Streat Thai - Authenthic Thai Street Food, Jaya One The School Review

thai street food review

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

For those who missed the taste of Bangkok, this post is specially for you. Staying true to its name this place serve authenthic thai street food. Say what?? From the spicy and sour tom yam to phat thai and even prawn cakes. My mouth is drooling as I am typing this post. Before I start this post, just like to make it clear that I am not paid or sponsored as this is my personal review. Our taste palette are pretty much different and we (my husband and I) basically an easy person to please.  One thing I can share is that, eating here make me felt as if I was transported back to Bangkok haha.. Plus, we saw few other thai people eating there. FINE.. we “ear drop” and assumed base on how fluently they speak thai to each other. So, if thai people also come here to eat, I mean nothing much to be said lah kan?

Streat Thai - Authenthic Thai Street Food

Address: 100-G.001, The School, No., 72, Jalan Universiti,

Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Opening Hours · 11:30AM–10PM

Phone: +60 12-907 3581



If you found The School then it is easy to locate this shop.It is towards the corner end and it have this outdoor indoor kind of feel. Even this place have no air con there are many big fans so not an issue for us. We purposely come at non-peak hours to avoid the crowd. I noticed it is written on their phamplet that they  do have live band on certain days of the week. However can’t recall, could be on weekend if I am not mistaken.

The concepts is more like a food court where they have few stall (as you can see in the picture). Each stall dedicated for certain type of food. They have dessert stall, drinks stall etc. I think you get the drift. You dont really have to go to each stall to order. All you need to do is just seat down, read up the menu and order.


Here is a glimpse of the menu, the price range is affordable if you ask my opinion. An appetizer cost less than RM10 and can be shared not bad right?


The first dish we order is this mango salad also known as Som Tam. Delish! The freshness of the mango jive well with the spiciness of the chili and love how crunchy the peanuts are. I like that they used peanut chunks instead of peanut powder.


This is a coconut milk based tom yam, taste just like the one we had at Chatuchak market. End up slupring till the last drop. 


The next dish is this prawn cake. I would come back and re-order this dish. The prawn cake is juciy and served hot. My husband and I enjoy this dish very much. The thing about thai’s dipping sauce they taste so yummy! Full of flavours and they put effort on the texture as well. This one contain cucumber and peanut in it.


Grill beef, nyum! I wanted to order the salted grill fish then realised that it could be a lot considering only two of us and also the fact that we ordered few other dish already haha.. Maybe we order it next round. As for the beef, nothing special but we didnt regret ordering it either.


Chili Thai Curry Squid, definately for sharing and they are generous… I mean look at the portion! Not too bad of a dish, but not my favourite either maybe because I prefer spicy and sour dish. While this one tasted like a mild curry.



We thought that we could not eat anything else since we also ordered rice to compliment our meals. However, we somehow able to fit in 2 more desserts! haha I mean am the only one who will try our very best to make room for dessert? Did regret doing so as the coconut ice cream is yum! It is seved with roasted coconut flakes and a side of sweet sticky rice. The water chest nut dessert also widely known as red ruby is a must, I am not very keen with the colouring. Maybe becaused I am too used to relate red ruby to be in red. However, the taste makes it all better. It does look very mouth watering! Glad didnt bring my kids or we get to attend to as sugar rushed 3 year old. LOL

Well, we are the end of this post. I hope you find it enjoyable. Thank you so much for reading this up. I will try to improve from time to time. Till next blogpost, bye!


  1. Sedapnyeeeeerr, okeh boleh cuba nnti =)

    1. next time we cando meet up kat sini! sedap!! <3 ajak caro sekali


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