Lots of fun at Nivea Care Run 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

My family and I collected another medal and running experience, this time we joined Nivea Care Run. I think I mentioned earlier about this run. You can check out the write up here. My husband and I have been trying our very best to lead a good example for our kids. By joining run and activities like such, we hope that both of them would be more receptive towards adopting a healthy lifestyle. Which is why we decided to bring both of our kids along.

A week before the actual event date, we went to survey the area to see if the pavement is stroller friendly. I tend to bring a baby carrier (for adik) and let Sofea run together with us if the the pavement is bumby. However, during our “recce” session we saw that the road is good. Hence we decided to pack the double stroller so Sofea and adik can just jump on it if they are tired.

We woke up at 5am on that lovely Sunday and start preparing our kids like a ninja. Hahaha.. We try to be as early as possible as we dont want to miss the flag off. When we thought everything is within control………………….. and then, this happened


Sofea vomitted just when we  are about to park our car. (SLAP HEAD) Had to clean her up, luckily I dress both of them in their swimwear shirt. The main reason is, if they sweat it will dry out faster. In this case, if one of them vomit, you can clean it up with wet wipes and spray some water and then taaaaa daa……… good to go! Fuhhhhh.. Sweating you know LOL Lucky both my husband and I wore NIVEA Protect & Care deodorant uses an alcohol-free formula that is tough on sweat, offering up to 48 hours of protection.


Adik Zandria, she is such a sweet heart. Always so generous with her toothless smile! Didnt even cry from the moment she woke up, didnt put up a fight when we want to get her ready. Unlike the dramatic big sis. Anyway, I think 10 months  old Zandria might have been the youngest participant of Nivea Care Run among around 2500 malaysian that were there on that day! 


We head straight to Media registration center to register.


Since this program is sponsored by Nivea Protect & Care, there are many spots to take picture for memory keeping sake. We even saw a giant deodorant haha.. But didnt get to snap picture there, as we decided to skip the que.


Our favourite part of the day goes to the balloons! Instantly bring up our mood. My daughter’s eyes sparkle when they saw sooo many balloons around the area. We que to get the balloons but there is one auntie simply cut my daughter’s que. That is totally not cool auntie. Haihh… small matter, but it would be great if she que-ed. I mean not like they are running out of balloons, there are plenty for everyone.




Bump into my beauty blogger friend, Fiona. You can click her name to check out her blog. Very happy to see her on that day. It is so happen that, many of my blogger friends were there as well, but didnt get to see them due to number of crowd. its’ okay can always catch up later. The run flag off at 7.30am by celebrity guest Siti Saleha, Ms Shirley Toh, Sales Director of Beiersdorf Malaysia; Mr Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager of Beiersdorf Malaysia & Singapore and Mr Cheong Wai Lun, Head of Marketing of Beiersdorf Malaysia.


It was a fun session, my husband might have gain some muscle growth around his hand for pushing the stroller for 5km hahaha.. Proud of Sofea for running around 3km in total, we do offer her stroller when ever she mention she want some rest. However, she tried her very best to join the run, even carry her lion soft toy and run together. Sorry to some who tried to communicate with Sofea, she might have been a bit reserved as we trained her not to talk to stranger. So, if I let her during the run it will send a mix signal which is why we tend to just smile. I mean everyone is running and not like I can explain there and then.. At 2km plus there is a water station which is nice, after that we enjoyed a nice scenery around the Putrajaya Lake before reaching to the end point.


We are very happy to support be part of a good cause. On that day a contribution of RM20,000 from the run was also donated to Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia (PENYAYANG), an established charity organisation that supports Malaysians in need. Kudos Nivea! Hopefully this effort will be a yearly ritual. Looking forward to join next year run!!



After the event ended, we went for cool off session at one of the public swimming pool around Putrajaya. It is indeed a fruitful day. Thank you so much for reading this up. See you on the blogpost, dont forget to take it easy and smile.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/mynivea to find out more about NIVEA products.


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