How I Feel About Death

White flower with green leaf and red cherries in bloom in Spring, San Sebastián

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

This year is going to end in less that two weeks. I spent sometime talking to my husband about one of the scariest topic recently. We talked about death. Over the years, I went to quite a number of funeral. Family members and friends called by God from time to time. This year, I have experience one of my blogger friend pass away at a young age. On top of that, another blogger friend turn into a single mother with four young children with a blink of an eye after her husband pass away at the work place.

It got me thinking. As much as I dont like to talk about it, no one can escape death. That is just how the universe works. We were born, then we blossom and then we die. Like a flower. Thinking about it really makes my priorities become clearer than ever.

Since I cant escape death, let’s make full use of the time given to me on this earth. I decided to put even more focus and time on people that matter to me most. Those who do not give up on me even with all my flaws. Those who makes me feel happy. My family, my husband, my kids and close friends.

I also think about what will happen if anyone of us pass away before our kids are adult enough to be independant. I am glad that my husband do take personal insurance for all of us. But will it be enough to sustain? What about the emotional support? Who will take care of our kids if we are not around? Will they love our kids like their own?

While both my husband and I sort things out, a plan for uncertainties, we also decided to make full use of our time. Will try to spend as much family time, try out best to lead a healthy lifestyle, give out more to people around us and preparing a comfortable safety net.

Most important of all, as a sinner we will try to be a better muslim each day. There are days that we fall into temptation, but hopefully there are more wins than lose battle. At the end of the day, the judgement day is the day that we should really prepare ourself for.

Sorry for not a happy go lucky kind of post. I just think that I want to capture this on my blog so I could reflect back from time to time as a self reminder.  


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