Johan’s Birthday Staycation at St Regis Kuala Lumpur


Assalamualaikum and OIlla everyone!

It have been our ritual to go for a staycation or a time out from our usual routine whenever we have an occasion to celebrate. Actually, we find (okay fine.. I not we) find any reason I can think off just to try out new experience. My husband and I work very hard and this is one of the way we reward ourself. This is not a sponsored/invited review, even if we wish it is LOL.. With that being said, this year I book a staycation at St. Regis Kuala Lumpur to celebrate my husband’s birthday.

Great thanks to my sis Faten for volunteering to take care of our two kids so we could go on a date. Also thanks to my dad who then brought my kids to their own staycation at Swiss Garden.  I know it sounded cliche but we do miss our little ones very much. I actually miss the chaoticness of having them around, the bau masam peluh baby and the constant sound of my kids calling me “mummy….”. However, I try not to feel guilty over taking a break. As it could help us to function better as a happy parent. Thank god, living in digital age we could do video call as frequent as we want to. Yeay!!


The hotel is located in middle of KL Sentral, if you dont feel like driving you can actually use the train and make use of the shuttle. But nahhh.. we dont have time for that. Opted for an early check in at  11am instead of the usual 3pm check in because we are just typical-cannot-rugi-1-minute kind of asian. Great enough they are able to accomodate to our request partly because we booked in the middle of the week as in lesser crowd so it is non peak time.

As we came in we are greeted with a high ceiling floor and the smell of fresh lily’s. Felt so welcome already. The check in went smooth and we were directed to our room which is located at level 18th. 


Anyway, I book a Grand King room which is one step above the King Room and I am too cheapskate to book the suite because of obvious reason.. *cough* so mahal *cough*.  Another reason is because Grand King room offer a scenic view which is what my husband always look for in a hotel.

The speciality of St.Regis Hotel compared to other hotel is they have a butler service for every room. Our assigned butler for the day is Tiffany and she greeted us, show us the room function/amenities and also help us to unpack our luggage. I was panicking at first because I am not used to having people unpacking my items. My husband on the other hand love being pampered so it is easy sail for him.

The butler service also come with pressing service (a fancy name for ironing your clothes) max to 2 garments (another fancy name for clothes) in a day. They also serve unlimited amount of coffee and tea and make to your preference. At any time you can contact butler service and request for latte, cappuccino, espresso or tea. We did try to push the limit and ask for an affogato. You know the esspresso that come with an ice cream LOL.. no harm trying right? But nah… they dont have it. haha


Taa daaa.. The room is nice and very spacious and they also decorated the room with rose petals and balloons. My husband seems happy with the decor so mission accomplished.


Isn’t it weird that I love their bathroom more than the room itself? I have been to St Regis in Singapore (thanks to Olay for flying me there to witness the product launch) before and thanks to that I have high expectation of St.Regis bathroom. When I check out this one, it actually exceed my expectation. The bathroom is just huge! There are 2 more room inside the bathroom, one for the waste chamber (talk about it in a bit) and also for the rain shower. Ofcause it come with a bath tub that have a tv panel.  Felt clean just by walking in there LOL


Like many other 5 stars hotel, the amenities are pretty much complete. From face cotton, to shaver to mouth wash they got it all covered. For the soap, lotions and the rest of products they used the signature St Regis Remede brand. I wish they provide bath salt but they dont.


The bathrobe is just as fluffy as it can get.


If you are wondering what is this, well let’s just say it elevate your “downloading” experience LOL. It is actually a control panel for the waste chamber. It could auto open, you can get the waste chamber to even blow dry your private area… why am I laughing while typing this?? hahaha.. wait got somemore… the seat even warm upi tself for you!! hahahaa want more? My husband even said “thank you” to the waste chamber because he felt like he was treated well. OMG I JUST CANNOT!!





Back to the room feature, this grand king room also come with a working station. My husband have a delightful time using this area to catch up with his work. Also on top of the desk there in the plastic container is our lunch . We tapau pokebowl from the fish bowl before checking in. If you are an SPG member you will also get a complimentary of internet usage if not you might be charge rm45 for internet.


On the shelves, they have book for your reading pleasure. I think I could get along pretty well with the person who picked the book. Anyone who listen to Pearl Jam can be my friend LOL




Once we settle down, eaten our lunch and by then ordered more than 5 drinks from the buttler.. we decided to head out to the gym and go for a little tour around the hotel. The swimming pool was located at level 6th they have 2 swimming pool side by side. One for the residence and one more for hotel guest. I am so kepoh I went googling how much is the rent of the residence LOL

The gym is empty (again becoz we come on weekdays) and we ulitize the thread mill machine. After the end of the session, I found myself losing my senses and proposing to get our own thread mill at home as if it could fit our tiny house.

We also went to check out the spa, the staff kind enough to let us peek into the massage room. It is spacious but I dont know why I felt like something is missing. We didnt book the session because my husband put some sense into my head and not to over spend. If it is not because of him, I would have just close my eyes and let the masseur do what they are highly trained to do hahaha… You can check out the spa footage in my vlog at the end of blogpost and many other footages. I didnt really stop and take a picture because I am not here for work as in hotel review. I am here to spend quality time, to celebrate my husband birthday. Just felt that I wont be enjoying as much if I keep taking picture.


Went back to our room and make use of the bathtub to clean up the sweat after hitting the gym. See those petals? I took the “decor” they put up earlier on the bed and use it for a flower bath hahaha… dont worry lah I clean it afterwards okay. I also used the Lush Bath Bomb that was given by my friend Ashleigh. Thanks Ashleigh for sending it all over from Luxembourg. I have been keeping it for a special occasion like this. Also, because I dont have a nice bath tub at home LOL



While my husband catch a quick nap, I ordered food panda for dinner. Earlier plan was to order a shell out delivery but then changed my mind and ordered food panda instead. So, this is my husband  birthday dinner. Sorry honey, I hope you like the gesture. I just dont feel like spending RM200 for a steak at the hotel’s restaurant either. I know you would appreciate eating simple food overlooking the sunset with the company of your wife. (PERASAN)


As it is about to get dark, room was knocked by the butler and they send in this.  Owhh.. maybe this was the cake they mention in the email. Ya, the head butler did communicate with me to check on my arrival time which I think a standard procedure for them and then I told them that we are celebrating my husband birthday and they I was informed about the arrangement and that there will be a cake. Which is why I didnt get a seperate cake for my husband. When we check in to the room there was none so I am like maybe they forgot. So, when this came… I am like huh? apa ni? Thank you… but?? (insert a cringed face) okay.. thanks anyway.


Naughty them!! Around 15 mins after the that the room was knocked again and they send in the real cake!! HAHAHAHAHHAAHA can you all dont prank like this or not? It is lovely, my husband was just blushing and I am glad he like it. I know he do becoz he took a picture of it and put it on his insta. Mind you he is not the social media type of person. Open his facebook once a year and I think you get the drift. So, when he took a picture of it and post it on insta.. confirmed he like it hahahaha


We spent the night, talking and staring at the window. The floor to wall glass ceiling is just amazing lah.. We didnt even find the need to on the TV because the view is just stunning. I bet this place could be fully book on new year eve as you can check out a clear view of KLCC and also KL Tower at the comfort of your bed. It could not get any better than that seriously.


My camera (and my limited photography skills) did not do justice to the actual stunning view.


The next morning we woke up at 6am to enjoy the breakfast. The plan is to eat the buffet breakfast then hit the gym and then go back to eat breakfast before going back to our room hahahaha but……. We were told that the room rate I booked did not come with complimentary breakfast. My mistake la didnt check it before I booked. I paid RM1k inclusive of gst so I do expect breakfast to be included then I forgot that it is a luxury hotel. My RM1k spent is tiny amount to them. fine lahhhhhhh….


Seat down, checked the menu. Almost want to faint. The breakfast buffet is at RM170 (not yet gst k) per person. Urmm……….No, thank you.


I end up ordering a nasi lemak.However, I think it is a good decision as it comes with wagyu beef rendang. Yummy and I also like the sambal. Not complaining paying RM65 for this atleast it justify. (SEDAPKAN HATI)


My husband ordered some sort of breakfast set that come with assortment of bread, muesli, a juice, a coffee and also fruits. His set cost RM95. To be fair mine come with a nice TWG as well, and the croissant is very good. At the end of the day maybe I should just let loose a little bit and not be so calculative as it is his birthday anyway.


Overall, I would say the stay is amazing. Even if I still feel like it could be better. There are room for improvement it does not have those WOW “jaw dropped” kind of effect that I was expecting but not the worse as well. I hope you enjoy my humble experience. As promised, attached is my vlog. Dont forget to subscribe k?

Till next time, dont forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. The bathroom is so awesome, definitely bathroom goal <3 <3 <3

    1. it is!! marble detailing all over the wall to the floor <3

  2. I have been to St Regis Langkawi, not bad maybe you can consider that next

    1. thanks for visiting by blog Intan, haven been to St Regis Langkawi.. maybe I should since my brother in law study there.. can visit him one shot <3 thanks for suggesting!

  3. Oh wow so cantik!! And the nasi lemak is like London price! Hahaha! For RM65 better be super sedap ;)

    1. Thanks for dropping by at my blog, Ashleigh!!

      the hotel memang cantik :) have to live up to the st regis brand haha and yes my god i paid london price in malaysia T.T to be fair sedap and also bcoz they used wagyu beef for the rendang i felt quite worth it <3

    2. hi do we have to pay parking for the i house guest

    3. hi aqilah, you can get the reception to validate your parking card for a flat rate. not sure how much i forgot but totally cheaper than the hourly rate. Hope it helps Enjoy your stay!


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