Winner Ladder– (Review & Buying Experience)

Dear all,
Today I am going to share with you something that is very handy… like ladder. I mean ladder and many other house tools have always been under rated by me. I will only notice the importance when ever I really need one. However, if you ask me, ladder is very2 crucial for a horizontal challenged like myself.

I mean, ladder could make lots of our chores way easier and safe. For example, lets say we want to clean our air-cond filter, or change a curtains, or change a bulb or even trying to clean up high area like on top of a fridge. So having a ladder at home is very2 convenient.

The only things that have been delaying me from buying a ladder is that, it is so HUGE. How do i fit in into my car? It would be so troublesome just to bring it home right? Well, that is not on my worry list anymore since I got my ladder online and it was delivered straight to door step! Yes, you are right ladies, you can buy many stuff online.. including hardware items such as ladder.

Okay, stop with the mumbling let me share with you on how you can buy ladder online too! First you go to this website and then you will see the layout as per below :

Then check the pink rectangle there (which I have highlighted) and click sign in.


Once clicked, it will bring you to this page. So the left side is for new customer and the right side is for returning customer. Click on which category you are and fill up the data.


Lets say, you are a new customer… Fill up your details here before you can proceed.


Next, you may browse to check out what they have in store. As for me I already know what I am going for and I decided to go with Aluminium Double-Sided TanglePruf Ladder. there are few sizes that you can pick. If you still unsure, scroll down on the same page and you may get more info regards to the products. It also include high resolution picture so you have better visibility before you decided to purchase it.


Please refer as per below on what makes this particular ladder special (as per claimed by company) compared to all the others in current market.

1.       TanglePruf™ HingeAll locally made stepladders locate the ladder hinge on the outside of the ladder body, making it very prone to damage through entanglement with other objects. It is a very common failure on a lot of stepladders. A ladder with a damaged hinge is dangerous to use for obvious reasons. We redesigned ours to locate it on the inside, making it almost impossible to be damaged accidentally. This feature is only found on a handful of imported ladders.

2.       Heavy-duty steps
Another common failure is the deformation of the ladder steps, usually the longer ones at the bottom. Regular ladder steps are the in ‘n’ shaped configuration. We improved ours to a box configuration which makes our steps highly resistant to deformation, it is much, much stronger than the regular steps. This step is also what we use on our heavy duty fiberglass stepladders which are widely use in industrial applications.The first two steps from the top are the regular step, and the rest are the closed-channel steps.

3.       Tool tray
We incorporated a tool tray into the top ‘step’ of our double-sided ladders for additional utility, and to discourage the extremely dangerous practice of standing on the top of the ladder. This feature is not found in almost all locally made ladders.All of these value-added features unique to us are provided to consumers without any additional cost, our double-sided ladders are selling at regular market rate. Which is super great value for consumers. Heavy duty stepladders are selling at about twice the price but these are often heavier due to thicker profiles and are not commonly used even among the light trade industry due to price and weight.


Next, the confirm your purchase and proceed with the payment. I like that the layout since it is simple and very clean it makes it easier on my eyes to focus on important info. 


Once you have made the payment, it will lead you to this page. Simple right? You can always login to check on the status as well as the other data such as invoice and or you may also re-view your order. All you need to do just login and you can easily trace your transactions. 


I also like to share this very good guide that I found the website. Maybe you can lean up few tips on what you should and should not do while you are on a ladder. I mean a broken arm or legs is not very favourable right? So this are some tips that might be handy.


and yes… My ladder arrived within 2 days! Hassle free mannnnn… no need to find ways on how to transport it via my car.. All I need to do just, click click and the ladder arrived on my door step! If you follow my fb page you will know that I am happy to received this ladder as it is the biggest parcel that I had ever received so far!


If you are interested below are the contact details as well as the website link and not just that, there is also a discount code where you could enjoy 10% off


62 & 64, Jalan SC 3, Pusat Perindustrian Sg. Chua 43000 Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

GPS Coordinates

N02° 58.976’ E101° 46.445’
+2.982933, +101.773388

+603-8734 6133 / 9733
+6012-2778800 (Eddie Lau)
+6017-3822369 (Eugene Lau)

+603-8737 9233

* This product is courtesy by Wenner Manufacturing and Manoah.


  1. Assalamualaikum. not so bad price ladder ni. hehehe. insyallah kalau betul2 nak beli ni, sheila beli via this website link. thanks sharing dear. btw i love read your english blog :)

    1. itu la.. harga berpatutan n the best part anta sampai rumah :) thanks for dropping by babe!

  2. Alaaa.... baru nak tengok u panjat tangga nie.... hehehehe....tengok bubble wrap je la....


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