Tanjong Jara Resort Honest Review and Experience


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I just came back from offsite meeting for the company that I worked for. It have been my 5th time joining offsite meeting, this coming january will be my 5th anniversary working here. Well, you are not reading this and be here to know about my working journey LOL Anyway, today I would like to share with you my honest review and share my experience spending 3 days 2 nights at Tanjong Jara Resort.

There are eight of us and we took a coach van.  The journey to the east coast took us 4 hours approximately from Petaling Jaya. you might have known that Tanjong Jara is located in Terengganu and you can opt to go for the scenic beach side road or take the faster route via the highway. We took the highway as we wanted to arrived as early as we could.


Mr Lee (our coach driver) drop us for simple lunch at Perasing RnR. The RnR is huge, but not many shops are operating. Hence limited choices of food. We decided to enjoy cup noodle and some drinks. I thought it could be a great idea to tapau some cup noodle in case we will be hungry in the middle of the night at the hotel.


Arrived!! So happy to finally arrived. We we greeted with cold tower which is usual for upscale resort.


This is the reception area. I wish I have better snapping skills. This picture didnt do justice to the interior of the place. The cost for staying here depending on what type of room you took and also what kind of package. We paid around RM3k per person for 2 nights stay inclusive of meals. It makes more sense for us to take the “Resident Package” because we didnt have any transport to go out of the hotel and it seems like there are not many choices of restaurant near the location. During the booking earlier, I saw a promo if you book a night then you will be entitled to 50mins massage at the spa. Since we book two night then maybe we can get 2 session? LOL but I am a bit dissapointed when I was told that that promo does not apply to resident package. It does not make sense to me. I mean we are paying more, took the meal inclusive deal and spend 2 nights. Well, procedure is procedure so ya.. There are few types of room here, the entry level is the bumbung room (located at upper floor with no porch), we took Serambi room. Serambi room is bigger than bumbung and located at ground floor also come with porch and there is like an extra bed area like a chillax area. It is up to you to opt for any room you like. If you are travelling with elderly or kids then I would suggest to skip bumbung and go for serambi instead as you can skip the high stairs.

Owh ya, do prepare amount for room deposit. Our was RM3k for the total of 8 rooms for 2 nights. The deposit will be refunded if you didnt cause damage or consume the mini bar etc. During check in we were given a map of Tanjong Jara, a dongle (YES 4G) and the room key. The dongle is for wifi connectivity, take a good care of the dongle or you will be charge with RM400 penalty.


Nice spot for OOTD


Spot this are the reception area, I really wish the massage promo apply!!! The cost of massage is around RM415 for 90 minutes treatment. If you opt for early session before 1pm then you can get 30% off. It is still above my budget. If I am my old self, I would just close my eyes and pay for it. But being matured (perasannnn) I learn to fight the temptation after all, I can enjoy massage back home for 1/3 of the cost. Nobody died if they dont go for massage, or maybe some did? I dont knowwwwww…. this is hard but I think I make a good call this round.


Back to check in process, we were also given this kuih. apa nama? always makan but forgot the name. Let’s call it the ninja turtle kuih. As it have the shape that looks like a ninja turtle back. A roselle juice, which I thought was sirap at first LOL.


Here is a group picture without me in since I hold the camera hahaha. I love capturing happy faces, it makes me happy.


Here is what included in our package, breakfast, two course lunch at Nelayan Restaurant or Teratai. Teratai is like a small cafe that serve meal of the day, so if you want more option best to go to Nelayan. My heart is aching.  Haih…… I tell you more about Nelayan restaurant later. Anyway for dinner, you can opt for steamboat (need to make reservation before 3pm) or dine at Atas Sungei Restaurant.


Done with check in, the front desk guy brought us to like a mini tour of the area. There are two types of swimming pool here. The one is picture is the adult pool. We walk all the way to Nelayan restaurant for our lunch before going to our room. I dont know if it is a good idea but we came at 3pm and only served with our lunch at 5pm. Like seriously??? Haih……………………………… TAHAN.. talk about it short…


This is a glimpse of the menu at Nelayan Restaurant in Tanjong Jara. Each meal cost around RM30 – RM55. That’s why I think best to take the resident package because the meal inclusive. So you dont have to worry about extra cost. Each one of us were given an option of 2 course. So some took appetizer and main, while some took main and dessert. Portion is quite big so certain meal.


I go for fish and chips since I wanted something light. RM50 for this. Does it look worthy? You tell me. Anyway, it is a 5 star rate, but i also expect a 5 star service. We waited more than an hour for our lunch. Tell, me who will still be smilling? Luckily it is over looking the beach. We took a walk, snap some group pictures and still have to wait for our lunch. GOOD LORD.


This is the fish head curry, the biggest portion our of the rest we ordered. I think it is most worthy, quite good for the taste and actually it can be shared. I ordered this for second day because my heart cant take more dissapointment.  On a bright side, the keropok lekor is good. Well, you cant really do wrong with a keropok lekor anyway.


This apple pie mend my broken heart for a bit. Sedap not to sweet just how I like it, cant recall how much it cost maybe around RM30.  sorry la, I really want to write a good review and if you know me well, you know I am not the complainer type of person. This round I really cannot tahan, we paid premium rate but the service of the food team, also the taste of the food does not justify at all. I signed the bill amounting RM700 plus for 8 pax. Fuh… again, I am glad it is inclusive in our package.


After that, we were escorted to our room. this is mine. Room 901. The porch have a table and 4 chairs so you can chill out. Arghhh.. I cant wait to show you the room.


Taaaa daaa…. Nice!! It looks sooo comfy. Love the bed, love the luxurious soft pillow. They also provide like a room slipper that can be used outdoor. I forgot to pack a flip flop and find it helpful for them to provide this. The sofa bench is also comfy. That it just one part of the room, more to come!


At the other end of the room this is now it looks like. Like an extra bedding complete with a working desk at both side. Perfect if you would like to catch up some work late at night or just chillax.


There is tv attached to the wall like so. I tend to just on the radio, but during the night I’ll just let the tv on new channel or something so it wont be too quite. I dont like sleeping alone. I like spending time alone not sleeping. I tend to miss my husband and kids at night so having the tv on took out the lonely part a little bit.


This is the wardrobe area. The bathrobe is made out of cotton perfect for tropical beach weather. Glad to see that an umbrella is provided, so if it is raining you can still walk to the restaurant and stuff. What I like the most is the rattan bag!! I used it for the whole time I am at the resort. Perfect as beach bag, nice for an ootd and also a props for flatlay pic. Not like I took any but ya, good to have it around.


Check out the extensive bathroom!!! If you check out my vlog (I will paste it down towards end of this blogpost) you can hear me “WOW” ing once I saw the bathroom. Above my expectation, nice wood detailing and have a spa feel to it.


Utilise the bathtub twice, was planning to buy a bath bomb purposely tend decided not too. Didnt regret it at all, since the shower gel is quite nice and foam lots of bubbles. You can enjoy a nice bubble bath just by using the shower gel provided. Dont forget to clear the dirty clothes basket before you check out because I almost left couple of dirty clothes haha..



They provide good selection of dispoable amenities, one of the girls actually love the lotion very much and get the guys to pass her theirs haha.. I agreed with her the lotion is good. Smells amazing and does not leave a sticky feeling. We actually googled if it is sold seperately that if there is anyway we could repurchase the body lotion hahaha but no they do not. It seems that it is supplied exclusively for YTL Hotels.


Before our trip we did google to check out the menu of Di Atas Sungei Restaurant Tanjong Jara, but we couldnt find a menu online. There is no price range etc so we keep an open mind. Anyway, I saw this outside of the restaurant so just incase you are planning a trip, hopefully this helps.


We had chicken soup for starter. As we sit in, the Chef Maz came and took our order. she suggested couple of the signature meals and we just go with the flow. 


This butter milk prawn is good. I would recommend for you to order this dish. Simply delish. The creamy milk and the butter makes the fresh prawn sooo enjoyable.


My first time trying out deer meat. This is deer rendang. I remember the most exotic rendang I tried was procupine rendang that was cooked by my grandmother. hahahaha what a non related filler. But anyway, I have mix feeling about this dish. The taste is more like beef, a good option if you are dining with friends who did not eat beef but I dont think I will re-order.


We ordered Kailan Salted Fish, but Kailan Garlic arrived. Not a big deal, we just eat it.


This is the star of the day. The steam fish. It is steamed with ginger, garlic and soy sauce. The taste is good since the fish is fresh. I dont think I am willig to pay RM140 for an ala carte steam fish. If you go for resident package then, do take this dish since meal is included.


Also my first time trying out Roselle Chicken. Not bad, taste like sweet sour chicken, but thicker. This one, I dont mind re-ordering.



Couple of picture to capture the memories eating together.


Chef arranged for few types of dessert for us to share. We had lava cake, banana fritters with ice cream, creme brulle and I forgot what else. But there are couple more. My favourite out of all is the lava cake. The chocolate cake is warm and eat with an ice cream, it is like a mix of temperature that give a nice sensation in my mouth. I wish my daughters are around, I bet they would love the lava cake so much.

I signed the bill again that night and the bills goes up to RM5k plus I WAS LIKE WTH???? Then found out the wrongly key in the chicken to be 135 portion instead of 1 portion. Okay honest mistake, then redo it and the bill come up to RM915.

To wrap up the day, we spent the rest of the night chit chatting, teasing, telling jokes before everyone goes to bed.



Good morning! Breakfast is served from 7am till 11pm. The breakfast selection is big, not the biggest I’ve had but I would say it is nice. There are local food, western breakfast, cold pressed juices, fruits and also local kuih. If you come early you can actually enjoy many round and it could keep you full till lunch.


I was captivated by this cabinet. What an old school plate cabinets. I found them very pretty with a hint of history.


After breakfast, we went back to our friends room and help to pump 2 unicorn and a toucan haha.. OFcoz we will hit the swimming pool.

Image may contain: tree, outdoor, nature and water

Before going for a swim, I went to check out the spa. Gosh.. I know I am still so tempted. Made up my mind and decided to skip for real. I took a picture because the place is serene and why not. Thanks to the spa staff for helping me to snap this picture.



Well spent time dipping in the swimming pool. Had lots of good laugh.


Lunch time, we came in at 1.30pm for lunch. Yesterday’s lunch have completely ruined our expectation but I was still hoping then it will be better this round. We were given with this crispy keropok snacks and it is complimentary.



Something need to be done. There is no way on earth that keropok lekor and salad takes up more than 1 hour to prepare. I just cannot brain it anymore. Tried to keep my cool. Everyone were chatting to kill time to wait but we come to a point where we are running out of things to talked about. I dont know, maybe the kitchen are located far from the restaurant? or everything is made from scratch??? Because when the food arrived not like it is sizzling hot or anything. I just dont know what to say, again I am glad we took the resident package. If I have to pay seperately I would have just walk off. I saw a mat salleh couple couldnt stand the wait and just leave their table. Both lunch session waiting time is disapointing. I am not even exaggerating, the place is nice, people are friendly but the the waiting is such spoiler. Especially, when you are paying premium price tag. Lunch cost another RM785, and 1 plus hour of your life gone waiting for the food to come. I even forgotten about dessert because just cant take the wait any longer.



Cool off the heat my chillaxing by the beach. Try to mend my broken heart by swimming in the ocean. While some of us go back to their room, some took the chance to tan and I decided to head back and enjoy the lovely room after a quick swim.


Only took a picture dessert for our final dinner, the food was okay, the WAIT. Another round of 1 hour plus waiting for our dinner. Seriously?? Want to cry edy lahhh.. By the time food arrived, we (atleast I) lost my appetide. I just wish the dinning experience is better, the management really need to look into this. Find out what is the root cause of the long waiting time. Was it not enough kitchen staff? or better S.O.P needed?


The highlight our stay would be the laying by the beach in the dark, looking over a moonless night. It so happen that it is also the time of the Orionids METEOR SHOWER!!! Perfect timing, being at the east coast beach where there is minimal light pollution we get to see meteor shower. It is my first time experiencing it. It is soo magical,thanks to Lei Jing for sharing about it. It is a memorable moment if you asked me. If would be one of those unforgetable experience.


The next morning, I went for a walk around the resort compund. Just have a stroll enjoying the landscape. There are many instagram worthy spot like this swing. Also there are countless hammock that you can enjoy.


Took some pictures along the way.


The resort is genuinely pretty. Pleasing to the eyes.


Towards the end of the resort, you will saw this section where there are rocks. I saw couple of locals come down for fishing, you can enjoy nice sunrise or even sunset here. I spend around 10 minutes soaking the morning ray for a dose of vitamins and enjoyed the sound and smell of the beach.


Another picture of the building.

IMG_7079 (1)

After that, I went back to my room. Had my final bath before packing my bag. Owh ya, the check out time it at 11am. Wish can spend more time but I also missed my family very much. While waiting for our van to arrive, we took more pictures. Apart from the ridiculus waiting time for our food, the stay was pleasurable. Would I come back again? Maybe, but for now I dont think I will. dont just take my word on it, I hope it does not change your mind if you are considering to book a stay. I am sure all establishment are commited for a continous improvement. Hopefully you will have a pleasant stay.

That’s it. Thank you for spending your time to read this. Hope that you will find it helpful. As promised, below is my vlog. You can get a better idea of the location and the room tour etc included. Dont forget to like and subscribe to my channel, till next time. Dont forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. Thank you dearest Illy!! This helped a lot... Cant believe you didnt age a day..

    1. you are most welcome!! so sweet laaa.. thnak you for dropping by <3 take care!


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