If you notice my insta and my fb page, I bet you know that I am very happy with the SCHOLL shoes that I got. Weee! Before I go further more on that, I would also like to share with you about the different types of Shoe in SCHOLL. Well, have you ever experience under heel pain, back of heel and even knee pain? Obviously many of you know that one of the reasons is due to the shoe we wear right? Well it is one of the major factors. I do experience this many times in my life. Sometime I just try to bear with pain as I believe it is one of the cost you need to pay to look pretty. No sweat ladies, SCHOLL have the solutions for these pains. Scholl has been looking after feet for over 100 years, ever since the company's founder, Dr William Mathias Scholl, made it his life-long mission to improve the health, comfort and well-being of people through their feet! To be specific, SCHOLL have been experts in foot health and comfort since 1904.
Check out the foot wear technologies by SCHOLL, as per below :

It conforms to the natural contours of your feet for optimum comfort. Supporting the arch & heel, it absorbs the shock generated by every step and provides different levels of pressure and support to each part of the foot.

Providing maximum comfort when you are walking or standing, it reduces fatigue and revives tired legs with the impact absorbing gel that cushions and protects.

Offering optimum comfort for flat feet, weak or fallen longitudinal arches, it also provides relief from foot strain, tired arching feet. Its soft footbed cushions your feet.

It exercises and tones your toe muscles and provides grip while walking. It helps to lift weakened metatarsal arches to protect and relieve tenderness at the ball of the foot.

It has a unique footbed that adapts the contours of the foot and springs back into shape to offer the same level of support for the next wearing. It relieves aching feet.

It massages the soles of your feet and smoothes away tension in your feet. It helps improve blood circulation.
It is clinically designed to reduce heel, ankle and lower back pain. It has a tri-planar motion control system control and helps to realign the posture of your feet and body and to prevent excess pronation that takes place. It helps provide natural pain relief from common foot ailment.

Its specially engineered curved sole constantly exercises your muscles and tones up your legs, whether you’re walking or standing around. It naturally promotes better posture and improves blood circulation, while its double-density suspension pyramids absorb and reduce the stress going through your feet, for total wellbeing.
I am quite impressed with their technologies. So detail right? They go to great extend to ensure their customer had the best foot wear for the specific needs. Shopping for shoe will never be the same again for me. I use to only consider design and how nice the heels are but after all this, I will be more thorough before picking my next shoe.
Well, did I mention that Scholl came out with Autumn Winter 2013 Collections? Check out below. Maybe some of the shoes might tickle your fancy :P

So which one is your favourite? Mine would be the Edeline Range that will be available in December. I found that the black n red peep toe wedges quite cool. It have those funky yet stylish touch. The best part is knowing that it come from SCHOLL, it will definitely be comfortable <3
Thanks for still staying with me. let me give you an eye candy with pictures of shoes at SCHOLL outlet that I visited few weeks back.
As promised, below are the pairs that I got. During my visit to SCHOLL outlet, I went all crazy trying out their shoe range. Below are some of the shoes that caught my attention :P

Well, I cant really decide between these two and decided … Oh.. why not just take both since it I cant really remember when is the last time I got comfy foot wear.Since this is Raya is season and I am hoping that these two shoes will make my Raya experience way better since I may go to relative house and friends all out knowing that my feet is well taken care off <3
Well the reason why I go for the Casual Strap (white) and then the peep toe wedges of shoe (black) is that first I like the simplicity of the design. Actually I was quite surprise last time most of the comfortable shoe will obviously have an “auntie” kind of design well quite surprise that SCHOLL have quite a great range of design for comfortable Shoe. Wee! Enjoy more close up of the shoes I picked. (Nicer picture I bring it up to Genting with me and the outdoor lighting is sooo good)

** Thanks to The butterfly Projects & SCHOLL for the opportunity to be a part of this review campaign. Please take note that the shoes is sponsored, however it does not affect my judgement as I am assigned to review it honestly and to put myself in customer point of view. **


  1. yes, never say "no" to Scholl.
    my mummy is super fans of this brands!
    now is time to walk in myself to look for comfortable high heels!

    1. yup2 SCHOLL very comfortable :) glad that your mum like it too!

  2. Scholl is very good quality shoes

  3. comfortable too compare to a lot of others brand


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