Pedas Spring Spa, Genting Highland - Review

If you follow my blog fb page, you might noticed that I went to Pedas Spring Spa and had such a great time there. Well, today I am going to share my experience with all of you. If you heard about the Genting Theme Park going to close for 2 years renovation starting September 1, 2013 you got it right. Well, dont sweat if you still miss those chill weather there is more than just theme park up here.

Do you know that the indoor theme park and mall will be operated as usual? More than that, today I am going to share with you another sweet escape ideas on how to spend your time at this Fun City Above the Cloud. What would you say for a nice, calming spa experience nearly 5000 feet above sea level? I would definitely say yes!!!

First and foremost, allow me to give you a mini tour of the structure and facilities provided in Pedas Spring Spa. Yup, that is me with the Pedas Spring Spa outfit. I’ll explain about it once we come to it. As for this space, it is an outdoor rest area for guest to chillax before or after their treatment.  This outdoor area is facing Genting Theme Park.

Here is the lounge area. This is considered as indoor rest area. Check out those comfy sofa and they even have projector screens for those who wanted to watch some eye candy while resting. Spot a lady fallen asleep in the picture? She must have been fully relaxed after her treatment that she decided to dooze off at the lounge area.

This is the famous room at Pedas Spring Spa. It is a favourite option for couple. This room have a built in jacuzzi with nice view Smile  This room is popular for wedding photography spot and it is the most highly request room. Since the other treatment area are divided for male and female, while in this room you get to enjoy treatment with the presence of your partner.

This is the Premier Room. It is basically a special treatment room with a nice view and own balcony Smile

This the Suite 2, which is the foot massage treatment area and this room do have a nice view as well. We were told by Benny (Operation Manager of Pedas Spring Spa) that normally couple with kids prefer to utilise Premier room and Suite 2, this is because these 2 rooms are side by side with a removable wall in between them. So normally parents will enjoy the massage at the Premier room while their children enjoy their own foot massage in the next room Smile

Lets, check out the ladies treatment room. This is where Tammy, Esther and me enjoyed our foot massage plus our head and shoulder massage. I’ll share more on that soon Smile  If you go with your ladies friends and this would be a best option for you.

Weee!! My personal favourite spot out in the Spa. Their Spring Water Jacuzzi!!

This is the locker area and during the whole session, Linda (staff)  is assigned to take care of us. Actually when we first come in, we were given with Sandal and key chain which have the pre-assigned locker number for each one of us. The best part of the keychain is that it looks like a bracelet and act like a bracelet. So in other words, the possibility of losing your key to your locker is very minimum. 

From the left, the steam room then the infro red room (sauna) and the shower room. This 3 room facilities is located at the same area with the jacuzzi. Plus, there is also a drinking water machine to help you keep being hydrated while enjoying the spa facilities. Once you sign up for any treatment you will automatically given an access to these  facilities. So for me it is a plus points since not many Spa that I have been to give this kind of extra perks.

One of my favourite section of the whole spa. The refreshment area! Smile with tongue out

Not many Spa provide refreshment for their guest and I am glad that Pedas Spring Spa do provide complimentary refreshment. All oft he menu suit the theme of a spa when they only serve healthy food like sandwiches, soup, and stuffed eggs. I am such a fan of their clear vege soup. It is so yummy and I recalled refilling more than 4 times. Ya… thats how yummy their soup is on that day! 

This is the last area that I am going to share with you before I proceed with the treatment that I go for on that day. Introducing the mani and pedi area Smile Weee! Sweet right? This section is actually located in front of the lounge area. I love the rose petals as it is really pleasing to the eye and give the instant spa ambience.

Lets start with my spa treatment journey Smile  At first we were given with a welcome drinks. There are few selection of drinks available on that day, such as orange juice, ginger tea, Chinese tea and plain water. At first I opt for orange juice but then I got hook up with their yummy ginger tea. ( I kept on refilling LOL). On a separate note, you can see clearly in this picture the key chain bracelet that I talked about earlier.

Hi.. this is Shirly and she is my appointed masseur on that day. After the welcome drinks session, we were given with a foot bath treatment. Few drops of Aromatherapy oils (BLISS an in-house brand by Pedas Spring Spa and the products are manufactured all the way form UK) were mixed with luke warm water to give a relaxing experience for out foot. The warmness of the foot bath help to accelerate and improve our blood circulation.

Next we were sent to the Jacuzzi room. That’s picture of me and Tammy before we go in. We do have pictures of all the girls in the jacuzzi but it might be an 18sx picture LOL Smile with tongue out

Did I told you that, we were given with two pieces inner wear (tube and pants) that we can use while enjoying the jacuzzi, the steam room and the infra red room?  I like the jacuzzi water as the temperature is warm in there. Well, you do know that Genting can be quite cool right? So it is quite nice to enjoy a nice warm jacuzzi with the girls to balance off the temperature of your body.

Once we are done with our jacuzzi session, we drinks few cups of water before entering the steam room. Steam room can be very steamy. What I like about the steam rooms is that Eucalyptus essential oils were used. So when you open the door ofthe steam room, the nice aroma of Eucalyptus lingers and I really like it.

If you’re a koala, eucalyptus is an essential part of your diet, but even for people, there are lots of benefits to eucalyptus oil Smile The scent of eucalyptus is good for treating a variety of ailments and pains, but it also may have mental benefits. It has been shown that brain wave activity increases when people breathe in eucalyptus oil. It also can alleviate both mental and physical fatigue. Studies by the New Jersey research company Flavors and Fragrances Inc. have shown that breathing eucalyptus gives people increased energy.

The infra red room is basically a sauna room but the unique part of this room, it does not come with those “pour-water-on-top-of-the-stone” kind of mechanism to operate the room. Which is just the way I like it. Well, it can be quite penat to keep on  bangun and duduk to pour the water during my previous a sauna session. So to me this metal plate mechanism is just nice for malas people like me.

Next, we were treated with foot steam treatment. Well this is the first time I undergoes a foot steam experience. I found it very relaxing. Check out Fish, Isabelle and Senri enjoying their foot steam. This treatment last for 15 – 20 minutes.

Next is the best part! Foot Massage session. We were pampered with a nice foot massage session for 40 minutes. I almost tertido because it was really good. Shirly really knows how to hit my spot Smile with tongue out

After that we were also treated with head and shoulder massage on the bed for another 20 minutes. Shirly do those Thai like cracking massage towards the end of my massage treatment and felt like I could fly after that. My body felt really light and I felt like all my stress just vaporise trough the air.

After the massage session, we go to the changing room to shower and get ready for our last treatment of the day. I am quite please with the facilities at the Shower area. They are quite detail of customers need as they provide cotton bud, dry sandals (for you to use every time you felt like your current sandal is wet) then they also have basic beauty products like shampoo, conditioner, lotions, cream and not forgetting beauty tools like hair dryer and comb.

After we got ready, we were then treated with a manicure session. The ladies enjoyed picking up beautiful colour for their nails and I decided to do buffing instead. As I really like the shinning effect of buffing on my nails it gave those clean and sweet look that I really favours. This is Fitri and she is my manicurist of the day. She is very friendly and I end up having a nice chat with her while she helps to transform my nails.


Check out the massage and aromatherapy oils used in Pedas Spring Spa. The brand name is Bliss. Do you know that Bliss is also the official oils that were used on a Star Cruise?  If you love the range and would like to bring it home with you, you may do so by purchasing the oils Smile  

To wrap up my post, here is the our group picture. I would like to thank Pedas Spring Spa, Genting Highland Management for having us and great thanks to my blogger friends especially Fish for extending the invite. I have such a nice spa experience and it is my first time enjoying a spa nearly 5000 feet above the sea level and it is truly a unique experience that wont be able to forget and I will definitely come back for more!

Dont forget to like Pedas Spring Spa, Genting Highland Facebook for more details and future promo. Not just hat you will also be able to check out all of their previous fun events Smile


  1. OMG thats is such a relaxing getaway !!! :D I wanna join !!!

    1. it is very relaxing indeed babe :) Weee! next time we can arrange another session to go up and enjoy :P

  2. You just gave me an idea what to give to my wife for our anniversary. Thanks a lot!

    Nice blog too.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and glad this post helps to give you idea :) Hope you n your wife enjoy the Pedas Spring Spa :)

  3. can't believe i tangkap so many pics of other ppl but myself.... *face palm*

    1. hahahhaahhahaha.. so funny~! your picture pun ada.. the sexy version one in the jacuzzi LOL :P Thanks for bagi saya pinjam the pictures babe :)

  4. omg so relaxing! I shall give it a try when I go up genting next time :p

  5. WOW!! Awesome getaway! and now i only i know that there's amazing spa up up there! :D

    1. It was a pleasant suprise when I first found out about it tooo :)

  6. WOW! Awesome getaway! And now only i know there's amazing spa up up there! :D

  7. Nice start guys...I went through the website and I found that you made decent point for Keep up the topic that everyone can choose one of the best. Thanks.

  8. So enjoying , wish i got free time to go there

  9. you looks very happy & enjoying ^^


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