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Olla everyone, thanks for dropping by at my blog. Well, today I would like to introduce you to Mary Quant. Have you heard of Mary Quant before? Allow me to share with you about Mary Quant. Mary Quant is a fashion creator who is famous for inventing the miniskirt. Her think-outside-the-box approach and outrageous fashion sense and designs caused a revolution, not only in her own country, the United Kingdom, but also worldwide. Mary Quant is born on 1934. Guess how old is she now?


Great thanks to Manoah for giving me the opportunity to attend the workshop and allowing me to learn more about Mary Quant product. It is a nice experience playing with all the make up. Not just that, it is nice to learn some tips from Ms. Takaki during the demonstration session. Do you know that Ms. Takaki flew all the way from Japan to teach us today? 


Here is the picture of the model once the transformation is completed. Very natural looking and sweet. Suitable for day make up and you may use this look for a nice shopping trip with you girl friends or you can even try this look for if you are going to office or class.






Interesting and vibrant colour range they got there. I personally like the “Outliner” which come in 19 colours and it is actually contain a little bit of glitter in it. This pencil is versatile as you may use it as lip liner or an eyeliner. Sweet huh?

Next, product that caught my attention is the “Oil Zap”, it is actually a make up base. What makes it stand out is that I like the texture as it is not creamy. It is like a mixture of gel n cream kind of texture. I like the finish result once I try it on my skin. It gave those matte and it looks as if you are wearing powder on top. My hand skin felt satin smooth (ya.. I tried most of the product on my hand) and I like the texture. It is also nice to know that it contained sebum control ingredients as it will help control oil secretion and make your make up last longer.

What do you think? Have you try out Mary Quant before? You may come and check out at Muse by Watson which is located at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. If you are curious and want to learn more about this product, you may check out their website at



*Thanks to Manoah for the kind invite to Mary Quant workshop.


  1. :O The makeup looks pretty good, what is the price range? hehe

    1. oh man... i cant really recall but I do remember that the blusher is currently retailing at rm79.90 :) maybe you can check out the website or drop by at Muse to find out more! <3

  2. Replies
    1. itu la.. tertarik sgt.. sebab banyak colour choices :)

  3. kak illy, i tag you!!!

    bila tukar background blog? it has been a very long time tak singgah blog kak illy.
    I like the background. looks like a very sophisticated woman.

    1. thanks babe :)

      da lame la tukar hehehe... thanks tau singgah sini.. i da siap da the post in my draft tinggal nak publish jer :) stay tune!

      n thanks for liking the background. I like it tooo :) sabrina yg tolong design <3

  4. so many are good with make up

    1. thanks for dropping by at my blog small kucing :)

      you are right so many colours!! I am still learning not that good yet :)

  5. I'll go to the outlet hv a look hehehehe


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