prawn is juicy and the gravy is creamy and rich in flavour.


Grill Saba with salt. I forgot how much this one cost but I am sure it is less than RM10.


My husband and I love to order salad and also the seaweed salad whenever we order sushi. It act as a in between filler while picking the next sushi plate  from the moving sushi trail. Do you know that seaweed is an excellent detox veggie and also jam packed with collagen? There are studies that shows seaweed contain up to 10 times more  collagen than bird nest. YES!! Anyway, the generous salad cost us RM5.80 and the seaweed salad cost RM4.80 yummy, healthy and cost effective.

There you go, I hope you enjoy this post. Will we be revisiting Sushi Mentai? You bet. Till next blogpost, dont forget to take  it easy and smile!


  1. Not a fan of sushi but your photos definitely looks tempting!!!

    1. dorang ada karsu chicken curry gak, bento2 pun ada nanti boleh try :)


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