Carlo Rino Latest Collection Showcase Fashion Night Out Pavilion Elite


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I am simple person, atleast when it comes to bag. I like bags that are funtional, durable, with delightful design and most of all reasonably priced. Which is why I have a soft spot for Carlo Rino. They ticked all the boxes of my requirement. Recently, I was invited to check out the latest “Make A Wish” Collection that is specially curated for Autumn Winter 2017. The event was hosted at Pavilion part of the Fall into Autumn Acttivities and Promo by Pavilion.


I have low tolerance against traffic. Since it is hosted on working day, at night in the heart of the city. I took a train instead of driving on that day (FIRST TIME EVER TAKING MRT YEAY!!). Thanks to my friend Yuki for suggesting haha.. Because of that, I managed to arrived early. As I arrived, saw many booth. I have all the time to check them all out. Enjoyed two servings of Softsrve Mini, there is also Dolly Dim Sum booth, Juicee, Chir Chir Chicken among other booth. There is also a “Make Your Own T-Shirt Station” hosted by Pavilion Elite. I brought back a personalized t-shirt and found them very funky haha.


There are couple of brands showcasing their range during the fashion show. The highlight of the night for me is obviously the fashion show by Carlo Rino.


Those are the top three of my favourite designs. I am very into soft earth tone with a hint of pastel. Cant help but to noticed that Carlo Rino always come up eith chic design that are suitable to bring from work to casual outing on the weekend. It is very multifunctional in my opinion.  Right after the show ended, I head straight to Carlo Rino boutique located at the 4th floor Pavilion Elite. Lot No. 4.101.00.  It like walking into a candy shop haha..


Cant help  but to be drawn to this latest “Blazing Stars” Collection. Looking forward to have an OOTD with my new edgy bag. Yeay!! I think it will make such a nice addition to a simple outfit. Can pair it with black jeans, white shirt and ankled boot. There are so many look that can be created accompanied by stlylish bag.


If you want something that is timeless, you can always opt for this signature prints and classic collection monogram. I would wear this to wedding kenduri. Great thing about owning a timeless design, you get to also pass it on to your daughter or share it with your mum. Cant wait till both of my daughter grow up, maybe we could wear a matching handbag haha


This wristlet caught my attention because it is soo funky. Dont you think so? Cant be soo useful for flatlays haha


Also spotted this super cute mouse coins purse!! Look at those gold nose and the ears. I just cannot. I swear I can hear the fella begging to come home with me. Wait for me k? I’ll come back for you hahaha.

There are many Carlo Rino outlet nationwide. Dont forget to also give them a visit k? Currently, there are having promotion where you can get a chance to win a vacation and also a bag by sharing a picture on your social media account and hashtag #CarloRinoStar. Do check out their fb here for more details k?


Overall, I had fun at the event. Thanks Christy for inviting me. I also get to catch up with my blogger friend Miera and meet Kelly. Go home with a smile on my face. Thank you so much for reading this. I hope you enjoy this post. I am about to end this write up. As usual, take it easy and smile!


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