Handling stress n negative energy :)

I must admit, how I sometime wish my life would be stress free n happy 24/7. But that wont be possible :)

Hidup mesti ade dugaan tul tak? Baru la adventure :) no matter how hard we tried to be positve n look at the brig side, somethime shit do happen.. N bile happened, as a human yang ade hati n perasaan ofcoz la wujub some amount of stress n also dalam mase yang same we will release negative energy.. This is not so good. We have to have to find the shortest possible way untuk bounce back, n try not let let the negative energy pengaruhi diri kita :)

So normally kalau ily bengang ke sakit hati ke or geram, I will normally share with my friends.. I am so grateful that I have bunch of lovely n nice n penyabar kind of friends... Who willing to listen to my whining :p hugs to them! Thank you for lending you ears :) Sikit sebanyak, when we share problem kite dgn kawan, we can get some unbiased view about the situation.. So if kite salah then we will improve n so on :)

Then, bile bengang or nak lupekan masalah dunia, ily suke main game.. Ntah kenapa, when bengang n main game so asyik and syiok.. Like could lupekan all your problem :)

Then ily punsuke mkan icecream n choki2 for me bile mkan icecream or choki2 i psychologically felt happier :) maybe because it was simply yummy :p

Then if tooo serabut or stressed by shoulder mesti sakit..i thinkit might be the physical effect maybe your muscle will strain n all... So bile camni jerk.. Nak gi spa every now n then of coz tak mampu.... Ape yg mampu? Pg kedai salon bayar rm20 dapat cuci rambut pluss siap dapat head n shoulder massage :) best! Normally kalau lepas my salon a.k.a my cheap spa, mesti rase best je :) like a nice therapy for my self....

If tak boleh handle sgt, i prefer to swim :) nasib kat umah ade pool. Dulu ily penah sakit kepala sgt overload with stresss,,, yer la nak citer kat kawan pun... Not like semua benda bole citer kan? Something things are too personal u decide to keep it to youself...

Ily still ingat lagi, time tu ily balik kerja.. Park kete, then cabut earing, letak handbag... Then TERJUN terus dlm swimming pool with my working clothes still attached to my body.. After that I felt so so so relieved :) like nothing have gone wrong in the first place :). Tp yang majal tu, nak kuar swimming pool tu la :) segan je... Hahaha.. Whatda hell? So what? I do what I want, when I want how I want it :) as long as I am happy :) Next time cube korang try, best :) 

P/s: what about u guys? How all of you handle or lessen your stress? Share ah :)


  1. Wah!! Bestnya ada pool.. Well, for me.. I always share with my trusted friends. But sometimes I like to go to shopping complexes just wandering around...

    1. bukan i punya sorang.. share ramai2 dok condo takde tanah nak bertanam tapi dapat la swimming pool pro n con :)

      window shopping pun seronok juga, dapat pikir mende lain instead of focusing on the probs kan :) bole release skit :)

  2. saya kalau stress saya akan peluk n cium kucing saya.. pasti akan rasa lebih tenang lepas tu.. kalau tak boleh juga, saya akan keluar rumah, tengok kehijauan bumi.. kalau masih tak boleh juga, saya akan terus tidur. hahaha

    1. betul binatang kesayang yg comel pun dapat relase kan stress :) yg tido tu banyak kali juga try :P ahhaha yg yes luan mata memandang akan rasa more relax :)

  3. nowadays, more working mummy, so we'll feel more stress bcos too much criteria to take in charge

  4. normally i like to read positive article to bring positive energy to me

  5. oh ya, watch comedy, singing & exercise will help too ^^


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