WEVents 3rd Anniversary Dinner 2013

Thank you so much to WEVents for organising such a fun and creative anniversary night last weekend.  It was such a fun night! It was a memorable night indeed.

Happy 3rd Anniversary WEVents! If you are wondering what is WEVents all about..

All WEVents are planned by Jeanisha Wan and her company, J1 Consulting and organized with the help of a working committee and other supporting working women volunteers. (Just like The Butterfly Projects, where people come together and voluntarily plan events for community members Smile  *Wink*Wink*)

WEVents was conceptualized by Jeanisha as a social event for women by women entrepreneurs (WEs) during a casual email exchanged with a fellow woman entrepreneur.  Both realized they have spent almost half of their lifetime either working for or servicing companies on events but there were few social events for women, by women.

WEVents was born with the objective of allowing women to have an outlet (vent) after office hours, get to meet new friends and catch up with peers.All the people working behind WEVents are WEs who freely volunteer their time or provide sponsorship in terms of products or services towards the events. Just so women can relax, enjoy themselves in an event they can truly call their own.

Posh Spa is one of the sponsors, where they sponsor manicure services for the ladies at the events and they also provide prizes for lucky draws.

Check out Yummy Fruit Tart they they served during the event. It looks so yummy right? They are also other range of food such as noodle, fish fritters, hot dogs, cakes and desserts prepared by Armanda Hotel.

Thats Winnie Loo giving a welcome speech for all the attendees. She told us that we are all SuperWoman and must not only work hard, we also need to relax and mingle around once in a while to re-motivate ourself. I found it totally right! We must not only work hard, we also need to play hard Smile

Mimi Teh, the founder of Bag-Of-Love dressed as Audrey Hepburn and she looks very lovely that night. She shared with us her background and what makes her decided to venture into beauty business.

We are also entertained by the talent competition happening on that night. There are ladies who sings so lovely, dance beautifully and the best part all of us had so much fun!

Edazz is the WInner that night and she dressed as catwoman that night. She performed and sing beautifully and she well deserved the prizes Smile  Grand Prize sponsored by Fujitsu, OnlyBeauty, Posh! Nail Spa, A Cut Above Group of Salons, TT Mask and Bag of Love worth a total of RM3,287.  Also, congratulations to the Runners-up, Susee Rajaram as Mother Theresa and Yong Choy Peng as Super Girl.

All of the contestant in a group picture, and check out Ayna in her eye-cathing layered red dress there! Smile  Congratulations to all winners and participant  Smile Hope to meet each one of you again during future events.

Well, that is not it..when I initially arrived, I was amazed on how sporting and supportive all the attendees are. Most of them arriving in beautiful and fun SuperHeroes costume. and… Yes! the Yoda there is Tammy Smile with tongue out

It was really my lucky day, not only I able to hangout with all the beautiful talented ladies.. I also was called duirng the lucky draw session Smile So happy! I won myself a Le Ann Maxima cash vouchers and cant wait to utilise it Smile Thank you so much WEVents.

Check out the news paper cutting on News Straits Times today (Aug 20, 2013) this event is featured!

Thanks once again for organising such a fun night and all the hard work done to make this happen. Do you know that you could also register as their members? ALl you need to do is just register and par a very minimum membership fee.  As a member of WEVents, you will be able to enjoy the following privileges:

1.   Be the first to know and get invited to our upcoming events!
2.   Enjoy members rate for our events attendance fee.

Come and join! Psst.. I am already their member and cant wait to participate in woman empowering events in the future Smile  For more details please visit thier website and facebook as per below :


* *All of the (except the last one) pictures are courtesy of WEVents and you may check out full pictures in their facebook albums. The last picture (news paper cutting) is captured by me.


  1. Always luv with ladies on black dress.... hehehehe

    1. ramai yg wear black dress on that day :P wee! tapi memang cantik pun pakai black ade slimming effect skit :) hehe

  2. such a colourful event! and congratulations for winning the lucky draw darling!

    1. it is colourful Abigail :) ada minion lagiii n thanks for the kind wish babe :)

  3. Wah so fast posted adi. Lovely post & had a good time there w. all of you.

    1. hehehe.. thanks babe :) glad to be able to finally meet you in person. Had such a fun time chit chatting with you :) hope to meet you again next time!

  4. wah. siap menang lagi..hehehe. bila nak belanja saya tu?hahaha :P

    1. nak ker? tapi baju perempuan la... kalau sanggup pakai illy bole belikan skirt pink :) hehehe

  5. Awesome event. Congrtas Illy :)

  6. it is awesome babe :) seronok tgk nyanyi2 pastu persembahan :)

  7. Assalamualaikum. bestnyaaa event under The Butterfly Project Malaysia :)


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