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Today, I would like to share with you about the best toothpaste money could ever buy (in my opinion). I actually bought this MARVIS TOOTHPASTE couple of weeks ago because my friend Yuki was telling me, how good it is and she convinced me that I wont go back to the usual toothpaste once I tried it out. Gosh she have never been so true. LOL.. Hence, this write up came up. After all, I like to write and share about products that I personally tried and believe in.

Got it from KENS Apothecary, was walking around that day after my lunch outing with Yuki so we drop by at the shop. It is just beside Sephora at One Utama, if you are wondering. Went in the shop, check out the range. It come in two size, the small once 25ml mostlikely for travel usage and the 75ml the full size version.

Yuki had the full version. I dont want to go all in and pay nearly 3 digits for a full size toothpaste that I wont know if I am going to like or not. They also have like a gift sets. 3 units of the 25ml tube for RM55 or the one I got which is 7 units for RM87. Yuki suggested for me to get 3 tubes but after doing a rough calculation, might as well I add another rm30 to get 7 units. I make more sense to me. Sales rep was actually helpful she let us check out the smell of the samples and since I have low will power to finer things in life. I took it. Told her to wrap it.

Anyway, I asked the sales rep what makes this toothpaste so special. I mean, let’s be real here. It is selling at a premium price, it have to be somehow special if now how would the price justify. To my suprise, she said good for your teeth. I am like as in how? LOL But it was a little bit to late to cancel buying it as the was in the mist of packing my toothpaste and I dont want to be rude.


Went home, tried the toothpaste. I cant remember when is the last time I was so excited over a toothpaste. I literally cant wait to go home to brush my teeth! LOL


Spamming you with some photos. Tought that it would be a good idea to take pictures of the fancy toothpaste LOL (so sakai, i know) the best thing about purchasing your own product and do a review about it instead of a sponsored review, you can be a SAKAI as you want. Nobody cares.



So, I tried all of the flavours. Ginger mint is my least favourite as it is a bit too strong for me. I like the cinnamon mint the most, taste like cinnamon what else right? After using all of the flavour, I would conclude that it is worth the buck. If you are into finer things in life then do consider this range. It is not as stink as many other mint toothpaste out there. The mint is somehow not as strong. The texture of the product is thick, but I dont think it matter much. What I personally like about it, this toothpaste seems to make me feel as if I have just got out from a teeth scaling appointment. It could be, because I take my sweet time to brush my teeth to really enjoy the process or maybe due to the ingridients. I dont know for sure. What I do know, I like how it makes my teeth felt super clean.  I actually look forward to brush my teeth every now n then just to switch flavours. LOL



If you are looking for a fancier option of toothpaste, and dont mind spending a lil bit extra for it, then go get Marvis. It is not a DIE DIE must have kind of products but it is also nice to have. Owh ya they also have jasmine mint, the first time I had flower flavoured toothpaste. Not something I am familiar with. Not too bad after all.

Alright, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoy this post. Thank you for spending your time to read my humble opinion. Till next blogpost, dont forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. A bit (frankly, it is ) expensive for a toothpaste but hey, if its good enough to use so it is worth it :)

    1. yesss.... you can try the small size first and see if you likes it or not before committing to the full size :)


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