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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Do you have open pores and dark spots on your skin? If you have combination or oily skin like me then I feel you. Not only we are prone to have acne, open pores is another concern, What a match huh? There are two biggest factor for open pores which is our age and our genetics. As we get older our skin elasticity reduced. For oily skin type, the extra sebum causes build-up and stretches the walls of the pore canal (pore opening). At the end, this constant stretching resulting to large pores. I dont want to let it excalate even further. Despite of my skincare routine, I decided to also seek a profesional and to aid my skin from deep within.

It is not a secret that I have tried many laser treatment before. Taking care of skin is not a one time thing. You can’t your face once then expect it to be clean for a year right? It is a ritual that invlove nurturing. It needs constant care.

signature clinic


This time around I went for Picosure Treatment at Signature Clinic.  Signature Clinic is located at Damansara City and not not very far from my home which is great. I felt very welcome as I step into the clinic. I like the clean, stylish and cozy look of Signature Clinic Entrance. I went alone on that day. Anyhow, even if I bring my husband in the future I think he would find it comfortable to hang out at the lounge while waiting for me to finish the treatment. They have magazine and free usage of wifi if you bring a person to accompany you.


Right after I seat down, I was greeted by Grace the Marketing Manager for Signature Clinic. She pass me this form where I have to put in my details.


Then I meet Dr Chee. My first impression was, wahhh this doctor is very pretty! Did some googling and found out that Dr Chee Jing Xian started her career in 2010 as Medical Officer in Hospital Segamat and Hospital Selayang in the department of Paediatrics before venturing into Aesthetics. Reminded me of my highschool bestie who also work in Paediatrics. Both of them have good communication skills and gentle. I instantly felt a connection and very comfortable sharing with her my skin concern.

After telling her my concern, she suggested for me to try out Picosure Laser. Compared to other laser, lesser visit and treatment time needed to achieve the same result. Which mean Picosure Laser is more effective and faster. Picosure Laser able to help many types of skin concern like freckles, acne scars, pigmentation, tattoo removal, reduce  dark spots and also to tighten large pores. Do check out their insta and fb page so you dont miss out any ongoing promotion. I’ll share  the link at the end of the post.


This is the treatment room. The machine on the right is the Picosure machine while the one of the left is the coolsculpting machine. Haiihhh.. I always wanted to try out the coolscuplting but I cant show you the result since “aurat” haha… So, its okay lah.. Maybe I’ll just excersice and run around chasing my kids in order to obtain a slim figure hahaha..

Hey, let’s stay on the topic. We are talking about Picosure Laser here. One of the best thing about Picosure is that there is no downtime and minimal pain. I will be lying if I told you no pain involved. However, to me it is totally barerable.


Here we go. Lay down on the bed and ready for the treatment.


I was given a blanket to keep me warm and a headband to make sure my hair does not get in the way. Then the beautician cleanse my face.


After that a topical numbing cream is applied. Then, I was left to relax in the room for 30mins. This to allow for the numbing cream to block the nerve endings to prevent it from sending pain signals to the brain.


Dr Chee Jing Xian then perform the procedure. Started from my jaw line then she move upwards to my whole cheek. Then moving on to my forehead. Noticed she took exta time at my chin maybe because I have old pimple scars there. Owh ya, do let your doctor knows if you have any piercing on your nose. This allow doctor to avoid the areas.


Ngam – ngam after my treatment is done, my camera battery fun out hahahaha… It’s okay I still have my phone to capture. However, sorry for the lack of quality. I tried my best to capture k?  It’s okay lah.. Just want to show you that there are redness right after the procedure. Can you see there on my cheeks? To sooth my skin after the treament, Hyration gel mask was applied.


Then the sheet mask, my skin does not felt so burned out after the mask. Slight redness yes. However it totally disappear within a day. I can get back to my normal routine. Doctor advised me to put on hydration mask as frequent as home, also to avoid vitamin C products or serum while my skin in healing.I forgot to ask why need to avoid Vitamin C. Maybe I ask her during my next visit. No other extra care needed after Picosure Laser Treatment. Doctor also advised me to put on sunscreen not a big deal as I do use sunscreen as part as usual skincare routine.


Before picture, you can see a dark spot on my nose and my gigantic pores on my cheeks.


Picture taken 2 weeks after the treatment. No filter no make up. My bare face. I noticed my pores shrink in size. Yeay!!! Also the dark spot on my nose is gone! Normally without laser, I can still aid the healing of my skin using skincare but it takes much longer time. Happy to see such a different with just one treatment using Picosure Laser at Signature Clinic.

Impressed by the technologies we currently get to experience. I would say I am satisfied with the result, the treatment and the service at Signature Clinic. Alright, we are at the end of this post. I hope you find it helpful if you are currently looking for solution to your skin concern. As promised earlier, below are the details of Signature Clinic. Till next time. Don’t forget to take it easy and smile.

Signature Clinic
Lot L2-19, DC Mall,
No.6 Jalan Damanlela,
Damansara City,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603 2011 1833 / +6018 324 5295
Email: contact@signatureclinic.com
Facebook: fb.com/SignatureClinic
Instagram: instagram.com/signatureclinic


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