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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I took new year seriously. I tend to prepare myself before it comes. Completed my goal setting in November, bought my planner. I also like to mentally and physically prepare. Final quarter of the year would be focusing on self maintenance and preparation to go into a brand new year. Earlier, I have done my haircut and changed the colour of my hair. Went for a good total body massage. Go to the dentist to do scaling and to polish my teeth. The cherry on top would be a good relaxing facial. Owh boy…. and I really love the facial so very much.

It is not a secret that Jurlique is one of my favourite brand when it comes to natural wonder. Since I need to do my facial decided to try out the NEW Harmonizing Facial Treatment (RM380) and I also did the Firming Eye Treatment (RM140). It was amazing!!


The best part is they are currently having promo 50% off for the NEW Harmonizing Facial Treatment, Instead of RM380 you get to enjoy a blissful facial session at only RM190. Such a steal since they are using premium botanical skincare by Jurlique ofcause.  


Jurlique have two butique both near to my home. I went to The Curve outlet before and this round I decided to opt to try out at the new outlet in The Starling Mall. As I come in, I was served with a tea and have to fill up a form.


In this form, you need to fill up your particular and they also asked about your massage preferances so they could give you the best treatment. You get to choose the intensity of the massage and which area you want them to focus on. I decided to opt for relaxing massage focusing on my shoulder.


This is how the treatment looks like.


There is also a shower room if you want to have a shower right after your session.


Can’t help but to notice Jurlique burner at the corner of the vanity table. Have exactly the same burner at home and I love it very much. The burner helps to sets such a relaxing mood. Owh ya, Jurlique do carry essential oils incase you are wondering. My ultimate favourite is the Comforting Blend Essential Oil by Jurlique. It creates a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to the combination of Ylang Ylang, Orange and Patchouli.


Must not forget to take one “perasan selfie” in the treatment room for memory keeping.


There is a compartment where you can store your handbag and a basket provided to put your brooch of watch. I was asked to change into a comfy tube dress before proceeding with the treatment. Cant take a selfie of it because it is sexy and not syariah complience hahaha..


Those are some the Jurlique’s product that are used for this treatment.


This is my view the whole time I was enjoying the treatment. I personally love the serene music background as we all know music can have a profound effect on both the emotions and the body. Since Jurlique play a slow tempo it quiet my mind and relax my  muscles, making me feel soothed while releasing the stress away from my body. I also practise mindful breathing during the session just to get optimum relaxing experience.

Jurlique Facial Treatment | Review |

Lay down and ready to be pampered. I was taken care by an Angel. I am not even kidding. I know I am in the good hand when the beautician introduce herself and told me her name is Angel. Such a sweet name hehe..

She asked me to close my eyes and relax. As I closed my eyes, I smell a very calming Lavender scent right in front of nose. Peek a little and saw she put both of her hands around couple of centimeter above my nose. As I soaked in the goodness of lavender essential oils. Do you know that Aromatherapists use lavender in inhalation therapy to treat headaches, nervous disorders, and exhaustion?

Jurlique Facial Treatment | Review |

After that she double cleanse my face to took away all the make up before we can start with the next step. She put on a exfoliating mask on me and it works to suck out all the impurities in my pores before she scrub them off gently. 

Jurlique Facial Treatment | Review |

After that she use this steam machine to steam my whole face. Since I have clogged pores it is a good treatment because steaming helps in dilating the pores and it is the best way to cleanse your face. During face steaming, blood vessels in the skin dilate so more blood can flow to the skin to let off heat. In addition to letting off heat, blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to tissue.

Jurlique Facial Treatment | Review |

The steaming also prepare my skin for the next step which is extraction. My pores are ready and steaming makes it easier for extractions, and removing blackheads and dirt. Like I have expected, extraction is not very relaxing hahahaha.. expecially when you have tons of blackhead and white head. Angel helps to extract all the nasties from my face, since I am used to extraction is it bareable. Most important is my skin is going to be squeaky clean after the extraction.

Jurlique Facial Treatment | Review |

Next, Angel applied Jurlique's Herbal Recovery Serum on my face. I love this product and I have been using them at home as one of my anti-aging routine. The serum helps to reduce fine lines, hydrate your skin from within, give radiance and improve elasticity. You can try use the serum daily for a week and I bet you can see your skin texture improve! If I am not mistaken the serum itself cost around RM296 for 100ml and if you opt for this treatment you will get to try out the wonder of the serum during the session. That’s why I told you it is very worthy to go fo this facial.

After the serum is applied on my skin, she used ultrasound machine to massage the serum deep into my skin. The sound waves break the serum into nanoparticles to help it penetrate deeper into the skin. I feel a warm sensation when she massage my face with the using the ultrasound machine.

Next is my favourite step. The face and shoulder massage! She used Skin Balancing Face Oil and she knows exactly where to press to give the best relaxing experience. The gentle strokes and the heavenly experience almost drift me to dream land. But I try not to fall asleep since I want to really experience the whole treatment being awake.

Jurlique Facial Treatment | Review |

Jurlique Facial Treatment | Review |

Then Angel put on this net on my face to prepare me for the eye mask and my final hydrating mask treatment. She put on a warm clay mask around my eye area and it helps to firm up and also beneficial for dark circles under the eyes. I was then left to rest while my skin absorb all the beauty benefits of both mask.

Jurlique Facial Treatment Price RM

And we are all done! I absolutely love every minutes of the NEW Harmonizing Facial Treatment would most likely coming back for more. It is such a great treatment to go for and to give as present for your friend and even yourself. I had a chat with Angel after the treatment and decide to check out the rest of their offering. As you can see the facial treatment start at RM300 and this  50% promo is really worthy expecially if you want to try out first before commiting.

I have no complain what so ever. I felt well taken care off and ready to go into the new year with a healthy skin! Thank you so much for spending your time to read my humble opinion. I hope you find it beneficial somehow. Till next time, don’t forget to take it easy!


  1. dpt wat treament gini mmg syok...dpt relax bila tutup mata tu...tp kita facial jrg buat sbb riso certain product yg digunakan takut tk sesuai ngan skin..slalunya pi massage je la ..ni pn lama tk pi...nk ilangkan stress hehe

    1. memang best... relax and hilangkan stress :) tu la illy pun paham takut product tak sesuai kan? tapi kalau dgn jurlique illy memang tak risau sebab dia pakai barang semua natural. nanti bolehlah gi sambil facial tu dia ada session massage sekali. Hope you will love your treatment!


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