Zandria’s First Year!


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

In next 14 days it would be Zandria’s first birthday! Decided to write a post to reflect a yearwe had ever since Zandria come into our life. Because you knowlike isshort. Today I am breathing, tomorrow I dont know. Might as well capture the memories we had and document it. It would be nice for Zandria to read it once she grew up and also for us to reflect the time we had together.

Wrote about my pengalaman bersalin before you can check it out here. She was born at Tropicana Hospital the same hospital Sofea was born at. I still remember going into labour room, how nervous it felt and how happy we are as family when we get to finally meet her!


Hi Zandria!! Such a sweet baby. Seriously, she did not gave us as much panda eyes moment compared to her elder sis. Didnt cry out that much, all she did was just baby talk, poop and smile. The first two weeks of her life was spent at Kimporo Postnatal Center. Our whole family stayed there for two weeks and it was the best decision we made. I got to rest and recover, Zandria had the best pampering moment and Sofea even make friend with the nurses. Ofcoz, I wrote about it tooo.. haha.. you can check it out here if you are interested.


Sofea is very happy to be a big sister. Keep stealing kisses when ever she got the chance. To be frank, we are quite worried at first. We are scared that she might felt left out or even jelous of her lil sister. Turn out she is fine and very loving. This picture is taken during our trip to hospital for Zandria’s check up. Such a brave little girl didnt cry out even when she got her vacination jab.


Bringing up two little girl is such a blessing. Chatty Sofea always tried her best to cheer up her lil sister. My husband and I already mentally prepared for constant crying and what not. The first year raising up Sofea is HARD. She is a very expressive baby and need constant attention. Zandria on the other hard is self-calmed she never once vomit in the car seat even up till now. In fact, she hardly vomit at all. 


Cutting tiny nails from tiny fingers is quite terrifying haha.. but I still really miss those cute little fingers of a newborn!! Never posted this picture online before because it was taken during the first 40 days of her life. I think that it is a good idea to post it here. So, that if anything happen to my phone it will be here save and sound.


That is the first matching outfit we got for both of our daughters. Sofea been carrying her doll (she name her as baby Kelly) and carrying her around most likely mimicking me and her lil sister haha..

Right after my 40days confinement we decided to go for a family staycation at Port Dickson. At that time I only have 60 days maternity leave. we wanted to make the best out of the time we had. This family vacation is just to chillax before I go to work. Glad that our goverment enforced 90days maternity leave even for private sectors. I really think that it is a good move, I mean atleast mum get to enjoy longer bonding moment with newborn and that baby will be even stronger before parting with mum for around 8 hours a day.


We also went for a buffet dinner just to celebrate “no more confinement”. Actually it is not nessecary at all becasue I had the best confinement meal ever at Kimporo hahaha.. Just like to find reason to spend time with family and indulge. Life is short, might as well live it to the fullest. For a two months old baby, Zandria behaved so well during the dinner. She look like a sushi rolled up in the swadle hahaa..


Unlike her sister, Zandria hair is… quite funny! I mean look at that? Uneven and stuff. What’s with that? hahahaha.. Sofea is blessed with full forced “RAMBUTAN” hair, while Zandria hair is super delicate and grow in patches hahahaha..  Its okay Zandria, we all have bad hair days sometime!


Maybe a headband is not a bad idea huh? hahaha to cover up the uneven baldness.


Or maybe a cute sweater with tiny ears? hahaha.. This year we went to quite a number of family staycation. This picture were taken at Fraser Hill when Zandria was just 6 months. Love her cheeky smile. My family and I are not the type who have unlimited supply of fund (yet). Just to make it clear. We dont go for staycation or trip becasue we are super rich, we make sacrifices, we work hard and we decided to priorities spending quality time over many other things in life.

If money is not as issue, I can easily say that my whole family would have been spending most of our time on the road. Trying out new food, learning cultures of the world or maybe pick up new language together. That would the best dreamlife ever come true!!


Being a baby there are many first in your first year of life. That include going to wedding. This year we brought her to two wedding and it is actually a nice experience. I do understand that newborn have the tendencyto be exposed to germs around big crowd. So happen that both wedding invite that we got is when Zandria is more than 6 months. Like the picture we took here. This is the wedding of my husband’s uni friend and Zandria was 6months old at the time.


We also went for a trip to my dad’s hometown to celebrate raya. This picture is taken when she was 7 months old the night before raya.


Since baby growth is rapid, even a month you can see lots of changes. The bone is getting stronger, getting more and more huggable. As much as I wanted to give undivided attention to Zandria, I also tried my best not to let Sofea felt left out. Very hard to juggle, I dont know how other mums do it. There are times when I felt guilty and defeated then again I keep reminding myself that its okay. As long as I tried my best and to continue learn from my mistakes.


Meet my Granma. We call her Tok Yang. I am so happy to Zandria and Sofea to be able to meet their great great granma. I never got the chance. However, still grateful that I get to spend time with my Tok. She is such a loving soul. I have a feeling Sofea’s nonstop chattering comes from her hahahahaa.. My bro and I used to tease and said my granma is a rapper. Because once she talk, most likely it wont stop LOL


One of the highlight of Zandria’s first year is also attending Sofea’s first ever birthday bash at school.


Also caught sofea trying out my milk pumping machine LOL in the same year.


Drink with a peaceful mind, adik. That is totally not Sofea’s milk LOLLLLLLLL


Also brought both of the girls to Sarawak in April. Hired a photographer to take our family picture as memory keeping. During the flight, my husband and I was quite nervous as we go via budget airline. I mean limited leg room, lots of people in a confined space – recipe for a crancky baby. Glad to be proved wrong all over again by Zandria. She is soo calm and chillax during the whole trip and make our travel a breeze. Cant say the same about the sis, before going into the flight drama, on air drama, and she only slept when we landed. OMG WHY???


My sweet sweet baby!


Hahaha.. This is one my favourite picture. Super tiny ustazah hahaha.. Her whole face is smaller that Johan’s hand LOL


Her signature gedik smile. She tend to have some wrinkle on her nose when she smiled. hahaha


She makes the cutest “blur” face LOL


I will always love her toothless smile. Now that she starting to have teeth she likes to bite the sister everytime she got the chance hahaha


Another habit of hers is to put her leg up on the dining table. Where is your table manners? LOL We lost count the number of times we had to put her leg back down. Then after not even a minute it goes up again. Why so gangster?


Above all, we are all very blessed to be able to have her in our life. She have been such a wonderful daughter and a great sis even at a very young age. Never in my wildest dream, that I have ever thought I will be a mum of two daugthers. Now that I am, I can’t imagine life without them. I am so humble to be trusted with such precious live experience and will try my best not to take it for granted. Zandria, I want you to know that I love you and your sister till the moon no longer shine, and longer if I could.

Also did a video compilation of some milestones that my husband and I managed to capture. Can’t wait to play it on her wedding day hahahahahahaha (think so far one, this mum LOL) 


  1. kejap dh setahun ye mcm baby2 lg kn

    **cite ferdinand tu bdk2 kartun mmg suka la..cute juga citenya..yg pitch perfect 3 tu byk nyanyi2...mmg tgk movie ngan ankdara sesuai la..tu psl ayahnye tk ikut kot boring hehe

    1. betul memang rasa kejap sangat :)

      nak tengok lah ferdinand nanti ada rezeki nak bawa bebudak ni <3


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