ASTUTE Clinic, Skincare and Facial Review


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I have always spent my money on make up, but ever since 5 years ago I change my focus and start investing for a good skincare instead. I noticed make up will enhance your look. However, to have the best look it start from a good skin. I dont have a good skin, those who have a porcelain skin you are very blessed! Because of this, I love to try out products that could help me to achieve a flawless, scar free skin that I always dream off.

After trying out many treatment including laser, chemical peeling and you name it lah.. dont know how many skincare I have tried. Couple of week ago, I went to consult Dr Jason from Astute Clinic. Talked to him about my skin history, the numerous skin prcedure/maintenance that I have gone trough and he actually gave a solid point. He told me why not tackle the root cause. As in regardless the number of laser I go for, but if I still have acne issue coming on and off, I will still have to go for treatment all the way. The goal is to have minimum acne, and then resulting to lesser visit for laser treatment.

He told me that I might be having hormonal imbalance also known as PCOS. My sister had it. I remember one of the previous dematologist I visited told me that my acne is due to hormonal imbalance. If you are having acne, I would suggest for you to consult a doctor and find out what is the root cause. As acne happen to many factors, it could be triggered due to food you consume, stress, enviroment factor and many more.


This is the main entrace of ASTUTE Clinic, located at Damansara City.


Lovely reception area, I felt so welcome upon stepping into the clinic.


This is the waiting area.


This is Dr. Jason. Thanks Gina for helping me to snap this picture. Dr. Jason assess my skin and suggested me to  try out Astute Skincare and also to take Spironolactone. He personally developed the skincare and it was formulated in USA. 


After that, I was lead to another room where I was explained about the personalised range of products to try out and I schedule my next appointment for the highly-rated medical facials. Will talk about the facial that I tried towards end of this post.


Taaa daaa… These are the product prescribed for my skin condition. From the left MG mosturizing Gel, AB Alpha Beta Exfoliator, CC Comodone Clear, LC Lucent C and also the Spironolactone pills. I love the product packaging, it have the clinical feel to it maybe due to the bottle being white haha.  Anyway, since it come with a pump diffuser. This will reduce the amount of product contimination and also I have better control on the amount of product I want to use.




First let’s talk about the MG Moisturizing Gel. You can click on the imgane of you want a clear view of ingridients used. I really like this moisturizer, it have a botanical smell to it, very lightweight. The function is to hydrate and replenish skin’ moisture balance. The texture is more like a gel, so it absorb almost instantly with no sticky feeling. My skin felt sooo supple after every application. I used it after all my skincare routine right before wearing my suncreen. This bottle contain 50ml of product and retailing at RM 198.




The next one is the AB Alpha Beta Exfoliator. The main function of this product is to exfoliates dead skin and unclog pores. The activites ingridents are salicylic acid and lactic acid blend together for optimum result. I used this product only during my night skincare routine. So, my pores will be unclog and not congested and ready for repairing process while I enjoy my sleep. The product is transparent in colour and have the consistency of water. This product have a slight sourish smell to it but it is totally barerable could be due to the acidic content. I dont feel any tingling effect on my skin compared to other products that include salicylic and lactic acid that I have tried. A bottle contain 50ml and costing RM218.




Moving on we have this CC Comodone Clarifier, to me this is the star product. I used it day and night right after using cleansing and toning my face. I noticed my whitehead and blackhead greatly reduced after having this product in my routine. We all know that excess sebum and mixed with dirt plus dead skins are one of the main reason pores are being clogged resulting to formation of whitehead and blackhead. The key is because CC Comodone Clarifier help to control sebum production by our skin. This CC Comodone Clarifier contain 50ml of product and you can get it at RM248 per bottle.




The final skincare product is this LC Lucent C. It is a powerful Vitamin C concentrate and I used this twice a day for both morning and night skincare routine. Always welcome the usage of Vitamin C since it helps with anti – aging issue. On top of that it is also great if you would like to have a brighter skin. This LC Lucent C product also come in a clear liquid that mimic the consistency of water. I also end up putting few drops into my facial mist bottle and use it everytime I want to refresh my skin. This product contain 50ml and retailing at RM388. One drop goes a long way, you just need a drop for the whole face.




This is pill that I am talking about earlier. It is the Spironolactone. According to Dr Jason, it helps to block the male hormone. for those who have acne due to homonal imbalance (PCOS) then this pill is a good option for you to try out. I did asked for side effect (I need to know lah.. cannot simply pop a pill you need to know what’s coming) Dr. Jason told me the sign effect vary from one person to another and it includes losing weight (omg yes!), lesser amount of body hair growth ( omg yes!!! hahaha) and frequent visit to the ladies room to urinate. That is totally fine with me. After all, I get to burn more calories going to ladies room many times a day. The first week I tried the pills, I was expecting more visit to the loo, but it turn out not as frequent as I expected. Only extra 2 visit compare to my usual routine. Which is totally fine with me.

After the third week, my period came. I normally get lots of acne popping out before and during my menstrual. This where is gets interesting. It must be the pill. I only get 3 zits,compare to full blown zits around my chin and towards my jaw line. I am very happy with the result like seriously. I am considering to continue taking the pills once this batch is done. However, I strongly suggest for you to consult a professional before getting yourself Spironolactone pills. If your acneis not due to homonal imbalance then  no point taking the pills. You need to consult and determine what is the root cause before looking for options.

I am glad that after many years, I finally found the cure to reduce my acne. This will make it so much easier for me to maintain my skin and definately reduce the number of scars on my face yeay!!

Astute Quintessential Facial Review


During my second visit to Astute Clinic, I went for the Astute Quintessential Facial and I think might as well I document it incase it would be helpful. This is one of the signature treatment offered by Astute Clinic andthe whole procedure takes up to 60minutes costing RM 198. This facial is suitable for any skin type and good for skin maintenance purpose. If you have other specific concern like anti – aging then you can try out other facial treament. They do have the acne facial and the premier facial on top of the rest.


This is how the treatment room looks like. All you need to do is just lay down on the bed and the nurse will pamper you.




The first step is double cleaning. Astute products are used. I like the massage during the cleansing as it is very relaxing.


The next process is called Scrubber. Using Ultrasonic Scrubber machine my skin is being scrubbed. You can felt like a mild vibrating sensation but it is not painful at all. During this process dirt and impurities will be scrubbed off the skin.


Euuuuww! Look at that. Sorry if I gross you out. But just want to share the amount of dirt that is nestling on my face. Wont miss it, bye bye dirt!


Say hi to Winnie! She is very cheerful and she tend to my question with lots of patience. She explained all the steps very clearly. Thanks for taking a good care of me, Winnie.


Next is the extraction process. Those who are familiar with facial might have a love hate relationship with this step. Atleast for me, I tend to like it. I like the fact that the stubborn whitehead and blackhead are being removed so I dont suffer congested pores. Having a clean skin with unclogged pores will also mean my skin will absorb all the goodness from skincare better. My husband is the type that hate the extraction process everytime he goes facial, maybe because it is painful. Then again, no pain no gain.


Taaa daa.. right after extractionl. My face is red and bumpy. Most important it is cleaner than before.


Next, is the Ultrasound Penetration. The same machine used but it vibrate at different frequency. This will encourage a deeper penetration of product used in the next step.


After that, vitamin C is applied all over my skin. As mentioned earlier vitamin C is great for anti-aging, on top of giving a brighten and youthful complexion.




The final step this hydrating mask. The mask felt cold and very soothing. It is like a cherry on top of the treatment because I truly relaxed during the mask session.  This final process aimed to sooth the inflamed skin (could be due to extraction), restores moisture and promotes healing and rejuvenation.


This is how my face look like right after the facial treatment. The bump and redness after the extraction is reduced thanks to the hydrating mask. My skin felt squeaky clean, it still redddish but not too bad it can be easily covered with a minimum make up. There is no long downtime or anything like that so I can just continue my schedule as usual. I would recommend this facial for maintenance purpose, maybe like once a month treatment. Like hair treatment, there is no one time cure all treatment. It is a continous process, you have to continue taking a good care of your skin to get the best result possible.

We are at the end of this post. I hope you you find it helpful somehow. Thank you so much for dropping by and for reading this up. If you are interested with the treatment or would like to know more about the products you can visit Astute Clinic or can go to their website at Till next time, dont forget to take it easy and smile!


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