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I hope you still remember my last post of my experience at Optical Malaya last few weeks. So today as promised, I am going to share with you which sunglass that I bring home with me. Non other than the Paris Hilton Designer Shades Range. If you asked me, which celebrity associate the best with Sunglasses, definitely Paris Hilton. 

She looks so sleek and stylish with Sunglasses and I do noticed lots of her picture are taken with sunglasses on. I mean even with bare face or minimum make up any girl could look stylish with the help of a nice pair of sunglasses. 

Isn't that just stylish? No wonder lots of celebrities do wear sunglasses when they are our in public even when they attend events. A good pair of sunglasses is just what everyone need :)

Here are qoutes from Paris Hilton herself, “It’s no secret I adore sunglasses and I’m incredibly excited to finally have a collection of my own,” says Paris Hilton. Jimmy Jongeblood, president and CEO of GEI, adds: “Paris personally worked with our designers on each concept and closely directed the look of the sunglasses. She prides herself on knowing her fan base and wants to meet their every expectation. This brand represents beauty, elegance and an exquisite fashion sense—the sunglass collection embraces these values with the quality, technology and production expertise of GEI.”

Well, guess which range of the Paris Hilton's Sunglasses that I bring home with me?  Tadaaaa.. Check out below, I picked up slim frame with gold metal detailing around the frame with a slim yet sleek design on the side. LOVE IT!! 

Just like to share why I love this shades! I bring it almost anywhere now. It is going to be a permanent residence in my handbag. I mean this is my first time having a designer sunglass that cost RM598. How exciting is that???  I used to only pinjam original designer sunglass own by my bro or I bought those at pasar malam that cost maximum rm20. So for me owning an original designer sunglass is a BIG Deal.

I even bring the sunglasses back to Kampung to Raya with me. It is like a Raya Sunglass to me and I fully utilised the glasses :P hahaha I received quite a number of compliments because it is just stylo mannnn…

I also like to share some of my personal tips on picking out my glasses. One of the first thing before you get a shades you need to narrow down your option… Well since so many choices available, so we do we start?

1)    Which style that you like? 
There are so many styles. Do you like the aviator style? Or the retro one?

2)    The colour (black, brown, red, blue.. so many you name it)
I go with brown colour since I found it versatile and I already have a black sunglasses.

3)    The lenses (The gradient, the uv, the powered lenses)
I use non- powered and gradient lenses. I love the gradient effect it looks so classy :P

4)    The side 
I like it simple, not so big not so small with sweet detailing. 

Yes, thats my Raya picture with my Sunglass that I got from Malaya Optical 

If you are still clueless on which sunglasses that you want to bring home...No worries, in Optical Malaya there have stylish to serve you so that you will look stylo with your sunglasses  :P 

Malaya Optical  
71, SS21/37 Damansara Uptown,
47400 Petaling Jaya.       

Business Hours:
Mon to Sat - 10.30am to 9.00pm
Sun - 10.30am to 7.00pm

Tel: 03-7728 0228 for inquiries on pricing

Since you are at it, do drop by at to apply for your samples, freebies to your doorstep with no cost at all. Anyone can apply for samples and able to try it out before purchasing full sized products! 


  1. cantik la sunglasses Paris Hilton tu, sis! casingnya pun cantik.:)

    1. hehe.. tu la kan?? casing die sweet sgt.. ada borak dgn ayna aritu die cakap nak buat clutch pun bole :)

  2. OMG Datin Illy LOL,the shades look so nice on you!

    1. Datin? hahahahah so cute la you :P Thanks Abigail, once in awhile i can berangan to be Datin :)

    2. You look so much like a Datin with the shades and bag, that's why i call you Datin hahaha

  3. It can be a difficult decision when someone who is important to the community wants to meet a celebrity; managers usually avoid committing the celebrity to such requests.

  4. all look nice
    so hard to choose

  5. Wow, different design of the sun glasses.


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