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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

My husband and I love trying out new flavours and recently we decided to try out WingStop located at The Curve. The restaurant is at ground floor,same row with Johny’s Rocket. Not hard to look for. Plus we tend to like going to The Curve since it is less than 10mins away from our home and we find it easier to find parking compare to other malls nearby.


The place have indoor and outdoor area. We seat indoor because we brought Zandria and baby tend to be more chillax in air conditioned area. We came during non peak hours to avoid crowd.


Took a picture of the house rules. Reminded me of KyoChon haha.. Glad to know that they are made fresh.



This is WingStop Menu. Can’t help but to noticed it claimed to be one fothe pioneers of fast casual dining in America. Okay.. save us a trip to USA LOL Thanks for bringin the brand in. To be completely honest, we took time to read the menu as this is our first time trying out.

Basically, you pick what type of chicken it can be wings, drumstick, boneless wings or tender (chicken breast). then pick the barter as in you the classis or the hand-breaded. Then pick the flavours. You can turn them into a combo or go for burger or a rice box.

I think the price range is reasonable. They also have sharing menu for bigger number of pax. I start thinking about ordering them next round for family meet up hehe..


Once figured out what to order, just fill up the order form. Zandria soo kecoh want to see what her father wrote hehe..


We decided to took 2 units of Combo and 2 pcs of Drumstick. You can pick 2 flabours for each combo. The first combo we took 6 pcs of Classic Wings in Classic Buffalo and Lemon Pepper. For the side we took Coleslow, bottled water and honey mustard dips. The second combo we took hand-breaded wings also 6 pcs. This round in Garlic Parmesan and Atomic. The side we took Signature Fries. Later, we upgrade it to Voodo Fries because we saw they have like a promotionand the Voodo Fries look so yummy and have a generous portion of cheese on top. For the dip we took Ranch.

As for the 2 units of drumstick we had in Plain (no sauce) and also Hickory Smoked BBQ. Purposely took the plain one for Zandria just incase the rest of the flavour too rich for the baby pallete.


It came within 15minutes, reasonable waiting time if you asked me. Zandria really enjoy the chicken very much. The outer part is very crunchy and not as oily as I imagined. Sedap!! As for the BBQ drumstick you can actually see that it is totally bath in the souce.


Classic Buffalo and Lemon Pepper drumstick nyum nyum!!! The classic buffalo wings reminded me of TGIF wings hehe.. If you are the person that like sourish taste then you might like buffalo wings. The Lemon Pepper is quite mind in taste but also enjoyable. Actually you dont really need a dipping as the flavour is already sufficient by itself. Nothing much to brag about the coleslaw. Okay lahhh… I just hadto order it in attempt to balance out my meal hehe.. also because Zandria love veggies. Other places I have been tend to give two side dishes with lesser number of chicken. This combo gave me 6 pcs of wings and one side and one dipping and a drink for RM18.50. Actually very reasonable because you get to share.


This is the Garlic Parmesan Hand-Breaded Wings and also Atomic Flavours. OMG!!! This plate is the reason I could becoming back more and more. My husband and I really enjoy the  Garlic Parmesan flavour. I totally recommend for you to try it out. Not many places offer this flavour around my area and didnt regret ordering at all. Next time I want to order more of this. The parmesan makes the chicken wings look like it is coated in snow hehe..

Atomic flavour is really Atomic. Like if you cant take spicy food then better skip. They are not playing when they say Atomic hahaha.. Super pedas weyh.. you will be reaching out for water during and after eating it hahaha..

The Voodo Fries is okay, lots of cheese as you can see and it is precoated with herbs. It turned soggy after awhile maybe becasue the cheese is like a flood. Not the best but also not the worst.

Overall, my family enjoyed the burst of flavours. The price is reasonable, the waiting time is also acceptable, they have baby chairs, and the food exceed our expectation. Will come back again for sure, just to try out other flavours hehe..

Alright, we are at the end of this post. I hope you enjoy reading it. Dont forget to take it easy and smile!

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  1. sedap2 nmpknye menu tu....skarang mcm2 restorant ayam ni

    1. paling sedap yang parmesan garlic tuuuu nanti try lahh :)

  2. kedai ni halal kew?


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